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The people of Light Kingdom are renowned for their addiction to alcohol. This resulted in many poor souls losing their lives to binge drinking. These lost souls gave birth to Aizen - a Fallen Angel that personifies alcohol.


Aizen is the type of Fallen Angel that can be extremely friendly or extremely dangerous. If you're lucky, a drunk Aizen can be a man's best friend.
— Merchant of the East

Favoured Food Souls


No Drunk No Return Aizen becomes heavily intoxicated causing his rage to increase. As a result, Aizen becomes more powerful.
Tail Flick Aizen uses his long and powerful tail to strike his enemies with full force. Its jet-black razor-sharp scales deal massive damage to the nearest enemy. After a while, more damage will be dealt.
Fire Wine Aizen creates a scene of fire and chaos by spewing alcohol towards the small fireballs that surround him. This deals massive damage to all enemies. What's even more horrifying is how long the damage lasts.


Embryo Purify Time Awaken Success Outcome
Aizen A.jpg
Aizen A
4h Success: 10% Amazake Icon.png Aizen Icon.png
Aizen B.jpg
Aizen B
1h Success: 45% Red Dumpling Icon.png Green Dumpling Icon.png Purple Dumpling Icon.png Rum Dumpling Icon.png Aizen Icon.png