A young boy who is always carrying a jar of Amazake. He is very concerned about the wine jar & can often be spotted sipping away from it. He is extremely sensitive to temperature as well; the temperature has to be just right for him to be happy. He becomes enraged if it is too cold or too hot.

Favoured Food Souls


Wine Jar Attack When Amazake is provoked, he will hurl his wine jars at his enemies with full force.
Non-Stop Beverages The injured Amazake drinks fine wine from his jar, restoring the health of all friendlies though alcoholic transmutation.
Binge Blessings Amazake prays to his Wine God for divine protection, earning temporary invulnerability. Targets in this state are invincible! If you want to win this battle as soon as possible it is recommended you use debuff skills.


Embryo Purify Time Awaken Success Outcome
Aizen A
Aizen A
4h Success: 10% Amazake Icon Aizen Icon
Aizen B
Aizen C
1h Success: 45% Red Dumpling Icon Green Dumpling Icon Purple Dumpling Icon Rum Dumpling Icon Amazake Icon


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