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The Balcony (or Private Room) is unlocked at Restaurant level 8. It is a place where you cater food to 13 VIPs, receiving Gold, Fame, Seasoning and Mementos, along with gossip from the VIPs.


  1. The Balcony is unlocked at Restaurant level 8.
    • The Balcony's level is the same as the Restaurant's level.
    • The higher the Balcony level, the more the VIPs order and the better the rewards.
  2. You have 5 free chances to receive VIP guests a day.
    • Chances refresh at midnight UTC and any unused chances do not rollover.
    • 5 extra chances can be purchased per day for 50 magic crystals.
  3. The VIP customer who appears is random.
    • Some Food Souls have a Balcony skill which increases the chance for a particular VIP to appear.
  4. Assigning a Food Soul as Balcony server does not interfere with its other jobs, and doesn't consume Freshness.
  5. Completing a VIP order nets a reward of Gold, Fame, Seasoning, etc.
    • There's also a chance to receive Mystery Chests, which give you 500 Cooking Power.
    • Fame obtained from the Balcony is included in the calculation for the Restaurant Fame Leaderboard.

Reservation Rates

Certain Food Souls can increase the chances of certain customers appearing when chosen as servers. You need to level up this skill to increase the chances even more. (Default rate: 16%; +16% per skill level).

Icon-Customer-Little Shota.jpg
Little Shota
Icon-Customer-Old Grandpa.jpg
Old Grandpa
Icon-Customer-Old Granny.jpg
Old Granny
Laba Congee.png
Laba Congee
Icon-Customer-Pregnant Woman.jpg
Pregnant Woman
Mango Pudding.png
Mango Pudding
Black Tea.png
Black Tea
Peking Duck.png
Peking Duck


When you receive a VIP guest, you'll randomly obtain a Food Soul Anecdote. Different VIPs know different Anecdotes. Collect all of a VIP's anecdotes to obtain that VIP's Souvenir.

See Balcony Story


Also known as Mementos in the rules.

  1. Souvenirs can be displayed in the Private Room's Showcase. Up to 10 Mementos may be displayed at once.
  2. Souvenirs have exclusive special effects, which can be divided into 3 categories:
    • Increased Gold earnings.
    • Increased Fame earnings.
    • Increased item earnings.
  3. A Souvenir's special effects are only activated while it's in the Showcase.
Souvenir Description Effect How to Obtain
Souvenir-Idol CD.png

Idol CD

The Otaku has three copies of his most treasured Jello single CD: one to listen to reverently, one to keep sealed, and one to share. + 14000 Gold Collect all of Otaku's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories
Souvenir-Feather Fan.png

Feather Fan

The Princess won't leave home without her Feather Fan. It's more for style than for keeping cool. + 14000 Gold Collect all of Princess's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories
Souvenir-Calcium Chews.png

Calcium Chews

This is normally the Skeleton's favorite snack, but lately his body's been feeling a little bit rigid. + 14000 Gold Collect all of Skeleton's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories
Souvenir-Handmade Dim Sum.png

Handmade Dim Sum

The Old Granny made these dim sum from scratch. They're sure to bring back memories of childhood! + 14000 Gold Collect all of Old Granny's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories


The Old Grandpa uses these Spectacles for reading, but if you put them on the ground will look like it's 100 miles away! + 14000 Gold Collect all of Old Grandpa's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories
Souvenir-Flower Wreath.png

Flower Wreath

The Loli learned how to make flower wreaths from her mother. Be careful with this if you have allergies. + 25 Fame Collect all of Loli's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories
Souvenir-Rag Doll.png

Rag Doll

This cute Rag Doll was a gift from the Robber's little sister--it led to a lot of confusion among his cohorts. + 25 Fame Collect all of Robber's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories
Souvenir-Culinary Arts Guidebook.png

Culinary Arts Guidebook

Published by the Chef's Guild, it can apparently be used as a reference book for summoning Food Souls. + 25 Fame Collect all of Girl's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories
Souvenir-Fish Specimen.png

Fish Specimen

A specimen made in DIY class, it radiates a sense of accomplishment, along with an odor that attracts cats. + 25 Fame Collect all of Little Shota's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories


A Talisman shaped like a rabbit, it ensures a child's good health. + 25 Fame Collect all of Pregnant Woman's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories
Souvenir-Helm Model.png

Helm Model

A Helm Model made from one of the Pirate's ships, it looks like it could be used to turn on a faucet. + 2 items Collect all of Pirate's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories
Souvenir-Designer Lipstick.png

Designer Lipstick

This imported lipstick requires a bit of skill to apply. + 2 items Collect all of Delinquent's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories
Souvenir-Red Envelope.png

Red Envelope

A Red Envelope like the ones distributed during Chinese new year, but inside it contains Restaurant coupons instead of cash. + 2 items Collect all of Nian's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories
Souvenir-Stuffed Cat.png

Stuffed Cat

This stuffed cat is only sold in Hilena, but it looks like it was manufactured in the Light Kingdom. + 8 Fame VIP Story III: Use your restaurant's Balcony to entertain VIP guests 10 times.
Souvenir-Lucky Horseshoe.png

Lucky Horseshoe

Legend says, if you carry this with you, it will bring good luck. But the specific effects are rather vague. + 5000 Gold VIP Story I: Use your restaurant's Balcony to entertain VIP guests 1 time.
Souvenir-Potted Lily.png

Potted Lily

A decorative potted plant composed mainly of lilies. It also makes a good bridal bouquet. + 1 item VIP Story II: Use your restaurant's Balcony to entertain VIP guests 5 times.
Souvenir-Loli Rabbit.png

Loli Rabbit

A baby rabbit munching on a carrot. At night, it worms its way into you arms and falls asleep. + 5000 Gold Pack Sale
Souvenir-Lucky Star.png

Lucky Star

A fisherman recovered this giant mitten crab and turned it into a specimen. It's said that it can put a pincer on bad luck. + 5000 Gold Pack Sale
Souvenir-Love Penguin.png

Love Penguin

This cold little penguin keeps people smiling warmly. Put it in the showcase to attract passersby. + 5000 Gold Pack Sale
Souvenir-Firefly Mirror.png

Firefly Mirror

If you look closely, you can see calming fireflies inside the mirror, duplicated infinitely. + 8 Fame Pack Sale
Souvenir-Teddy Bear.png

Teddy Bear

This cute little bear can't speak, but you can tell it wants a hug! + 8 Fame Pack Sale
Souvenir-Heart Pillow.png

Heart Pillow

When you hug it, you can feel a deep sense of love! + 1 item Pack Sale
Souvenir-Warm Winter Sun.png

Warm Winter Sun

Who built this snowman? Who wrapped it in a scarf? The snowman smiles and says, "Warm hearted people." + 10000 Gold Food Soul's Wish Event
Souvenir-Snowy Christmas.png

Snowy Christmas

Presents abound beneath this snow-covered Christmas Tree. When the reindeer-drawn sleigh draws near, will it shake off those snowflakes? + 18 Fame Food Soul's Wish Event
Souvenir-Christmas Eve Gingerbread.png

Christmas Eve Gingerbread

The little gingerbread man revels on this snowy night. He whoops and jumps for joy--after all, this is his holiday! + 2 items Food Soul's Wish Event
Souvenir-Sacred Wine.png

Sacred Wine

Past hard work has led to this moment, like a fine wine getting better with age. + 25 Fame Joyous Celebration Event