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Entering Which of these human delicacies should I try today? Customer-Nian.png
Waiting It takes this long to make a trivial human dish?
Leaving Humans really are fascinating...of course, Food Souls are fascinating as well!
SouvenirSouvenir-Red Envelope.pngRed Envelope A Red Envelope like the ones distributed during Chinese new year, but inside it contains Restaurant coupons instead of cash.
+2 items when placed in Private Room
Collect all of Nian's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Even though it isn't Chinese New Year, I couldn't wait any longer, and I came to eat something.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Last time, I pulled a dine and dash so the restaurant staff beat me up. But this time I'll be good and pay my bill.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg The decorations are a bit different from last time, but the atmosphere is the same as before. 

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg I wonder if the waitstaff are still those imps, Sandwich and Hawthorne Ball?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg I...I'm no good at dealing with children.

Open Mic

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Once when I came here to eat, Cola happened to receive me.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg That guy throws around big words for no reason, and he also likes to play with these things that make weird sounds.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg He was so noisy, can't a guy enjoy a meal in peace?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Then, for some reason, a guy who rides around a skateboard all day came into the restaurant.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg If you see this happen, I advise you to leave the restaurant.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Because if you're here, those two will grab those weird things and start singing for you.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg I'm starting to think that Cola doesn't actually work in the restaurant...

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg He just comes here so he has a place to sing...

★ Tears of Time

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg When I eat here, the person who always makes me feel the most welcome is probably Gyoza.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg As soon as I sit down, he rushes over and asks me about this and that.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Perhaps we're connected because we both happen to be active during the New Year.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Although there is a bit of an age difference, during this time we still have a lot in common.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg I don't know if this is a sense of nostalgia.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg I've been thinking about how time passes bit by bit, and humans also change constantly.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Realizing that things from the past give rise to all manner of new ones, really makes me sigh with emotion.

★ Target

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Hm? Isn't that Toso over there? Hang on, I'm going to say hello to her...

Icon-Server.jpg Sir, sir, why don't you order first. Right now, you mustn't casually approach Queen T.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Oh? What's wrong?

Icon-Server.jpg When she went campaigning earlier, she was unable to smoothly dispatch the Fallen Angels, so she's annoyed right now.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Does she really have to let a thing like that get to her?

Icon-Server.jpg Right now you could say it's her obsession. She'd prefer an easy kill over a hard-won victory.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg It looks like she's really dedicated to her work.

Icon-Server.jpg She is. So, most of the time she's fine...

Icon-Server.jpg But at times like this, if a suspicious character appears, she'll probably launch an attack?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg I see, so as a safety measure, it's better not to get too close. However...

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg What do you mean by "suspicious character"?

Icon-Server.jpg Uh-oh, I blurted it out.

Deep Impression

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Whimper...

Icon-Server.jpg Sir, what's wrong?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Just now when I came in, I ran into a girl carrying a huge sword. When she saw me, she moved to attack.

Icon-Server.jpg She probably recognized you as a Fallen Angel?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg That wasn't the reason?

Icon-Server.jpg I'm joking, the girl you saw might be Gingerbread.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Gingerbread? I've never heard of this child.

Icon-Server.jpg Yes, she's a Food Soul who came to us specially from Nevras. If I must say, she's a lot like Toso.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Obsessed?

Icon-Server.jpg No, quick to attack.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Do all of the Food Souls here like playing so rough?

Icon-Server.jpg When protecting something important, it's easy to lose control of your emotions.

Icon-Server.jpg In that respect, she may be even more terrifying than Toso.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Indeed, not many people threaten me after we've only exchanged two sentences...

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Don't tell me, she also thinks I'm a suspicious character?

Icon-Server.jpg How could she~ Everyone in the restaurant knows about you.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Forget it, I should order...

An Important Job

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Yuxiang and I were chatting about past events--she really had a lot to say!

Icon-Server.jpg Yes, of course at the restaurant, she has the greatest love for history.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg But, she wasn't born that long ago. Why does she care so much about the past?

Icon-Server.jpg She has no other choice.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg What do you mean?

Icon-Server.jpg They say, Yuxiang and her people encountered an unprecedented enemy.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg An enemy?

Icon-Server.jpg For all she knows of history, a crisis of such magnitude has rarely occurred.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg It was that serious?

Icon-Server.jpg Yes. It was so serious that she was compelled to preserve a record of the events.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg I didn't realize that she'd experienced such a calamity.

Icon-Server.jpg People who survived the event all feared that it would happen again.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg And she's retained those fears, up to this day?

Icon-Server.jpg Perhaps if she records the past, in the future, people will be able to react in time.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg So, that's why she does it. I think it's admirable.

A Sweet Voice

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Not long ago, I ran into Tangyuan. Much to my surprise, as soon as she saw me, she wished me a happy New Year.

Icon-Server.jpg That's probably because you're the New Year Beast?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Mm-hm, it looks like I showed up at the wrong time of year.

Icon-Server.jpg Not necessarily. Tangyuan really loves to be immersed in a festive atmosphere.

Icon-Server.jpg Sometimes the restaurant is also infected by her mood, and becomes relaxed and happy.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Ho! Now that's what I'd call a clown.

Icon-Server.jpg In the end, she genuinely wishes for everyone to be happy.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Very well, the next time I run into her, I'll give her a small reward.

Icon-Server.jpg A reward?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg It's not enough to want other people to be happy--she must also experience it herself.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Since she gave me a New Year's greeting, next time I'll bring her red envelope.

Icon-Server.jpg Even though it's the wrong time of the year, you're still going to do that?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg If I don't, perhaps a creature like me shouldn't come when it isn't New Year.

Icon-Server.jpg If the customer can pay, we'll always give them a warm welcome~

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg That's very pragmatic.

The Mortal World

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg Without even realizing it, you've also become a regular at this shop.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Mm-hm. I've become a familiar face.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg But it's clear that the manager mostly remembers the time when you pulled a dine and dash.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg That miser's Food Soul underling treats me a bit better.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg There's a Food Soul like that?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Does Cloud Tea count?

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg Her? I think that to her, customers are of no importance?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Mm, it seems that way. When you look at her, she really is detached from the mortal world.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg Actually, what's your opinion of her?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg She's very polite. It would be nice if all of the Food Souls here treated me the way she does.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg You mean, ignoring you?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg ..........

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Ahahaha, you figured it out.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg After all, apart from her attendant, her flute, and her friend Sweet & Sour Fish, nothing else interests her.

★ I Am What I Am

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg I hear that Moon Cake enjoys playing pranks.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg It's true, even i've fallen into her traps.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg She's pretty naughty huh? Why is it that whenever I see her, she's perfectly well behaved?.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg If you don't mind, I can share a bit of gossip I heard.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg There's even gossip about her?

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg But I can't confirm if it's true or not.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Go on.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg Moon Cake truly believes in fairy tales and legends

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg When you pulled your dine and dash stunt, you made so much noise that everybody in town knew about it 

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Of course. As a result, other restaurants refuse to serve me-- now i can only come here to eat.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg That came later. At first, Moon Cake didn't know who you were.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg So, it seems that the manager told her the story of Chinese New Year.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg What purpose did that serve?

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg She really believes ths stuff from legends, so in her mind you're a terrifying creature.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Ah? Isn't what they did the equivalent of slander?

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg Slader? Aren't they just acknowledging the role you had in the legend?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Oh, that's true.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg But, Moon Cake apperently told your legend to the other Food Souls.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg You might be a bit mad~

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Hearing something like that definitely doesn't make me happy.

★ Exposing Faults

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg The weather's gotten a bit cold recently.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg It really has. Hey, when it's nippy out, I can't help wanting to eat foods that are warm.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg What coulc be warmer than this?

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg You should try hotpot.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Oh, that sounds pretty good

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg Not only does hotpot keep people warm during the coldest parts of winter, even the Food Soul herself is burning with enthusiasm.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Oh, Sichuan Hotpot? I know about her burning enthusiasm, but it seems to be mostly directed at Mahjong.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg As far as she's concerned, if you have friends to play Mahjing with, it's natural to burn with enthusiasm.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Is that so? Let me guess, there aren't many people at this restorant who will play Mahjong with her?

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg She really does go all over the place gathering players doesn't she.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Wouldn't it better to channel that enthusiasm into serving guests?

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg The last time i came, Skewer was forcefully dragged off to play mahjong

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg God lord... i've never seen a person who so obsessed with one thing.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg However, because she does this, several Food Souls here who wouldn't normally interact have started to develop better relationships.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg Even Spicy Gluten, who's normaly elusive, has been showing up.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg If you put it that way, isn't what Sichuan Hotpor's doing actually a good deed?

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg Seeing the barriers between people break down, is another thing that bring her joy.

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg That's actualy great.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg How about it, should i recommend you to her as a Mahjong buddy?

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg No, no. I don't play Mahjong.

Icon-Customer-Skeleton.jpg Ah! Perfect timing. Sichuan Hotpot's here, I'll call her over here for you

Icon-Customer-Nian.jpg Shut up! Watch out, or i'll eat you.