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Entering Where's the booze? Pour me a drink before I order. Customer-Pirate.png
Waiting I don't care if the food is slow, just keep the booze coming!
Leaving Here you can keep the change.
SouvenirSouvenir-Helm Model.pngHelm Model A Helm Model made from one of the Pirate's ships, it looks like it could be used to turn on a faucet.
+2 items when placed in Private Room
Collect all of the Pirate's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories
Suspicious Character

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Aside from gallivanting around the seas, my greatest pleasure is coming to this restaurant for a drink!

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg When I'm here, I hear beautiful singing.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg I really don't know what region the folk songs come from.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg No matter how worn out I am, after hearing her, I feel totally recharged.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg It's a shame, I'd hoped that singer could come aboard the ship and sing a few songs for everyone, to boost their morale.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg But in the end, her agent doubted my intentions and refused.

Ocean Goddess

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg That lass Black Tea looks like a foreigner, and her outfit's not bad.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg When I asked her, she said she always drifts around the ocean. 

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg If she wasn't a Food Soul, I'd swear she was a sailor.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Her amazing marksmanship and piercing eyes are just like our captain's.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg It wouldn't be overstating to call her an ocean goddess. 


Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg That man Zongzi,I chatted with him about the sea once, and his face turned green.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg At the time, I wrote him off as a landlubber.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg But later, I was shocked to see him rescuing a drowning kid.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Listening to the other people in the restaurant talk about him, the first experience was a fluke.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg It seems like he's actually a remarkable guy.

★ Consult an Expert

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg ......

Icon-Server.jpg Oh sir, did you buy a rose?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg WH-WHAT!?!

Icon-Server.jpg Don't be nervous. Are you going to give it to your lover?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg I'm...not sure yet.

Icon-Server.jpg If you're having problems attracting the opposite sex, maybe you should seek advice from somebody with experience.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Do you have a lot of experience?

Icon-Server.jpg I don't, but our restaurant's Chocolate is an old hand at that.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Tsk, a mere Food Soul. How much could he know about love?

Icon-Server.jpg That depends on whether you believe him or not. But at the very least, if anyone at the restaurant can be considered an expert...

Icon-Server.jpg Chocolate is the first person who comes to mind.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg He's that great? I'll believe you for now.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg So, where is he?

Icon-Server.jpg He might be out battling right now.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Hmm???

Je Ne Sais Quoi

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Your restaurant's seafood sashimi tastes pretty good!

Icon-Server.jpg You flatter us!

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg But I hear that overseas, there's a famous sashimi chef.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg My crewmates say that his skills are marvelous beyond reckoning. I want to experience them for myself and see how amazing he really is.

Icon-Server.jpg A person like that exists?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg I think his name is Sashimi?

Icon-Server.jpg Then, congratulations! The sashimi you just ate was one of that famous chef's masterpieces.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg What? He works here?

Icon-Server.jpg Customers are always saying this place has a lot of covert masters. The more I hear of customer conversations, I'm starting to believe it's really the case.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Well, I'm really in luck! Please bring me another order!

Icon-Server.jpg Okay~!

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg There's a reason his reputation has spread... this exquisite technique-- I have no idea how he mastered it.

Icon-Server.jpg Now, that's a secret that hasn't spread.

Business is Brisk

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg When I arrived today, I saw a woman's silhouette.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg It was only a glimpse, but she looked just like the figurehead on our ship.

Icon-Server.jpg The figurehead?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg The mermaid statue on the prow of our ship. But that woman looked far more beautiful than our mermaid.

Icon-Server.jpg I know who you're talking about, it's Sweet & Sour Fish.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Oh, a Food Soul? No wonder she looked so unusual.

Icon-Server.jpg That's just her normal appearance.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg As far as we sailors are concerned, the figurehead brings everyone on the boat good luck.

Icon-Server.jpg Good luck is one of those things that's impossible to explain.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg I know! The net time I come here, I'll invite the others. They'll definitely want to come see her!

Icon-Server.jpg Oh, for us, that really is good luck~!

Rewriting History

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg To tell the truth, when sailing, even though the whole world is open to us, the days are long, and it's extremely boring.

Icon-Server.jpg I haven't spent that much time at sea, but it looks like you guys deal with a lot of hardship.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg The important thing is figuring out what to do with our spare time. At first, you could say it was a big problem.

Icon-Server.jpg At first?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Now, thanks to Hotpot, we have another way to amuse ourselves.

Icon-Server.jpg Ah. You don't have to tell me, I already know it's Mahjong.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Really, we've traveled to so many countries, how did we not know about something that's this much fun!

Icon-Server.jpg After all, it's a regional specialty of the Light Kingdom, and people there rarely go out to sea.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg This Mahjong set alone really is all we need to kill time when we're on the ship.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg We normally come in at different times, so if you see Hotpot, thank her for me.

Icon-Server.jpg Has Hotpot changed the course of pirating history?

Don't Underestimate

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg I've been out at sea for a long time. Now that I'm back on dry land, every girl that I see looks beautiful!

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg I think I know how you feel.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Especially at this shop, there's sure to be a bunch of pretty Food Souls. When I come here, not only can I take a load off, it's also a feast for the eyes.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg But, you might want to be more subtle about it.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Huh? Why?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Even the puniest looking Food Souls are quick to anger.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Yeah, right. Yesterday I saw a pipsqueak following on the manager's heels and crying "mommy".

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Don't tell me she's powerful too?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Cold Rice shrimp? You picked a perfect example--there are a lot of rumors about her out on the streets.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg What do you mean?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Can you imagine, that pipsqueak is on record for killing 100 Fallen Angels?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Feh--who?! That Cold Rice Shrimp!?!

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Now, consider this: How many Fallen Angels are you confident YOU could kill?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Er, if I bumped into one, I'd flee right away. How could I be a match for one of those monsters?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Yet, those monsters are easy prey for Cold Rice Shrimp.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg I--I never would've guessed.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Hey, you're not afraid, are you?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Wh--who's afraid!

Take a Detour

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Outside, I ran into a man who was fire red from head to toe.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Fire red from head to toe?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Ah, he appeared to be a Food Soul, but he seemed like a ruthless character. I'm wondering if he's from this restaurant.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg I don't recall anyone like... hey, hey! Could it have been Boston Lobster?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Boston Lobster? Who's that?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg I've only heard rumors. Apparently, that guy has been at war with humans for a long time.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Isn't he a Food Soul?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Even humans constantly commit hostile acts for their own selfish reasons.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg It's no surprise that Food Souls controlled by humans would do the same.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg That's true.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg It seems, people will only find a way to unite when they're all in the same boat.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg For someone who drifts about in the ocean, your opinion actually makes a lot of sense.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Eh, really? Hahahaha!

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg So you're saying that Boston Lobster, is still...

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Uh-huh, in the future, if you see him, take a different path...

Drinking Ability

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Have you gotten any better at holding your liquor?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Tsk, there's nobody on my ship who can outdrink me.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Whoa, it looks like you're really invincible now. How does it feel to be an "ace"?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg ... I recently came across an opponent.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Who?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Someone from this restaurant. A Food Soul named Vodka.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Her? I hear she gets drunk after one sip?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg It doesn't matter that she gets drunk. The key is, the more she drinks, the more excited she gets, and the more excited she gets, the more she can drink.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg So, what happened in the end?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg I lost, of course.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg No matter how strong you are, there's always someone stronger.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg She's a Food Soul, it doesn't count!

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg It's better to acknowledge your failures.