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Entering Hurry and fetch your old pal the menu. Customer-Robber.png
Waiting Pal! My food?!?
Leaving Haaah~ I've ate and drank my fill, time to go for a stroll!
SouvenirSouvenir-Rag Doll.pngRag Doll This cute Rag Doll was a gift from the Robber's little sister--it led to a lot of confusion among his cohorts.
+25 Fame when placed in Private Room
Collect all of the Robber's 10 Food Soul Anecdote stories
An Unrestrained Guy

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Once, when your old pal was loafing outside, I ran into that Hamburger fellow.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg That's when I realized that tramping around on the street is a harsh existence. 

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg I just couldn't understand how anyone could be as unrestrained as him. 

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg In the end, I couldn't stand it, and followed him to this restaurant, where he works. 

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Although I didn't discover a particularly amazing place, still...

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg The food is really good. It's so delicious, I'd feel bad if I didn't pay.

Overwhelming Aura

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg There's a fellow at this restaurant dressed all in black. I think his name is Caviar?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Even though he looks bizarre, he sounds really smart when he talks.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg More like, I don't understand a word he says.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg But the really confusing one is his friend, Milt.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Every time she smiles, I just can't read it. Is she actually capable, or is it a bluff?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg I think she's really dangerous. Better to keep my distance.

Original Intention

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Years ago, your old pal dreamed of becoming a hero.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg But because I looked to vicious, I was shunned by other people, and in the end, I failed.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg At first i thought my life was doomed to mediocrity. Who would've guessed that this restaurant's Yellow Wine would change my attitude?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg He's clearly rotten to the core, but he always punishes bullies and helps the weak.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg It looks like I should stick to my original intention as well.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg At the very least, the next time I see a weakling in trouble, I'll go help out.

Glib Ignorance

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Is this restaurant always full of weirdos?

Icon-Server.jpg Who are you referring to?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg For example, the woman over there in the black clothing. She looks as if she's seen a ghost.

Icon-Server.jpg You're very astute...

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg And that moon-thing she's always holding, what on earth is it?

Icon-Server.jpg They say it's a soul vessel.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Huh?!?

Icon-Server.jpg She uses that "moon" to draw her lover's soul towards reincarnation, that way he's continuously reborn.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg That's just too far out there. I'm gonna assume that you're joking, okay?

Icon-Server.jpg Mm, that's definitely for the best~

A Lot to Ask

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg The last time I came here, I saw Jiuniang being bullied by some of the neighborhood brats.

Icon-Server.jpg Huh? When did this happen?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Just a few days back. But as soon as I saw, I got mad and scared those brats off.

Icon-Server.jpg I wouldn't have expected you to lend a helping hand. I'm very grateful.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg What part didn't you expect? A little girl was being bullied; your old pal wasn't going to stand by and watch.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Afterwards, I said to her, if you don't want to be bullied, you just have to convince those guys that you're nastier than they are.

Icon-Server.jpg I'm afraid Jiuniang won't be able to go that far.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Mm, at the very least, she needs to bluff. Otherwise, it'll be hard for her to survive on these streets.

Icon-Server.jpg What happened next?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Of course, in the end she refused. But seeing that she has someone like Yellow Wine at her side, there's nothing to worry about.

Icon-Server.jpg That's for sure~

Seeking Novelty

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Compared to the people I meet in town, now I actually prefer dealing with Food Souls.

Icon-Server.jpg What's the difference between the two?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg When we reach the point where it's clear that we're gonna fight, people always look for an excuse to run away.

Icon-Server.jpg And Food Souls?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg They let out a battle cry and charge right at me.

Icon-Server.jpg That sounds a bit like Tempura's way of doing things.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Yeah, that guy was named Tempura!

Icon-Server.jpg So, you fought with Tempura?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg I did. Even though I got my butt handed to me, my mood was better than if he'd run. I appreciate a direct approach!

Icon-Server.jpg I don't really understand how you think...

An Open Secret

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg When I passed by the window sill earlier, I smelled something delicious. Was that Pastel de Nata guy baking sweets?

Icon-Server.jpg Yes, they're his specialty.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg They're good, but I've been thinking... that maybe he's being spied on?

Icon-Server.jpg Eh? By who?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg A guy in a hat is always sneaking around. I'm pretty sure he's up to no good.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg If he's come to start trouble, your old pal will help you get rid of him!

Icon-Server.jpg No, no, that's not necessary. Now that I think about it, the person peeping through Pastel de Nata's window is just Napoleon Cake.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg What, he can't just walk through the door?

Icon-Server.jpg If he does, Pastel de Nata will drive him out.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Drive him out? I think I understand.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg You're saying that the guy always pesters him.

Icon-Server.jpg It seems like he really loves Pastel de Nata's sweets. That's no secret at this restaurant.

Bigger Fish

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg I heard that B-52 guy has a really sweet motorcycle.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Oh, I heard about it.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg And he's made plans to form a biker gang.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg That guy wants to become one of the legendary outlaw bikers?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Are you jealous?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Less jealous, more worried that the streets are gonna get even crazier than they are now.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Even though I washed my hands of crime, if the streets are filled with bikers, I'll have no choice but to come out and handle them!

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Are you intimidating enough?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Ah, that was just a bluff. The opponent's a Food Soul, it would be better not to provoke him.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Not to mention, the other side has so many people.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg If we can get them to scare away the other ruffians, I'll actually feel more at ease.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg At least there will be fewer Fallen Angels.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Mm-hm, that's the most important thing.

The Ringleader

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Sometimes I can see these scoundrels from other areas coming into my territory to start trouble.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Oh? They have guts.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg So, you took care of them?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg No...

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Then it looks like your era is over.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Don't talk nonsense! It's not that I couldn't handle them, it's that these swordsmen took care of them first.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg And what were the names of these ghostly warriors from a bygone age?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Gingerbread, Red Wine, and Steak.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg They usually stick to the city, and they're even more active than the guards charged with keeping the peace.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg If three Food Souls can maintain peace in the city, that's pretty great.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg It is great, the problem is that their own group is always getting in trouble.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg What do you mean?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Red Wine and Steak are always fighting over some minor issue.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg If they're allowed to get going, they lay waste to everything around them.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg It was that serious?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg One time, they even dispatched the Gloriville garrison to subdue them.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Is this... the power of Food Souls?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg So what kind of god is the Attendant who controls those three? I'd really like to meet them.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Isn't it the owner of this restaurant?


Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Lately, do you think that the people coming into the restaurant are looking at you funny?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Ah? This again?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg That reminds me, recently there's been a nasty rumor.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg What, about me?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg There was something written about you in some no-name tabloid.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg It said, "Red haired man bullies Food Soul girl; evil knows no bounds!" Something like that.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg Oh, that.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg I thought you would be upset.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg I would be upset, but the story isn't true.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Huh?

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg That little girl Tangyuan came on a delivery, and since the food spilled, I helped her clean it up. That's all.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg The story really is being spread everywhere, huh?

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg So, the tabloid took things out of context.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg But it's just some trash meant to attract readers. It's not enough to make your old pal angry.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Hahaha, it looks like you actually have a bit of a heroic streak these days.

Icon-Customer-Pirate.jpg At times like this, I feel ashamed. I created a lot of chaos to fulfill my own desires.

Icon-Customer-Robber.jpg Food Souls and even Fallen Angeles are much cuter than a couple of scoundrels posing as gentleman!