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Beast Dumplings are the larva of the Devouring Beast, an ancient Fallen Angel. During their infancy, Beast Dumplings are small and delicate. But when it comes to food, they are a bottomless pit and require large amounts of food to be trained. Although Beast Dumplings may seem cute, their temperament is not. Because of their appearance after maturing, they hate when other people call them cute. However, the number of times that they have this opinion of themselves is unexpectedly many.


Maniac (Passive) Beast Dumplings are quick to get cranky, increasing the attack of Food Soul members of the Guild by 1% during Main Quest battles.

Feeding Tears

Guild members can each fight Devouring Beast once a day. Damage dealt to the Beast is converted into Devouring Beast's Tears Sprite-Devouring Beast's Tears.png that Dumpling absorbs. This gives it Energy.

When Dumpling's Energy level goes up, it increases its 6 attributes (Atk, Def, HP, Crit, Crit. Dmg and Atk Spd) thus boosting Food Souls further.

Feeding Food

Guild members can each feed Dumpling once a day, choosing among the selected recipes of the day. Dumpling picks 4 favorite recipes every day (one from each type of Cuisine) and can eat up to 20 dishes.

Each dish awards Guild Coins Sprite-Guild Money.png and Guild Contribution Values Sprite-Guild Contribution Value.png. The amounts you receive depends on the Grade of your recipe and Dumpling's daily preferences.

S Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade
Favorite Dish 15 12 9 6 3
Other Dish 5 4 3 2 1

Feeding Dumpling food increases its Fullness level to a maximum of 100.


Beast Dumpling evolves as its Energy level goes up.