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I've lived long enough to learn a few things, like how to be myself.


Beer has been alive for nearly 10,000 years. He knows about every event in human history, and has even compiled his knowledge into poems and songs for the sake of transmitting it. However, because he's been alive for too long, everything he says and does is designed to make people laugh. In the end, it's all to keep his own spirits high.

Food Introduction

Born of Mesopotamian culture, Beer's history of production spans more than 8,000 years. Originally used for sacrificial purposes, over the millennia Beer has spawned many offshoots, leaving its mark in every corner of the world. Drinking Beer causes the human body to produce large amounts of heat energy, and suppresses the appetite, which is why it is also called "liquid bread". But this hasn't stopped it from becoming one of mankind's favorite alcoholic beverages.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1316
Attack.png Attack 47
Defense.png Defense 13
Health.png HP 381
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 567
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 722
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 976


Hops and Dreams Basic Skill
Skill-Beer-Normal.png Beer throws away his pitcher, increasing all team members' Atk by 1.4% (50%) and Atk Spd by 1.4% (50%), while also silencing all team members for 3 seconds. Also increases Crit Rate for all team members by 40 (520) points for 3 seconds.
Grain Dance Energy Skill
Skill-Beer-Energy.png Beer waves his ear of wheat, sending out rays of orange light, then dances around with an ear of rice and prays for rain. Deals 40% (80%) of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies, plus an extra 100 (1300) damage. Also charms all enemies for 5 seconds, making them unable to tell friend from foe.
Super Grain Dance Link Skill
Skill-Beer-Link.png Beer waves his ear of wheat, sending out rays of orange light, then dances around with an ear of rice and prays for rain. Deals 60% (120%) of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies, plus an extra 120 (1560) damage. Also charms all enemies for 5 seconds, making them unable to tell friend from foe. Oyster.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract ...When you first laid eyes on me, you must have thought I was sacred, right? Yes or no?
Log In You're back? I don't know how many songs I wrote in your absence.
Ice Arena You prefer cold drinks? Say something sooner~
Skills A sacrifice for the carnival!
Ascend This is a moment worthy of a song!
Fatigue Someone my age really isn't suited for strenuous exercise......
Recovering I'm much better now, thanks for your concern.
Team Formation We've come to create a new epic!
Knockout This also fine......
Notice Food is ready! I'll go grab some beer......what? We can't?
Idle 1 Is anyone still here? Doesn't anyone want to party some more?
Idle 2 A softly sung ditty~ This beautiful moment of calm~ Not because Attendant is gone~ After all, they're busy~
Idle 3 Why have you been ignoring me for so long? Is is because my looks are fading?
Interaction 1 I'm almost 10,000 years old? Hm? I still look young? Hahahaha, you sweet talker!
Interaction 2 Beer bellies have nothing to do with me, don't make false accusations.
Interaction 3 Even I will do? You're really not picky about food.
Pledge I can be sacrificed, used as medicine, and can enhance feelings. So, you love, me, right? Hey? You want me to stop talking?
Intimacy 1 The night is still young, let's make the most of the time......shall I sing you a song? Hey, why did you hit me?
Intimacy 2 Attendant? Attennnndant? You're awake? You looked so cute just now.
Intimacy 3 You may be in your prime, but to me, your lifespan is like the blink of an eye. That's why I need to treasure every second with you.
Victory Okay, everything's ready, let the revelry begin!
Defeat I shouldn't drink so much at my age......
Feeding You, suddenly gave me......ahem, do you need some snacks with your drink?


Time for Revelry
Skin-Beer-Time for Revelry.png

Icon-Skin-Beer-Time for Revelry.png

This historic moment~ Ah-- Wouldn't be complete without some cold drinks! Come, come, come, won't you come drink a bottle?
— Beer
Skin Shop, Food Soul's Wish event, Grand Dress-Up event
Bar Peanuts
Skin-Beer-Bar Peanuts.png

Icon-Skin-Beer-Bar Peanuts.png

Huh? Why's everyone so down all of a sudden? The party's not over! Let me sing to you its wonders!
— Beer
Clinking Glasses event.

Food Souls

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Sprite Animations

Bar Peanuts



Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by MoonlightSelenia and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Beginning of the Tour

My Master Attendant, who had lived a long life by human's standard, lived out his allotted life span.
His students waited on him as he lie on his death bed, and he passed away with a smile on his mien, returning to nature.

After sending his posthumous works to the library, I gathered my belongings and embarked on a journey.

I remembered what my Master Attendant asked of me before his death. He wanted me to continue spreading historical tales and to continue watching over this world in his place.

At the same time, he wished for me to find my own answer.

I traveled through numerous mountains and rivers, passing through forest so vast its obstructing the sky and the sun, walking past an old castle with its history carved on its walls, and also ever went to a beautiful, recently built town.

I received helps from kind humans and Food Souls. Heard about their sad pasts. I also faced dangers that nearly erased my existence.

But all of those only makes me feel all the more thankful to this world and my Master Attendant.
He had brought me into this world, and thanks to that I was able to see and experience them all.

I also deliberately sang the result of my observations to many, many people.
Even children so young they haven't received proper educations yet were able to smile happily when they listened to my stories.

That day, I was in the middle of making my way to Sakurajima when I found someone at the verge of death on the road.
He appeared to be pretty young, and although his whole body is covered with injuries, still he stood up to fight the Fallen Angel in front of him.
He'd just managed to break through a group of Fallen Angel's encirclement, and I couldn't just stay still and watch as he was about to get into another critical situation.
That's why I waved the wheat in my hand and fought the Fallen Angel along with him.

The battle finally ended, but seeing him looking unsteady on his feet, I decided to carry him in my arms.

"...... What are you doing!?!?!?!?!? Put me down!!!!!!!!"

The weight I felt in my arms makes me think that he's really still just a child.

Looking at the midget in my hold, I ended up feeling a sense of responsibility as someone older than him.

"There's no need to be afraid anymore, I'll take you back to your home! Ah, that's right, what's your name?"

Maybe because he feels embarrassed, but the midget's face turned red and he tried to get out from my hold.
I've heard about this from a friend before: children around his age tends to think that they've matured enough and doesn't like this kind of treatment.

To respect his feelings, I then nodded.

"You're doing great for someone of your age. What's your name?"

For some reason, suddenly an angry vein popped on his forehead. I don't understand, but I'll try to match his mood.

"Don't look down on me!!! Don't talk to me with that kind of tone! I'm not a kid anymore! I'll punch you if you keep doing that!"

I ended up patting the midget's hair as I laughed.

"There, there, I know you're not a kid anymore. This road ahead is still pretty dangerous, so I'll help you get back home. Where is your home?"
"...... You--! Enough. I'll go back on my own! ... What are you doing!?!?!?!? Let me go!!!!!!!"

This midget I picked up in the middle of my journey is a Food Soul called Oyster. I don't know why is he all alone in a pretty deserted place like this, but as his senior, I decided to take him back to his home. It's on the same direction as my original destination anyway.

Besides, I think that it must be some kind of fate for us to meet there.

II. Days of Recuperation

Because he was injured, I decided to take him to the private school in the neighborhood, which is owned by a friend.

"Sanma, it's been awhile."
Upon seeing Sanma, whom I haven't seen for a long time, I threw myself on him for a hug.
But, just like what I expected, he avoided my embrace.

"My friend is injured. Please lend me your place."
So that I don't feel awkward with the turn of event, I took out a bottle of alcohol from among my belongings and gave it to him.

He doesn't drink, but he accepted my present for the sake of those people who usually came here to look at the sakura trees while drinking alcohols.
He's such a kind man, isn't he?

"Follow me."
As if he doesn't want to get stared at by me any longer, Sanma let the two of us entered the private school.

I quietly let Oyster, who had fallen asleep on my back because of exhaustion, to rest in the room lent to us, then patted Dorayaki's head. I've met this Food Soul before.

"It's been awhile. Have you conveyed your feelings yet? If you don't tell her, you won't be able to be with her!"

"Wha... what are you talking about!?"
With his face flushing red, Dorayaki slapped my hand and ran away. I don't understand why, but Taiyaki and Sakuramochi, who were standing nearby, seemed to be holding back their laughter.

Ugh... was my word choice inappropriate?

I didn't find the days I spent waiting for Oyster to recuperate to be difficult because all of Sanma's students love my stories.
That's why, the whole time I was there, I tell them stories that they might be interested in bit by bit.

Oyster is such a contrary child.
His expression when he secretly looked at where I was with the students and listened to me singing was pretty earnest.
But when I turned my head to look at him, he would immediately pretend as if he's not paying attention.

I know I shouldn't ask him about it, because I'm sure he'll hit me again if I do.

I placed the kitten who was drawn by my singing voice on my laps and quietly covered the sleeping children with blankets.
When I left the room, I found the injured patient, who supposedly is sleeping on the bed, fell asleep while leaning against the door and holding a calico in his embrace.

Even though he said he's not a kid anymore...

The private school doesn't have any extra room left, so I'm sharing the room with Oyster.

When we talked, I came to understand that Oyster is really not at the age where it's appropriate to call him a kid. Although he didn't know his exact age.
But I'm sure he's much younger compared to this grandpa, who is almost 10.000 years old.

Looking at the height of his body, I couldn't help but worry about this friend that I just became acquainted with.

"Don't worry, I'll help you find a way to make you grow taller."
"Shut up, you jerk!!!!!"

III. The Duo's Journey

After some time, Oyster's wounds almost healed completely.
Together with him, I stood at the entrance of the private school, saying our farewell to Sanma and the children.
I saw the calico that often sleeps in Oyster's embrace bends down next to his feet, lightly hitting his leg with its paw.

"You should say your farewell to it too. It's thinking of you as one of its friends, after all."
"...... Tch, how troublesome."
"Hahaha, you said that, but I know you're quite fond of it."
"Shut up!!!"

After saying our farewell to everyone from the Torii School, we embarked on a journey, just the two of us.
Oyster is actually a kindhearted Food Soul. Whenever I sing, he would quietly listen to it. Whenever I sleep, he would secretly stand guarding for the night. Whenever he found edible fruits, he would also pick some for me.

He always said that they're leftovers, but seeing the greenish, unripe fruit in his hand, I'm sure that it must've taste more awful than mine.

"Don't you dare leaving any leftovers!"
"The one in your hand is sour, isn't it? Do you want to exchange it with mine?"
"...... You-...... I like sour foods, so, no, thanks!"

The journey that used to feel so long when done alone, no longer felt so with a companion.
Before long, we've reached Nevras.

Every land has its own legends which tickle the curiosity of its people.

"Mister, mister! Look at this legendary crown said to be possessed by a dead spirit! They said kingdoms whose king wear this crown will definitely get ruined!"
"Mister, look at this! This is a necklace worn by a princess of a small, ruined kingdom at her death bed! You can get it with 5000 gold coins if you purchase it now!!"
"Mister! This here is the map of a treasure buried in the tomb of an old dynasty's king!!!"

Just listening about them is enough to draw my interest!
I wanted to take a closer look at them, but then I felt someone grabbed my collar from behind. Oyster then dragged me away from that precious place.

"Are you stupid!? No matter how you look at it they're all fakes!"
"But...... maybe one of them......"
"Don't 'maybe' me!"
"But just in case............"
"Don't 'just in case' me either! Let's go!"
"I'll punch you if you don't shut your mouth right away!"

Oyster is usually kind, but every time he sees antiques like that, he would always scold me sternly.

We've spent a long time traveling together, but the time to part is finally approaching.

Finally, one day, when he stared at a certain place's palace walls in daze, I knew that it's time for us to part.

"I need to go now."
"Ooh. Please be careful then."
"............ You too...... be careful and don't get tricked by merchants."
"Ukh............ I understand."
"I'm not just saying it. You really should be careful. Lately the number of Fallen Angels had increased, so be careful when you're staying outside at night."
"Then, I'll be going."
"Mmhm! Good bye!"
"Good bye......"

I once again continued my journey alone.
The moon and the stars are shining brightly. Fireflies are flying all over the beautiful field. What a lovely view.
"Oyster, look! ...... Ah......"
I couldn't finish what I meant to say, and realized.

Our journey had come to an end.
But, it's alright. The next time we meet, I'll sing to you the beautiful scenery, the fascinating stories―everything that you missed out up until then.

IV. Reunion

"So that means, the one who saved the many victims of earthquake that assaulted the town the other day was you?"

Yuxiang was propping her head with her hand as she looked at me, who wished to request the pawnshop to spread the information that I had gathered, with keen interest. But the memory of that day caused me to fall into bewilderment.

"That's incorrect. I helped them together with a certain lady."
"You've helped so many people, but why are you looking so dejected?"
"I wonder if she had found the answer that she was looking for..."
"Worrying about someone else's problem again? How about your own problem?"
"I'm also still looking, and probably will continue looking... for the answer..."
"The answer will have a meaning only if we find it ourselves. You do understand that too, don't you?"
"Ukh...... oh well, putting that aside, where is Peking? I want to drink with him."
"He went to buy some tobacco. I think he'll come back soon. We'll be having dinner together with Skewer and the others later. Do you want to join us?"
"I do, I do!"

I left Bamboo Mist together with Yuxiang.
Before the mist could naturally cleared away, it got blown off by a strong wind. Standing outside with sparks flying from their eyes are my two best friends, whom I haven't seen for the longest of time.

I didn't realize what they were doing. When I realized, I had inserted myself between them.

"Oh my! Peking! Boston! So both of you are here!! You two are right on time!"

My two friends whom I haven't seen for a long time looks like they want to destroy the whole world.
But due to my sudden interruption, they came to a stop before unleashing their attacks at each other.
Because they were moving so fast earlier, they ended up tripping down.

"Do you want to die?!!"
"So it's you, Beer..."

Their anger and greeting is overlapping with one another, but I don't mind.
I tilted my head, then, as I laughed, I reached my hands out and placed them on their shoulders, giving them friendly pats.

"It's been awhile, both of you. Geez, you guys are acknowledging each other's capabilities, so why are you fighting? Let's just go drinking!"
"Who would acknowledge this bastard!?!?!?"
"Beer, I don't remember ever acknowledging this sort of barbarian."

"I see you guys are in good terms!"
I guess their relationship can't be changed so easily.

I didn't catch what these two, whose shoulders I embraced, said afterwards.
Because much to my surprise, someone whom I missed dearly appeared, drawing my attention to him.

I don't know why, but his adorabe face always looks angry.
Even now, he's glaring at me in anger. Without thinking much about it, I approached him.

"Oyster, long time no see. You see, I have so many songs that I want you to listen to."

V. Beer

Beer's Master Attendant was a veteran professor.
As a historian, Beer's Master Attendant was a pretty well known figure in the scholastic world.

He's always wearing your average historian uniform. He has a beard that almost covered his entire jaws, eyes that seem to always smile, glaring hands, and a magnifying glass which is hanging down his neck.

When he summoned Beer, he was surprised.
But immediately afterwards, he succumbed to his curiosity and approached Beer, then began studying his attire.

After studying him for quite a while, he finally realized that Beer is looking a bit dumbfounded for having been summoned to this world for the first time.

His Master Attendant is a very gentle person, and his biggest attachment is reserved for history, which he had always loved. Even after becoming famous due to his achievements in that field, the old man never forgets his initial resolution, and always adhere to the completion of his dream.

He deciphered difficult-looking literatures little by little, joining together hidden fragments of history from murals, and turn it into stories that can be read by anyone.

He's always wearing a pair of old eyeglasses, writing down word per word the history that he had managed to traced down, under the dim lamplight.

Back then, Beer's hobby was to sit down by his side, quietly flipping open the pages of old or new books, reading about the world who gave them life.

And suddenly one day, Beer's Master Attendant shoved a book to him and gently said,

"This is your history. You should read it carefully."

According to that book, Beer holds a history of having existed since nearly 10.000 years ago.
When reading about how at first the alcohol is used in a festival, Beer then came to understand as to why his clothes are looking like that. He also came to understand why in the memories that he possessed ever since he came into being here, it was all about ceremonies to pray for rainfall or abundant harvest......

He lifted his head and as he looked at the old man, who is gazing affectionately at him, he came to feel thankful, from the bottom of his heart, about the fact that he'd been summoned to this world, and also for everything the man had given to him.
Ever since that day, Beer's feeling toward history changed from simple hobby into passion.

He sings because he loves it.

Beer once asked his Master Attendant, does the ceremonies have any actual effects?
Who will take his prayers in the end? Will they grant it?
Then the seemingly all-knowing thick bearded old scholar fell into deep thoughts, but he couldn't came up with a clear answer.

"It's a very complex and difficult question. Each person will have their own answer. Beer, I wish you can find your own answer too, someday."

The gentle, old scholar eventually left the world in his own work.

After his Master Attendant passed away, Beer began travelling all alone.
He watches over the world with his own eyes, in place of the old man.

He came to know many persons, and became best friends with many humans and Food Souls alike.

He tells history with his singing, and watche the birth of new history with his eyes.

That's what he had been doing for the longest of time, and for the sake of that, he had walked through many seasons all alone. He might take a rest for awhile, but he never stops.

Beer actually can't really handle his alcohols. But two of his best friends would stop exchanging blows when he's around, and instead began comparing taste of alcohols.

Beer watched them with smile plastered on his mien. He doesn't plan to stop them, nor to join them. He just slowly poured more alcohols into the glass for Oyster, who is forced to accompany him.

"They're my friends. If you want to know about their story, I'll sing it for you."