Short Stack over there is my brother! When it comes to business, he'll handle everything!


This Food Soul may seem carefree, but he is actually an extremely reliable person. Both he and Pancake have been sworn brothers since childhood and roam the world together.

Food Introduction

Although Beggar's Chicken arrives covered in mud, its aroma is completely unforgettable. Since its invention it has been constantly improved, making it a classic dish known to every modern household.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Initial Stats

Power Soul Power 1323
Attack Attack 38
Defense Defense 17
Health HP 421
Crit. Rate Crit Rate 1006
Crit. Damage Crit Dmg 457
Attack Speed Atk Spd 487


Dog Stick Basic Skill Lvl
Skill-Beggar's Chicken-Normal Beggar's Chicken skillfully wields his dog beating stick, increasing his attack power by 10 for 5 seconds. 1
Getaway Energy Skill Lvl
Skill-Beggar's Chicken-Energy Beggar's Chicken strikes people with his dog stick, dealing 100% damage to the closest target plus an additional 378 damage. If the target's HP is lower than or equal to 10%, they will be killed instantly. 1
Relief Sigh Link Skill Lvl
Skill-Beggar's Chicken-Link Beggar's Chicken strikes people with his dog stick, dealing 120% damage to the closest target plus an additional 453 damage. If the target's HP is lower than or equal to 20%, they will be killed instantly. Sakuramochi 1

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Voice Lines

Contract Attendant, right? I'm here to interrupt. Relax, relax, you don't need to give me a room. Oh, by the way, this is my brother, Sesame Seed. We'll take good care of business.
Beggar's Chicken-0001
Beggar's Chicken-0001-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0001-CN
Log In Attendant, can you come here? I'm getting really hungry. What about food, huh?
Beggar's Chicken-0002
Beggar's Chicken-0002-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0002-CN
Ice Arena It's so cold, I really wish I had a quilt over here...
Beggar's Chicken-0009
Beggar's Chicken-0009-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0009-CN
Skills Pulverize the enemy!
Beggar's Chicken-0010
Beggar's Chicken-0010-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0010-CN
Ascend Really? Really? I was awesome?
Beggar's Chicken-0011
Beggar's Chicken-0011-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0011-CN
Fatigue Oh... I'm super tired now. Go find someone else, okay?
Beggar's Chicken-0012
Beggar's Chicken-0012-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0012-CN
Recovering Aaaaah~ I'm so content, I'm going back to sleep for a while...
Beggar's Chicken-0013
Beggar's Chicken-0013-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0013-CN
Team Formation Huh? Is there anything fun to play with?
Beggar's Chicken-0014
Beggar's Chicken-0014-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0014-CN
Knockout Brother... quickly...
Beggar's Chicken-0015
Beggar's Chicken-0015-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0015-CN
Notice Wow! What is this sweet smelling thing? I'll take two!
Beggar's Chicken-0017
Beggar's Chicken-0017-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0017-CN
Idle 1 Heeey— Hey! You made me jump!
Beggar's Chicken-0018
Beggar's Chicken-0018-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0018-CN
Idle 2 Shall we take a stroll over to see Sesame Seed...?
Beggar's Chicken-0019
Beggar's Chicken-0019-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0019-CN
Interaction 1 Boss, you don't want these clothes? Give them to me, I want 'em!
Beggar's Chicken-0003
Beggar's Chicken-0003-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0003-CN
Interaction 2 Attendant, can I have some money? I'm really very hungry~!
Beggar's Chicken-0004
Beggar's Chicken-0004-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0004-CN
Interaction 3 Oh boy! This is great wine! We might as well get a few more peanuts, hehe~ Ah, hey! That chicken leg is mine, don't you move!
Beggar's Chicken-0005
Beggar's Chicken-0005-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0005-CN
Pledge Why, what, what? You wanna stay together? All right, if you need any help in the restaurant with your dirty work, just let me know, I'm very strong.
Beggar's Chicken-0016
Beggar's Chicken-0016-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0016-CN
Intimacy 1 Huh, take a bath? But I haven't been sweaty today. Hey, hey, don't force me to go and sleep in the warehouse!
Beggar's Chicken-0006
Beggar's Chicken-0006-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0006-CN
Intimacy 2 Attendant, are you happy today? If you're not happy, let me make you happy.
Beggar's Chicken-0007
Beggar's Chicken-0007-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0007-CN
Intimacy 3 Set your mind at rest. With me here, no hooligan would dare come into the restaurant and cause any mischief.
Beggar's Chicken-0008
Beggar's Chicken-0008-JP
Beggar's Chicken-0008-CN


Youth Journey
Skin-Beggar's Chicken-Youth Journey

Icon-Skin-Beggar's Chicken-Youth Journey

Nice flowers don’t bloom often, and good times don’t last long. Attendant, how about sitting and chewing the fat with me?
— Beggar's Chicken
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Youth Journey

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