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Cute girls are like sweet fruits.


Black Truffle is used to toying with the emotions of others. To her, adoration is the greatest delicacy. Her alluring appearance draws people in, yet her capricious temper and sinister physical characteristics drives them away. Secretly, Black Truffle's favorite hobby is bullying White Truffle. She feels great satisfaction from seeing White Truffle's flustered and defeated face.

Food Introduction

A wild, edible fungus that grows underground in the wild, Black Truffle has a unique scent that is indescribable. Humans have feasted on Black Truffle for as long as 2000 years, though the method of consumption varies. Whether it is used to prepare a sauce that can be drizzled onto steak, or eating it alongside noodles, its taste is truly sublime.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Sky Tower

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power
Attack.png Attack
Defense.png Defense
Health.png HP
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd


Bloody Blade Guillotine Basic Skill
Skill-Black Truffle-Normal.png Black Truffle quickly slice open her left hand to release bloody mist, dealing 91 (1183) damage to herself but boost her own attack by 50% for 4 seconds. Also, deals 100% (180%)ATK to the nearest enemy and an additional 91 (1183) points of damage.
Cursed Doors, Rain of Blades Energy Skill
Skill-Black Truffle-Energy.png Black Truffle's surroundings shake and the blades above the enemies spins ceaselessly, dealing 40% (80%) of her own attack to all enemies and an additional 513 (6669) points of damage. Also, she recover 132 (1716) points of HP.
Super Cursed Doors, Rain of Blades Link Skill
Skill-Black Truffle-Link.png Black Truffle's surroundings shake and the blades above the enemies spins ceaselessly, dealing 60% (120%) of her own attack to all enemies and an additional 616 (8008) points of damage. Also, she recover 158 (2054) points of HP. White Truffle.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Yah~ Master Attendant? What an adorable child, Hehehe~ Do you have any wishes you want to fulfill?[1]
Log In Did you secretly run out to play again? Naughty child, bring big sister along with you next time, okay?[2]
Ice Arena Eek~it's chilly here. Master Attendant, can you give me a hug?[3]
Skills Hmph, such overconfident trash.
Ascend Huh? I just need to do this? But I don't feel anything...
Fatigue I'm tired...Master Attendant, do you want to sleep with me?
Recovering Hmm. Time to get up~ Mhmm~~[4]
Team Formation Oh~I just can't bear to leave you~hehe
Knockout This…*cough*...is impossible...
Notice Food's ready~ Don't rush ok, you want some appetizers? Mmhmph~[5]
Idle 1 No one's home huh...then I'm gonna bully little White Truffle. Talos, let's go~
Idle 2 Since Master Attendant isn't home, should I make use of this opportunity to change my clothes and toy around with them? ~Swimsuit or maid outfit~ My, how frustrating.[6]
Idle 3 What a rare opportunity. I'm going out to play.[7]
Interaction 1 Eh~ Where are you touching~ Be good![8]
Interaction 2 Mas-ter-A-tten-dant? This fragrance on your body, which child left it on you?[9]
Interaction 3 Oh, hehe. Master Attendant, you should pet Talos too. He's very cute ~ eh? Why did you run so far away?[10]
Pledge What you want to say to me? Huh? Oh, hehe, you like me? Eh~I see~uhm...I know...stop! I...I say I know that you like me! hmph.. don't say it anymore...I'll promise you...
Intimacy 1 Don't be shy, you can directly pounce on me~
Intimacy 2 A lot of times, I've wondered whether people will like this version of me? Thank you, my dear Master Attendant ~*kiss*~
Intimacy 3 What's wrong? Are you lonely? I'll always be here, so don't worry.
Victory Oh, hehehe! Master Attendant, remember to give me a prize.
Defeat Huh? Nothing happened just now, right? RIGHT?!
Feeding Eh? For me? I like it very much~[11]

Food Souls





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  1. JP Contract: Hi there, I'm Black Truffle....Heehee. If you could summon me, you must be some good Master Attendant. Heh, I like that! Do you have any wishes you want to fullfill? May I ask what's it?
  2. JP Login: Where did you go all by yourself? Meanie. Heehee....Bring me next time, okay?
  3. JP Arena: Ugh....it's so cold in here. Hey, Master Attendant, can you warm me up with a hug?
  4. JP Fatigue: Hmm....is it time to get up already? But I wanted to talk with you more...
  5. JP Notice: I added my love as a secret ingredient. Wanna try?
  6. JP Idle 2: Hey, Talos, what do you think about this swimsuit? Do you think Master Attendant will like it? Or he'll like the maid uniform more? Wear nothing, you say? Maybe that's a bit too much. Argh, sheesh! Which outfit would be best to seduce Master Attendant? How conflicting.
  7. JP Idle 3: He's not around to play....Sheesh, should I go out to play by myself? Maybe Master Attendant will get worried and look for me? Argh, sheesh! I'm bored! Come back and see me already! To make me so impatient like this....he's a meanie!
  8. JP Interaction 1: Where do you think you're touching? That's no good, behave yourself....and perhaps I'll make things more entertaining for you.
  9. JP Interaction 2: Mas-ter-A--ten-dant? I smell the scent of someone else on you. Who was it? Be a good boy and tell me now.
  10. JP Interaction 3: Heh. Hey, Master Attendant....would you like to pet Talos? (talking to Talos) Hey, don't bark at him, he's not food. What's wrong, Master Attendant? Taking your distance like that....Could it be that you don't like dogs? It's okay, he doesn't bite....unless you provoke him, that is.
  11. JP Feeding: Ehh, is that for me? Heehee, I like you Master Attendant!
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