• NyteWitch

    I'm not sure where I should post this, or whether I should post this at all, but I figured just in case I should post it. If I have posted this in the wrong area/category or need to delete it, please let me know. Thanks! On a side note, when there's a - in front of a name (ex. "Resident - :") it means that the speech bubble was different (it was more of a triangular-ish bubble instead of the regular oval one.)

    Parisel, the fashion capital of Gloriville

    Here you'll find clothing shops with avant-garde fashion deign, along with athletic performances, which are become more popular every day.

    No matter where you go, you can sense people's vitality and creativity.

    But this atmosphere doesn't infect B-52 and Brownie as they walk the streets.


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  • Yorutoki

    Higher resolution sprites

    January 11, 2019 by Yorutoki

    Edit: All sprites have been updated, thanks everyone for helping!

    Managed to get original quality psd sprites from elex, but turning them into pngs is a pain so I'm looking for some help!

    There's no putting together needed, just opening up the psd files and cropping out the sprite part. (Here's what the file looks like opened)

    I'd really appreciate getting some help, though would be preferable if you've made contributions to the wiki in the past! If you'd like to help, do leave a comment with some other way to contact you! (So that I can message you the link to the files, don't wanna put it out in public hahah)

    (didn't get to mention, but as you can see from donut's sprite here the files are pretty damn high quality hahah)

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  • Maletic

    Heartstring Story

    November 24, 2018 by Maletic

    Rewards 2-8 & 2-9 for Heartstring Story are still not transfered to the wikia yet. I've completed the rest and my hands could use a rest. Hopefully some Master Attendant will aid this poor soul in finishing it, considering I don't have much gems to begin with.

    Jello is love! Jello is life! Follow the way of Omurice and join Jello Club today! We're Lv.7 and looking for contributing players. ID#107

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  • Melicent


    October 21, 2018 by Melicent
    • Black Tea Basic
    • Escargot Basic
    • Foie Gras Basic
    • Hawthorne Basic
    • Long Bao Basic
    • Macaron Basic
    • Pancake Basic
    • Skewer Basic
    • Spicy Gluten basic
    • Tom Yum Basic
    • Yellow Wine Basic

    • Bamboo Rice basic ✔️
    • Bamboo Rice ascended ✔️
    • Black tea Royal Agent ✔️
    • Hawthorne Ball ascended ✔️
    • Milk basic ✔️
    • Milk ascended ✔️
    • Orange Juice basic ✔️
    • Spicy Gluten ascended ✔️
    • Vodka basic ✔️
    • Vodka ascended ✔️
    • Vodka Christmas ✔️
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  • MoonlightSelenia

    Skin Quotes

    October 16, 2018 by MoonlightSelenia

    To copy paste for the new page format.


    Ha! A real man holds a real Festival! I'll show Miso Soup how a real man is romantic!

    I've flawlessly accomplished all of the missions you assigned me. So, what do you need today? Money?

    If I stop time on Valentines Day, would you be willing to spend the rest of eternity with me?

    What would be the best way to wish Master Attendant happiness every day throughout the New Year? Haha!

    If the truth hurts you, then I would rather you not know.

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  • Yorutoki

    wiki discord server

    October 14, 2018 by Yorutoki

    made a server to make it easier to discuss wiki projects and the such!

    would be great if everyone could join it!

    (note that this server isn't in any way "official")

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  • Melicent


    October 8, 2018 by Melicent
    • Last Tried:
    Sweet Tofu*, Black Tea, Milk, Bamboo, Tom Yum

    • Last Tried:
    Sweet Tofu*, Miso, Sanma, Moon Cake, Bamboo

    • Last Tried:
    Sweet Tofu*, Laba , Moon Cake, Bamboo, Sanma
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  • MoonlightSelenia


    September 29, 2018 by MoonlightSelenia




    性格 上昇ステータス
    勇敢 攻撃力
    忍耐強い 防御力
    慎重 体力
    活発 クリティカル率
    几帳面 クリティカル
    果断 攻撃速度

    食霊 堕神と性格 スキルレベル上げの優先

    • 勇敢
    ベーシック = エネルギー

    • 初期: 勇敢
    • 終盤: / 果断
    エネルギー > ベーシック

    • 勇敢
    • / 果断
    • 攻撃速度よりの勇敢
    ベーシック = エネルギー

    • 勇敢
    • / 果断
    • 攻撃速度より
    ベーシック > エネルギー

    • 果断
    • 勇敢
    • 攻撃速度よりの勇敢
    エネルギー > ベーシック

    • 慎重
    連携技 > ベーシック

    • 果断
    連携技 > ベーシック

    • 果断
    ベーシック > エネルギー

    • 勇敢, 攻撃力より
    エネルギー > ベーシック

    • 勇敢, 攻撃力より

    • ( 有り ) 連携技 > ベーシック
    • ( 無し ) エネルギー > ベーシック

    • 勇敢, 攻撃力より
    • / 果断, 攻撃速度より
    エネルギー > ベーシック

    • / 慎重, 体力より
    エネルギー > ベーシック > 連携技

    • 勇敢, 攻撃力より
    連携技 > ベーシック

    • 勇敢, 攻撃力より

    • 勇敢, 攻撃力より

    • / 果断

    • 慎重
    エネルギー > ベーシック

    • 勇敢

    • ( 有り ) 連携技 > ベーシック
    • ( 無し ) エネルギー > ベーシック

    • / 勇敢
    • / 果断
    エネルギー > ベーシック

    • / 勇敢, 攻撃力より
    エネルギー > ベーシック

    エネルギー > ベーシック

    • 勇敢, 攻撃力より
    ベーシック > 連携技 > エネルギー

    • 慎重, 体力より
    • 勇敢, 攻撃力より
    • 果断, 攻撃速度より
    ベーシック = エネルギー

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  • SakuraMichi

    New food soul???

    September 29, 2018 by SakuraMichi

    So I was just broswing in facebook and found this possible food soul called crysanthemum tea?

    She also has a skin ( It's kinda reminds me of black tea's)

    Please give more info ;-;

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  • Aphotycist

    Bamboo Rice

    September 15, 2018 by Aphotycist

    For the people who have Bamboo Rice, how did you guys come about getting him? A lot of people said summons but I thought he was pretty rare/not available to summon?

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  • Melicent

    Food Soul Stats

    September 15, 2018 by Melicent
    • Moonrise Festival (10) => Conchi, Queen Conch
    • Lake of Ice Tears (9) => Prajna, Orochi
    • Fireworks Show (10) => ? + Garuda
    • Tamakyo Temple Fair (10) => Amazake, Aizen
    • Hilena Campus Festival (10) => Bulimia, Uke Mochi
    • () => Tanuki, Inugami
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  • SeraphOcelot

    Note that this entire list is based around my opinion! Do give your own opinions in the section below! Anyways, all Food Souls will be ranked from S to D Rank, with S being the best and D being the worst. I do not have a lot of experience in the game yet, so some of my info here might be wrong. I have not been able to do Tsuchigumo Hard yet so I might add that bit in later. Hope you guys can benefit from this list!

    10/9 : URs I own have been added to the list.


    Crab Long Bao (Not OWNED)

    Peking Duck (A+) - Daddy Duck is one of the best URs in the game currently for Showdown. His basic skill can silence all enemies, interrupting or making enemies unable to use their crucial skills. His energy skill is also a good chunk of AOE damage, making him …

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  • Melicent

    Translation Notes

    September 9, 2018 by Melicent

    Not to be confused:

    • 主食: Staple Food (Wonton)
    • 零食: Snacks (Jello)
    • 小吃: Refreshments (Sushi)
    • 速食: Fast Food (Hotdog)
    • 菜品: Dishes (Sanma)
    • 饮料: Beverages (B-52)
    • 甜品: Desserts
    • 汤品: Soup (Miso Soup)

    Popcorn's a dessert on the Chinese wiki.

    Toast's a dessert too.

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  • MoonlightSelenia

    Food Souls VAs

    August 30, 2018 by MoonlightSelenia

    I remembered someone suggested to create a page to list their VAs.

    Since I'm playing with the Japanese dub, I can only list the Japanese VAs.

    VA Characters voiced
    Abe Atsushi Pancake, Cola, Eclair
    Asano Masumi Foie Gras, Crepe, Hawthorne Ball
    Eguchi Takuya Boston Lobster, Hamburger, Coffee
    Fukuyama Jun Raindrop Cake, Red Wine, Spaghetti
    Hanae Natsuki Hotdog, Salad, Crab Long Bao
    Hanazawa Kana Gingerbread, Eggette, Laba Congee
    Hayami Saori Cheese
    Hino Satoshi Sanma, Peking Duck, Steak
    Inoue Kikuko Yuxiang, Sweet and Sour Fish, Seaweed Soup
    Ise Mariya Macaron, Yogurt, Nasi Lemak
    Kaji Yuuki Gyoza, Wonton
    Kawasumi Ayako Ume Ochazuke, Canele, Vodka
    Kayano Ai Toso, Pineapple Cake, Kimchi
    Kimura Ryouhei Popcorn, Sweet Tofu, Salty Tofu
    Kitagawa Rina Sushi, Tiramis…

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  • Melicent

    Missing Characters

    August 22, 2018 by Melicent

    • SR (m) x1 (Somen Noodles)

    • x4

    • x1 (Zodiac)

    • Pretzel (m)

    • x2 (Steak, Lion's Head)
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  • Juzzanoob

    Hey Everyone!

    I'll like to share a very special discord channel with you all :) It's a restaurant themed channel with chefs and waiters/waitresses who can help you out with recipes, tips or problems/questions about Food Fantasy.

    We also have many friendly and active Master Attendants who you can chat with and discuss strategies and even form guilds with! You can get a special tag on the channel for your guild, just simply register the guild on the channel and start recruiting people or planning guild activities!

    We hope to see you on the channel :)


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  • Heartenvy

    Page Format Testing

    August 2, 2018 by Heartenvy

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  • 0IcyGalaxy0

    Discord Server for Food Fantasy Players

    With our community of 450+ members, you will find friendship in every corner!

    Whether you just want to talk about the gameplay or even perhaps posting your fanart, this Discord server can mold to your needs! Looking for a guild? Check out #advertisement channel for any players promoting their own guilds! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the server, the mods will definitely be happy to help you out in every possible way!

    So, why don't you join this wonderful community that we have to offer?

    Come join us now!

    We hope that you join us on our adventure of Food Fantasy! See you in the Discord server!

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me in Discord: Silver …

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  • Samsha1

    Favourite Recipes

    July 31, 2018 by Samsha1

    Sashimi's Favourite = Baked Potats

    Sakuramochi's Favourite = Omurice

    Omurice's Favourite = Cucumber Salad

    Ume Ochazuke's Favourite = Boiled Lettuce

    Dorayaki's Favourite = Shogayaki

    Taiyaki's Favourite = Tamagoyaki

    Miso Soup's Favourite = Grilled Pork Belly

    Tempura's Favourite = Salmon Sashimi

    Sukiyaki's Favourite = Cold Tofu

    Sanma Shioyaki's Favourite = Vegetable Tempura

    Jello's Favourite = Grilled Corn

    B-52's Favourite = Grilled Calamari

    Sweet Tofu's Favourite = Bacon Bites

    Gingerbread's Favourite = Unagi Don

    Vodka's Favourite = Takoyaki

    Salad's Favourite = Pumpkin Muffin

    Yunnan Noodles's Favourite = Mushroom Yaki

    Spaghetti's Favourite = Cod Fillet

    Pastel de Nata's Favourite = Piglet Daifuku

    Boston Lobster's Favourite = Beef Tartare

    Mango Pudding's Favourite…

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  • OracleofFoodSouls

    Good Morning Attendants!!

    Isn't it a beautiful day? At least that's what my Food Soul Sakura Mochi has told me. Here in Eastern Canada it's been super hot and humid. Today we are getting relief as there is cloud cover with the promise of rain. It's still pretty warm though. 

    Now, getting to the reason you came here lol let's talk about the Light Kingdom Recipe: STIR FRIED POTATOES. Being born and raised in a very small community, I had never heard of this dish before. Doing some research, I learned it was Chinese in origin and not used very much any more (largely in part to the French Fry Craze). I took my time, looking at the different variations of this recipe that exist, understanding that in order for it to be appetizing for me, I'd need…

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  • Mia Rouge

    MastaChefs Guild

    July 25, 2018 by Mia Rouge

    After only two weeks from its creation, our guild has been secured a place in the weekly top 10 and in the historical top 20! Note that we are a free to play guild, where we encourage our members to focus on their own game progression rather than their guild contributions. We are looking for active, positive and friendly new members. Joining us grants you access to help from other players, a healthy environment to play and new friends to make! We are a quickly growing community, and hope all our members will contribute to our expansion!

    Our main platform of communication is Discord, and our server is the key to all of this. In it, you can find multiple channels with a lot of different topics, such as tips and tricks, team up, and show off! …

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  • Juzzanoob


    Hi everyone! We have created a Discord channel for Food Fantasy and I think it's useful for players as it has some guides/recipes as well as a relatively active chat! Go ahead and check it out if you don't know about it.

    Feel free to come online to chat with others and make friends, ask for help from other players or promote your guild!

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  • Eliochalamet

    Hello, this is Elio Chalamet. I am a Hong Kong player who had played in the Taiwan-HongKong-Macau server for over 3 months and reached Level 80. I am very happy to witness the opening of the English version of Food Fantasy and share some of my experience with you. The following are some reviews on which Food Souls you should develop as a beginner. You may note that this is just my own experience and opinion, it is always okay to have your own philosophy when playing this game! Beware that all the opinions are actually based on my experience in the HongKong server, some of the features may differ in the English one.

    Although it is always good to use UR in your team, at the beginner stage, it may not be easy to get shards to Ascend them. So y…

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  • Food fantasy

    Helllllooooooo my good friends! 

    Cilian is here to bring you some awesome updates fromt the Food Fantasy world!

    We've teamed up with some talented cosplayers and youtube creators to bring you guys some awesome content!

    Fist up! Cosplay! Who doesn't like cosplay! We teamed up with a few cosplayers for an upcoming video! check out their official pages for some exclusive behind the scenes footage! Stay tuned on our official Facebook page for the release of the video! I've seen it and it's going to be fun! 


    Rikka Blurhound

    Kiba Lee



    Of course, we also wanted to give everyone a quick look at the game before it's official launch! We teamed up with a couple of Youtube content creators to bring to you guys a sneak peak of the game …

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  • Food fantasy

    Attendants, Humans, Elves, Food Souls, Fallen Angels and everyone that may be daring enough to venture into this magical world!

    WELCOME to the wonderful & magical, albeit slightly dangerous and peculiar, world of FOOD FANTASY!!

    I am the one, the only, the magical, the brilliant, the ever-hungry, curator of this wonderful fandom – Sicilian G. Marinara.

    But, everybody just calls me Cilian :D

    Anyways, too avoid any burnt toast and overcooked meals, let us get started with our first official blog post (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ The Food Fantasy Fandom is a Fandom developed and brewed by our magnificent chefs and scientists here at the Academy. Essentially, we wanted to give our fans players, the lot of you whimsical characters, a platform to not only interact wit…

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