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The sound of a child laughing is the most beautiful music in the world.


First violinist of the travelling Fantasy Opera Troupe. A master of melody who loves all things natural and considers children to be the purest blessings from the gods. He's an admirer of his fellow troupe member Opera Cake and Opera Cake's gifted singing, but his favorite person is still the troupe's leader. He follows his heart, and if there's something he likes, he'll put in the time and come up with a way to turn it into an object he can collect-- for instance, writing down his favorite moods and emotions as melodies. However, this example in particular is the most socially acceptable of his collecting habits.

Food Introduction

Blue cheese was invented over 2,700 years ago and is one of the world's preeminent varieties. In the whole world, there are only seven manufacturers with the qualifications to produce authentic Roquefort blue cheese, as the process requires extremely particular natural conditions. Fermentation must take place in the giant caverns of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon in France. This cheese has a rich flavor with a spicy kick to it and a unique fragrance. The ewe's milk it's made from imparts a faint sweet taste and a strong metallic tang of blueberries. Tasting blue cheese is like having a rich violin melody playing on your palate.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 2506
Attack.png Attack 85
Defense.png Defense 32
Health.png HP 523
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 1369
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 1465
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 2136


Pale Glimmer Basic Skill
Skill-Blue Cheese-Normal.png Blue Cheese waves his violin bow, increasing the ATK of the highest-ATK ally by 15% (23%), lasting 3s, and increasing the attack speed of all allies by 20%, lasting 3s, and making the next 2 attack(s) of all allies guaranteed to crit.
Violin Summons Energy Skill
Skill-Blue Cheese-Energy.png Blue Cheese strums his violin, restoring 210 (2730) HP to the lowest-HP-percentage ally, also restoring 66 (858) HP per second to all allies, lasting 5s.
Super Violin Summons (Future Update) Link Skill
Skill-Blue Cheese-Link.png Blue Cheese strums his violin, restoring 252 (3276) HP to the lowest-HP-percentage ally, also restoring 79 (1027) HP per second to all allies, lasting 5s. Chiffon Cake.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Pleased to meet you, Master Attendant. Blue Cheese at your service-- Whatever music you want to hear, no matter what kind, I'll play it for you.
Log In "... Birdie says, they're gone too deep. Mousie says, they're just asleep." Aaah! That's a recent, popular nursery rhyme. Have you not heard it before, Master Attendant?
Ice Arena This place reminds me of somewhere.
Skills Don't disappoint this merry tune. Step to the music with me.
Ascend New power... hopefully it's the power to heal.
Fatigue Is the temperature rising? ...My heart is beating faster... If this keeps up, I may...
Recovering Don't worry... My heartbeat has steadied.
Team Formation This crude business ruins the beauty of music, but if it is your wish, then I will try to find the most suitable battle hymn I can.
Knockout If only I could pause my life... at this very last moment...
Notice I've got a fresh dish finished-- What kind of food do you think I'll take out?
Idle 1 The pure smiles on the faces of children are always so mesmerizingly splendid. Every time, I'm infected by their smiles too.
Idle 2 There will always come a day when the world falls apart, like a weak cheese crumbling at the slightest touch... but that will certainly not be the end for us.
Idle 3 Who knows what darkness is hiding underneath the shining exteriors of grownups? Only a child's heart is full of light and hope.
Interaction 1 Master Attendant, have you ever wanted to make time stand still?
Interaction 2 Want to hear me play something?
Interaction 3 It's said that in a cave where elves live, there's a miraculous secret for reversing decay-- are you interested to know this secret too?
Pledge Not matter what you face, your eyes are always full of hope and resolve, as if nothing could ever make you despair. Could you, give some of this hope to me?
Intimacy 1 In this world so prone to decay, aside from the smiles of children, only the sound of your voice gives me a feeling of peace and trust.
Intimacy 2 I play this solo only for you.
Intimacy 3 Master Attendant, do you ever feel regret? If we just hadn't lost that childlike innocence, we wouldn't have to know the secrets hidden in the hearts of adults...
Victory This is a song of victory.
Defeat ...My string broke.
Feeding Did you read my heart? Thank you, it's just what I wanted.


Lifetime Doting
Skin-Blue Cheese-Lifetime Doting.jpg

Icon-Skin-Blue Cheese-Lifetime Doting.png

Of everyone I've met in this life, I only dote upon you.
— Blue Cheese
Holiday Sky


  • According to his story, Blue Cheese calls Nougat his younger sister because she was the second Food Soul of his Master Attendant.
Food Souls

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Sprite Animations


Lifetime Doting




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Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Introduction

The inspiration for all immortal masterpieces.

There are only two sources,

the composer's past,

and the composer's life.

——From the creation of "Introduction and Fantasy Rondo" by Blue Cheese.

Master Attendant, have you ever thought about keeping time?

Let the delicate morning glory never fade in the morning sun.

Let the newborn calf no longer lose their innocent eyes covered with watery mist.

Even the dust flying in the sky without any sustenance will obtain their eternal position as the stars in the sky.

Such an abundance of desires lingers in me all the time, and whenever I think of it, I can't feel the thrill of physical and mental pleasure.

For the sake of the soul, if I have to name a symbol for the so-called ''dream'' of humans or a symbol that represents the direction of the heart, such as the direction of life and destination of travel, Blue Cheese will tell you this. 

However, there are still subtle but fundamental differences between the two.

For human beings, those verses that expresses the fleeting youth and the difficulty to return back in time are just a helpless sigh; but for me, keeping time is an unfulfilled yet cherished wish that will eventually come true.

Yes, Blue Cheese is doing just that.

Master Attendant, please don't worry about saying you can't understand. I will set up the strings and give you this time-honored score from the heart.

It all began at the place where I was born.

About three hundred years ago, I was summoned for the first time in a village during the wet rainy season. More precisely, it was a deep cave next to this village where residents used to ferment and store blue cheese.

The residents who lived there called the village, "Mora". After a long time, I came to know that the word, "Mora", meant "exiled from the mainland" in their local language.

Later, I learned that it wasn't humans who lived here but another race, the elven, who had long disappeared from the legend of Tierra.

But that's for another story. 

For the ignorant Blue Cheese that was just born on this land at that time, everything was as natural as it could be. The familiar feeling of being born in my hometown has overshadowed many traces of what seems to be a clumsy concealment. It makes me feel immersed in the small world around me, believing that the boundaries of life should be like this.

Even Jackie, who had first summoned me, didn't pay attention to the obvious differences between her and the other residents of Mora.

Jackie is a human girl. In my long collection of memories, I have divided Jackie's image into three categories.

Among them, the most shining and numerous was when she wore various evening dresses and played the violin under the stage lights when she was an adult.

Another was the one that I couldn’t bear to remember, yet was the most artistic, was when she sat motionless in her wheelchair for the rest of her life. 

It's a pity that neither the beauty that withered on the sickbed nor the beauty that bloomed on the stage belonged to her.

Jackie's most authentic appearance, the ordinary but vivid image unknown to the world, stayed in Mora. The short, wandering time of her maiden life that was unknown to outsiders.

II. Skylark

Who favors canaries and who prefers nightingales,

what does this have to do with me?

As long as I listen to the little skylark and hear its wings tremble in the air, I understand the relationship between nature and freedom.

——From the postscript of Blue Cheese’s "Skylark E String".

Jackie was a genius. She was born for the violin.

People still mention her at the very beginning of the mourning. 

I have never been able to refute this. Even if I don’t want to use this word as a representation of her life, I also can’t deny her unparalleled brilliance in this art invented by humans. 

Everyone who has heard her play must be fascinated by her music.

Her unusual life began at an ordinary violin show in Midgar, which I learned about from newspapers, journalists' digests, and biographers’ notes.

She was four years old and fell in love with the violin at first sight.

This art reached some kind of tacit comprehension with her that no one else could understand, but ten years later, at the age of 14, she became world-renowned with the violin in her hand and the youngest performer to ever play solo at the Midgar Royal Theatre. 

However, when I was summoned by her, I didn't know these terms. I just thought she was an ordinary person with a skill.

At that time, she was wearing the same long-sleeved robe as the people of Mora, and no one told me that those clothes were given to her by the good-hearted Morian residents.

Every morning, she would play at Mora's bazaar. She would use her violin in exchange for applause and praise from the Morian residents. After the performance, some residents would send her beautiful morning glories, sweet cheese, freshly-baked croissants, and hot tea.

She was able to feed herself and passed on the extra food and gifts to the landlord in exchange for permission to continue living there, day after day, unchanged.

That year, Jackie was only sixteen years old and had short, frizzy red hair. It was a long time before I knew she had cut it when she arrived in Mora.

She didn’t have eyebrows. The eyebrows on the left were naturally a bit smaller than those on the right. Mora's sunlight wasn’t too hot, and she especially liked chasing the small fluff on her lips that reflected on her brown pupils. [1]

She was so happy to play in such light, and there was a noticeable splinter under her right hand’s index finger on the string. 

I reminded her that she should at least deal with the barbs, but she saw them as the sudden arrival of young, divine birds, for fear of disturbing them, and even carefully took care of them like treasures. 

I saw that she was happy and couldn’t blame her.

Now when I look back at that time in Mora, I always feel like I’m blindfolded and listening to a conch. I think that the sea is in front of me, but it was actually thousands of miles away.

III. Wanderer

Pity not the wanderers, for the pitiful dare not wander. 

——Excerpted from the creation notes of Blue Cheese’s "Song of the Wanderer".

I don't know how long Jackie and I have stayed in Mora. But after we left, she and I would always disagree.

She told me that it was just a short season of three months.

But I insisted that time has passed more than that. At the end of the argument, she took out the ticket for the show and reminded me that it was written very clearly on it. The performance that she had run away from was scheduled three months ago.

In the face of this solid evidence, I can only surrender and admit that there was an error in my memory. 

But at that point, I also carefully thought about it later. Perhaps the time flow of Mora and the outside world was different, but I haven't found any evidence.

Jackie escaped during a performance in Midgar.

It was an outdoor concert originally intended for civilians. Unfortunately, it happened to rain on that day. Because of the "kindness" of some nobles, the venue was temporarily changed to indoors.

When Jackie reached the lounge prepared for her by the nobles, she learned that the civilians had been stopped outside the venue.

"They got tickets for this show, didn't they?"

Jackie confronted her manager.

"Yes, you’re not wrong, they are indeed qualified to watch this show." The manager said while trying to placate the young Jackie.

"But they’re all outside the venue now!"

"Because the performance will now be held in Duke Bell’s Concert Hall. In addition to the tickets, they must also have permission to enter and exit the concert hall. You know, civilians can’t enter aristocratic territory. It's really a shame."

"What the hell is that! They have tickets to the show, but they can't enter the venue?"

Jackie widened her eyes in disbelief.

"Dear, don't get angry at me." The manager sighed.

"It’s not my decision. I have no complaints toward your audience."

Jackie shook off the manager's hand on her shoulder and threw herself onto the wide sofa.

"Jackie, they're at the door. I mean, they can still hear your performance too, can't they? You should learn to accept that the world is not fair, that not everyone is as good as you, and have the opportunity to climb up classes."

"Well, now you need to change into your costume as soon as possible. Both the king and queen will be here tonight. This performance is very important. If you perform well, you may win your title. For a moment on stage, it's time for you to put away those vulgar words. " The manager left the lounge, which should have been one of his last regrets.

If he had waited at the door for Jackie to change into her clothes, instead of going out to the corridor for a cigarette break, or taking away Jackie's violin when he left, or to put it simply, if he was a little wiser, Jackie wouldn’t have had the chance to escape.

Jackie was a straightforward girl. She left only a note that read:

"According to the law, Jackie, a civilian, is unable to enter the venue for tonight's performance. Jackie herself expresses her regrets. "

Jackie and I talked about her fleeing frequently. When it comes to fun, she would improvise a play with the violin.

I heard the high-heeled shoes that she kicked aside, the spiraling stairs that she tiptoed quietly up, as well as her strong heartbeat and the thunder in the sky resonating exactly.

It seemed as if all the rain in the world was falling down, becoming a stage curtain outside the gates of the Duke's mansion. Jackie bravely passed through it. In an instant, the Vientiane was changing. She turned around and noticed that there were a thousand forests behind her. In front of it was a quiet, star-lit cave. 

Go to the nobles’ concert in Midgar.

Jackie decided to keep going, even if she didn't know what was going to be there.

Every time she told me about this experience, she asked me to swear to her that I believed she wasn’t afraid at that time.

I do it every time, so it's not difficult for me.

Moreover, I would imitate the courageous expressions of those noble princes who are always courting her in the banquet or backstage to praise her courage. She would be teased by my exaggerated performance every time, and then pretend to play her violin with disgust. 

In fact, I would like to have had such an interaction, because later, Jackie would have very little time to laugh because of the sudden, unreasonable illness. And it was because of that illness that the time of my separation from her came cruelly ahead.

IV. Sick Love

I think the saddest thing about human beings is that they make mistakes when they don't love each other. But in the end, they blame innocent love.

——From the writing notes of Blue Cheese, "The Sorrow of Love".

Jackie's illness didn't come without warning.

The first time, she grabbed the strings uncontrollably while she was standing on the terrace practicing a certain set of finger placements.

At that time, she and I didn't know what it meant. Her violin [2] had fallen down the second floor along the hollow railing, hit the balcony downstairs, and knocked over the palette of a young painter who was sketching.

Later, the young painter whose paint tray was accidentally knocked over became her husband.

At the wedding, Jackie wore a white wedding dress to distribute gifts to the guests. In the beautiful gift boxes were the nougats she made herself. How sweet and mellow was her mood at that time, so that day, she summoned her second Food Soul, Nougat. 

When people praised the passionate love of two people, no one paid close attention to what kind of danger was hidden behind the couple’s first beautiful accident when they had first met. 

This rare disease had no name, and the doctors didn’t know anything about it. But one day, when Jackie and I had nothing to do, we decided to amuse ourselves by giving it the name, "time sickness".

How similar it is with time, little by little, unconsciously yet gradually paralyzing the body and mind without sense.

It’s just like time. It offends our lives with tact and makes people more and more rigid.

Once you get this terminal illness, no matter who it is, you can't escape the final result.

In the first few years of her illness, Jackie's symptoms weren’t very obvious. The audience had still praised her violin’s sound like a sound of nature. Only Jackie herself knew that her hands weren’t as flexible as before.

Once, I heard her ask her husband, ‘’Honey, if I can't play the violin one day, will you still love me?’’

Her husband said, ‘’Then it's not you, Jackie.’’ 

And as he said that, during the last few years of Jackie's illness, he kept their marriage in the media, but he never came back home. 

The sketching balcony was empty, and the violin's sheet music was also grayed out.

Jackie was in a wheelchair. I pushed her out onto the terrace to see the empty horizon. She said to me, ‘’Blue Cheese, I miss Mora a little.’’ 

Nougat was puzzled by the fragility of Jackie's marriage. 

Born out of love, she couldn’t understand why the solemn and vowing man from the wedding had become so ugly in only a few years.

She came to me and asked me this question--

"Is love in the world really so easy to deteriorate? Doesn’t eternal love between human beings last forever?"

My dear innocent little sister asked me for a while.

"It's not that love can't last forever, it's just that it's infected with time."

I thought about it, so I had to answer her like this.

"I just knew it wasn't the fault of love, it was the fault of time." 

After getting the answer in mind, Nougat left with satisfaction.

But why do all people take the mistake of time for granted?

Why can't the world leave anything in the end?

Why is everything beautiful gone?

I cannot resign to it.

I finally picked up the crystal and hung it on my chest. The people of Mora gave me the crystal when we parted. 

I made the first and only wish for it--

Mora, my birthplace, your child Blue Cheese is confused and he needs your guidance.

I knew I had to go back there, and I would finally have the answer to beat time.

V. Blue Cheese

Even in the strange world of Tierra, the birthplace of Blue Cheese, Mora, can be regarded as one of the most amazing places.

This is a land where only thunderstorms can open the entrance. The people who live here are the elves, a race of Tierra’s mystery.

The Master Attendant of Blue Cheese, who was a sixteen-year-old girl named Jackie, discovered this magical land.

She passed by. The green starlit caves that connect the two spaces are actually places where Mora's residents fermented blue cheese.

In Mora's legends, the invention of blue cheese was said to be related to a young elf from Mora.

One day, this young man was going to the ranch to bring his father food. When he passed the foot of the mountain, he saw a beautiful human girl who he had never seen before by the stream. He was deeply attracted by her and forgot his own task. He went to the girl.

But the strange girl seemed to be frightened. When she saw someone coming, she turned and fled. The young man chased her all the way, shouting loudly, and wanted to express his kindness, but the girl couldn’t understand his language.

In the end, the panicked girl fled into a cave on the mountainside where no one else had ever been before. The young man waited for a long time and saw that she was afraid to come out. He didn’t want to disturb her, but he was afraid that she was thirsty and hungry. The goat's milk curd and black bread, which was supposed to be brought to his father, were left in the cave to express his goodwill before leaving reluctantly. 

From that day on, the young man often visited the cave, but he never saw the mysterious girl again.

And the bag of bread and cheese he put there had never been eaten.

A few months later, the young man once again missed the girl who was in their one-sided relationship. When he came to the cave, he found that the cheese he had left had been fermented by the cave’s bacteria. It turned into a kind of cheese with beautiful patterns of blue-green and had a spicy, unique taste.

Probably because of this legend, Jackie came to Mora through that cave, not only was she not rejected, but she also received a warm welcome.

Although they didn’t speak each other’s languages, the people here regarded her as a distinguished guest from a different world. The last girl who appeared like this brought the unique blue cheese to Mora. This time, Jackie's arrival brought them wonderful music that they had never heard before.

Blue Cheese was born in Mora due to Jackie's desire for freedom and simplicity, and this was where he had spent his most joyful and carefree time. He was regarded by Mora's elves as a connection with the outside world. On the day Jackie returned, Mora's residents gave a unique crystal to Blue Cheese.

Mora’s people told Blue Cheese, ‘’Your existence is different from humans after all. In the process of getting along with humans, you will encounter many confusions. If, at some point, you find that you cannot solve the confusion with your own strength, you can make a wish to the crystal to receive the help of the elves.’’ 

”However, we can only help you once, so please cherish the opportunity and use it at the right time.”

Blue Cheese remembers this sentence.

He once thought innocently that as a Food Soul, there would be no trouble for him in this world.

But when he saw with his own eyes that his Master Attendant, a young girl full of vitality, had been re-shaped by life’s changes and saw that all the freedom and love around her had been deprived, he was determined to change all this.

He made a wish for the crystal, and returned to his birthplace in a thunderstorm.

But what he didn't expect was that when the elves of Mora heard that his wishes were related to time, they all showed their embarrassed expressions.

"It's a happy thing to be able to live in an orderly time. Blue Cheese, going back to the past won’t be better."

They said restlessly and finally just patted him on the shoulder, giving him endless advice.

"Sorry, we can't help you with time. But we hope Jackie will have a long and healthy life just like you. How beautiful and lovely she was then. This is a map of the 'Dark Forest’ that has a very dangerous but also very effective plant. If you can get its seeds, then Jackie will be saved.’’ 

"Dark Forest? Where is it?"

"It's in every corner of the world, but when you really want to go there, it will appear. But it's a very, very dangerous place. Good luck.’’ 

"Thank you."

But things in the world are always imperfect. When Blue Cheese took a wound, dealt with all the accidents, and finally brought back the blue seeds from the dangerous jungle, he opened the door and saw Nougat with swollen eyes.

There are some places in the world where time flows differently.

Jackie couldn't wait for Blue Cheese to come back.

Jackie left, leaving a huge legacy for Blue Cheese and Nougat, but both of them were not interested in business. So they left the property to professional managers, and had them establish Jackie's Charitable Music Fund for Music Arts to help the poor children learn music. 

After that, Blue Cheese bid farewell to Nougat, and he left Midgar with the violin left by Jackie, and he started wandering.

He traveled around the world, recording all the good things in the world onto sheet music with a violin, hoping to make up for Jackie's life bound by stage and disease. Although he didn't want to admit it, his regret and sorrow for Jackie gradually calmed down during the long journey.

One day, when he finally reached the edge of a cliff, he looked down and realized that he had not seen the entrance to the dark forest that he had dreamed about for a long time.

Blue Cheese told himself that it was time to go home.

He returned to a long-lost, rainy night in Midgar.

With thunder and lightning in the sky, Blue Cheese stood on the terrace and played the violin, admiring the heavy rain. In the room, the long-time-no-see Nougat was running in her strangely-tailored clothes.

Blue Cheese had came back, so she added a garden to the large house for this purpose. In order to show her swift and violent artistic taste over the years, insisting that he shouldn’t help, she directed the workers to put the newly added furniture. 

Listening to the vibrant voice of Nougat, Blue Cheese smiled, remembering the day that Jackie mentioned to him countless times. It was also in such a heavy rain that the brave Jackie, 16 years old, was about to flee barefoot and ran into the heavy rain to Mora, and then opened her life...

"Wait, was it my imagination?" Blue Cheese blinked and looked through the terrace towards the garden path that was supposed to be empty.

And then the barefoot guy in the garden, who didn't know where he had come from, was also looking around and spotted him.

"--Hello--I'm Mousse--I'm sorry, I seem to be lost. Excuse me--what is this place?" The boy in the rain looked up, with the confusion and sincerity unique to the youth in his eyes.  

At this moment, Blue Cheese didn’t know yet. The moment they met turned out to be the beginning of a new journey.


  1. Not completely sure what this phrase means, but it could refer to the dust particles under sunlight or keeping her natural beauty.
  2. The raw translation says it was a string or a stringed instrument.