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A Fallen Angel born of the illness and death caused by people consuming polluted river water. Its name comes from the way the sick people suffer.


Groundsplit Casts an effect on all enemies draining a certain amount of energy per second. This effect can be dispelled. Also makes all enemies immune to healing. This effect cannot be dispelled.

**The heal block can be dispelled. The skill description is miswritten in-game.

Dust Seal Raises Bonepain's defense. Cannot be dispelled. (Effect grows stronger each time this skill is cast).
Ghostly Light As time progresses, Bonepain's attack power will increase. (Unable to dispel)
Annihilation Deals a massive amount of damage to all enemy targets.

Pre-Battle Blessing

Revived Souls

Free revive every time
Invincible Fortress

Damage taken by your Food Souls is reduced by 30%
Light Speed

Increase energy recovery rate

Food Souls' damage increased 30%
Free 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png

Disaster Handbook

Interface-Disaster Handbook.png

Recommended Food Souls

Recommended Fallen Angels

Give priority to Fallen Angels that increase ATK or ATK SPD.

Strategy Tips

Team Template

General Setup

Healer Strength/Magic Defender
Laba Congee.png
AOE Healing, Team cleanse
Bamboo Rice.png
Tom Yum.png
Damage mitigation
Fallen Angel Speed Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Attack or Defense

Alternative Setup

Healer Strength/Magic
Sweet Tofu.png
AOE Healing
Miso Soup.png
Damage boost or Team cleanse
Bamboo Rice.png
Fallen Angel Speed Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack

Late/Endgame Setup

Healer Strength/Magic
Nagashi Somen.png
AOE Healing, Team cleanse
Damage Or Team cleanse
Bamboo Rice.png
Damage or Damage mitigation
Fallen Angel Speed Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack or Defense

General Pointers

  • Those at lower than level 50 should always bring a tank as close to 5000 HP as possible with a Cautious nature, purple Fallen Angel unless specified otherwise.
  • The two major counters needed for battle are:
    • Weather effect + heal block + %HP AOE fireball = strong AOE Healing and Team Cleanse
    • Boss’s self attack buff - decent HP, Defense on frontmost Food Soul
  • Relevant Boss gimmicks
    • %HP AOE Fireballs - these bursts end after around 6:50, it is recommended for players to leave and restart the battle if the team were to die earlier to try to survive past this point.
    • Weather Effect - all team members lose HP every second, making it harder for Healers to keep the team alive. Team cleansing and bleed immunity skills will not work.
    • Self attack buff - boss’s basic attack hits will get stronger and stronger over time.
    • Self defense buff, energy drain - overall not problems for this boss.

Blessing Recommendation

  • In general, paying crystals for Blessings should be avoided for those not ranking top 50 or better except to reach damage tiers rewards in the Disaster Handbook.
  • Free Revive is highly recommended for consistently continuing the battle past the last AOE at around 6:50 mark
  • 30% damage boost otherwise

Healer (1 or 2 Units)

1. A healer that can both provide strong AOE healing and team cleanse is ideal:

- heals the most
- healing good but base speed very low
- healing good but team cleansing is on energy skill

2. If the team does not have a Healer that can team cleanse, any AOE healer works as long as there is team cleansing from the Strength/Magic Food Souls in the team:

3. For 2-Healer strategies, the second Healer should provide some sort of utility to the team beyond just healing:

  • Damage boost -
, , , T5, , T4
  • Damage output -
  • Energy recovery -

4. Unconventional Healer formations:

T3+ - grants frequent team invincibility from energy skill and artifact. Will likely need aid from other Food Souls to ensure team survival
+ - Team can survive nearly the entire battle without any source of team cleansing as long as their link skills are timed properly with the boss heal block

5. Otherwise, use any healer that heals decently, refer to potential options from the Healer vs Milk guide.

Strength/Magic (3 or 4 units)

Beyond using whatever does the most amount of damage, there are a few utility Food Souls that may aid with team survival:

1. Frontmost Food Soul

  • If there is no Defender in the team, keep in mind which Food Soul would be taking the frontmost position and take basic attack damage from the boss.
  • The priority is predetermined and there is no way to manipulate the order. Refer to the priority information here.

2. Team Cleanse

  • If the Healer in the team cannot Team Cleanse, it is highly recommended to add a Strength/Magic Food Soul that can do this instead.
Basic Skill Team Cleanse Artifact Skill Team Cleanse

3. Energy Recovery

  • Energy recovery may aid the Healer in ensuring the team survives between the boss's % HP AOE bursts.

4. Other

  • Healing on skill - Food Souls that can heal on skill may help with team survival as well as contribute considerable damage.

Defender (0 or 1 units)

1. Newer players will benefit from having a Defender in the team. Players who are juggling with stronger URs likely do not need a Defender. Whether a Defender is necessary will depend on the player so do experiment to see what works for you.

2. Use Defense Fallen Angel if it's needed for Defender survival. Otherwise, use Attack Fallen Angel. Avoid HP Fallen Angels.

3. Generally, self-healing Defenders are recommended over Defenders that do not have this utility. However, keep in mind better stats may take precedence over utility from skill:

Example Player Teams


Lvl 101 Dmg Dmg Dmg Dmg Team Cleanse, Healer
Power: ~206k



Mapo Tofu




Double Scoop


Nagashi Somen

Dmg: ~22m
Survives full time
FA 12+ reso UME
all gold atk spd
12+ reso Tsuchi
all gold atk spd
12+ reso UME
all gold atk spd
11+ reso UME
all gold atk spd
12+ reso Tsuchi
all gold atk spd
Artifact T3 T2 T1 N/A N/A


Lvl 94 Damage Damage Damage Damage/Healing Team Cleanse, Healer
Power: ~180k







White Truffle


Nagashi Somen

Dmg: ~6m, ~11m (with dmg booster)
Survives based on Somen's basic skill rng
FA 10+ cautious aizen
half and half gold atk and health
9+ reso Spectra
3 gold atk spd, 1 gold atk
7+ brave Aizen
(all gold) half atk, half health
10+ reso UME
all gold atk spd
7+ reso Q. Conch
3 gold atk, 1 gold atk spd
Artifact T1 T3 N/A N/A N/A
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