I used to only like being with my cats, but this is fine too.


A cat man of little words. He refers to himself as 'we' and treats the cats around him like family. He is extremely forgetful and doesn't care for much except for his cats.

Food Introduction

In the beginning, this "cat rice" was a Recipe that was fed to cats. But due to the inexpensive ingredients, by the Edo Era, most of the lower-class had begun eating Bonito Rice. This even drove the industry for bonito, the main ingredient in Bonito Rice. Fast forward to today, and Bonito Rice is still one of the cheapest Recipes that people can eat.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

 Flame icon Soul Power 1336
Attack Attack 22
Defense Defense 28
Health HP 511
Crit. Rate Crit Rate 367
Crit. Damage Crit Dmg 503
Attack Speed Atk Spd 508


Cat Barrier Normal Skill
Bonito Rice's cats start running around him nonstop, causing any damage done to him by normal attacks to be reduced by 5% for 4 seconds. Additionally, all buffs are removed from the closest enemy unit
Umbrella Barrier Energy Skill
Bonito Rice's cats become restless and retreat behind him. He opens his umbrella and spins it, causing all allies to receive 5% less damage from skill attacks for 8 seconds.
Umbrella Flower Link Skill
Bonito Rice's cats become restless and retreat behind him. He opens his umbrella and spins it, causing all allies to receive 6% less damage from skill attacks for 10 seconds. Sanma

Voice Lines

Contract I'm Bonito Rice. Nice to meet you.
Bonito Rice-0001
Bonito Rice-0001-JP
Bonito Rice-0001-CN
Log In When did you get here?
Bonito Rice-0002
Bonito Rice-0002-JP
Bonito Rice-0002-CN
Ice Arena It's a bit cold here. I hope the kittens will be ok.
Bonito Rice-0009
Bonito Rice-0009-JP
Bonito Rice-0009-CN
Skills The claws are out!
Bonito Rice-0010
Bonito Rice-0010-JP
Bonito Rice-0010-CN
Ascend Beautiful! Can I come back again?
Bonito Rice-0011
Bonito Rice-0011-JP
Bonito Rice-0011-CN
Fatigue Hm, just let me rest for a moment, my eyes won't open.
Bonito Rice-0012
Bonito Rice-0012-JP
Bonito Rice-0012-CN
Recovering Maybe someplace warmer would be better...
Bonito Rice-0013
Bonito Rice-0013-JP
Bonito Rice-0013-CN
Team Formation This is what I kept my claws sharp for!
Bonito Rice-0014
Bonito Rice-0014-JP
Bonito Rice-0014-CN
Knockout I'm... already...
Bonito Rice-0015
Bonito Rice-0015-JP
Bonito Rice-0015-CN
Notice Is dinner ready? Hmm, it looks pretty hot!
Bonito Rice-0017
Bonito Rice-0017-JP
Bonito Rice-0017-CN
Idle 1 Oh, when was the kitchen cleaned?
Bonito Rice-0018
Bonito Rice-0018-JP
Bonito Rice-0018-CN
Idle 2 Meow... Meow... Oh! Right! Not a cat.
Bonito Rice-0019
Bonito Rice-0019-JP
Bonito Rice-0019-CN
Interaction 1 Hum, hum, hum, hum, hum~ Hum, hum, hum, hum~ Hum, hum~!
Bonito Rice-0003
Bonito Rice-0003-JP
Bonito Rice-0003-CN
Interaction 2 Have you seen my sauce? I've been looking for it all day. Hm? My hand? Aha!
Bonito Rice-0004
Bonito Rice-0004-JP
Bonito Rice-0004-CN
Interaction 3 These are my ears. Please don't touch them just because you're curious.
Bonito Rice-0005
Bonito Rice-0005-JP
Bonito Rice-0005-CN
Pledge I've always felt I was a little tense.
Bonito Rice-0016
Bonito Rice-0016-JP
Bonito Rice-0016-CN
Intimacy 1 I'm getting more dependent on your scent.
Bonito Rice-0006
Bonito Rice-0006-JP
Bonito Rice-0006-CN
Intimacy 2 That's much too close. I'm going to keep my distance.
Bonito Rice-0007
Bonito Rice-0007-JP
Bonito Rice-0007-CN
Intimacy 3 Here, kitty, kitty~ Oops, I didn't mean to talk to you like a cat.
Bonito Rice-0008
Bonito Rice-0008-JP
Bonito Rice-0008-CN




WeChat Emojis


Fondness Story

I. Abandon

I don't really remember what my Attendant looked like anymore. The only thing I remember is how he looked at me when he summoned me.
I'll never forget that.

“How come there's a pair of cat ears? What? This is a Food Soul? Forget it.”

I didn't even have time to react, the man had already turned around and left. I didn't know how to feel, but I chased after him.

I'm not what you could call a combat Food Soul. When it comes to hand-eye coordination, I'm really bad.
I guess you could say I'm not particularly good at anything.

I held onto the corners of my clothes as Attendant snarled at me.

“Why are you so useless! I guess you'll do as a shield.”

Just as the giant Fallen Angel began to charge towards my Master Attendant, I was pulled in front of him to shield him.
Needless to say, I was knocked up into the sky!
Attendant didn't even hesitate when he saw me knocked out...
He turned and ran off.

I closed my eyes and waited for my death. However, even the Fallen Angel pitied my existence. It simply looked at me and chased after my Attendant.

I saw my Attendant being chased down by the Fallen Angel. I also saw a pool of blood as he collapsed...
I flied in terror and fear as the ground turned red.

When I finally arrived at the town, I collapsed and stared at my hands...
I'm useless... Utterly useless...

After Attendant passed away, I wandered around the town without care.
I also worked random jobs to make ends meet. However, these jobs didn't last long. I always ended up being fired.

It was pouring rain that day.
The gloomy weather reflected how I felt.

I sat in that old log cabin and stared at the endless rain.
I should have just ended my life and held onto that Fallen Angel.
At the very least, Master Attendant would have survived.

I made up my mind. I left the cabin and walked out into the rain towards the dangerous outskirts.

Just as I was about the leave the town, an umbrella suddenly appeared above me.

“Where are you going? Where's your umbrella in this heavy rain? Those outskirts are filled with danger.”
“Do you have nowhere to go?”
“You look awfully sad... Like an abandoned kitten. Why don't you come with me? A lot of your companions are with me.”

The house wasn't that big, but it was filled with cats.
Those kittens weren't afraid of people. When they saw me, the came to me and sniffed me. I guess they felt comfortable with me.

Those little kittens came towards me and snuggled around my feet. Their soft and warm bodies made me feel warmer in this pouring rain.

The man looked at me and began to laugh, he approached me and patted my head as if I were a cat.

“Even they think you're their companion! I guess taking you home was the right choice!”

II. Cat

That guy who took me home was a well known cat-lover around town.

He took home almost all of the stray cats around town. When people couldn't care for their cat anymore, he would always come to help or take them away.

He told me I looked just like those stray cats the day he saw me. Standing alone, lost, and hopeless in that pouring rain.

I slowy lifted my head and asked him.

"We... Looked like them?" "Ahahaha! That's right! You even have a pair of cat ears!"

I have to say, I enjoyed spending time with this man. All I had to do was help clean-up and take care of the little ones.

The small Dragon Li cat loved to eat fish, and the fat orange cat loved to eat chicken. Every little cat had their own favorites, and I remembered each one of theirs.

"Bonito Rice! You even made a food for the cats! Where's mine?" "We... We forgot..."

I saw the expression on his face and lowered my head. Ah... I think I forgot to make food for him...

I looked away and tried to avoid eye contact. He's going to think I'm useless as well now...

Instead of being scolded he placed his hand on my shoulders.

"OH never mind! We'll go out to eat today!"

I lifted my head and smiled and laughed as I looked into his eyes. "You... You're not going to blame me?"

"Of course not! Over something this small!? Let's go!"

As I looked at him chow-down on his food, I couldn't resist but to do the same.

"That's the way!"

I patted my full stomach as I walked behind the man. He had his hands behind his head as he walked and stared into the night sky.

"Bonito Rice, do you know?" "Hm?" "Cats are far more sensitive than we think, they don't even want people to see their own death.."


"So that's why I want to treat thm better."

I nodded my head as we walked forward into the night.


I think... I think this is where I belong.

III. Solitary

I always thought my life would be plain and simple. Just like me, without color or excitement.

However, one day that man who kept smiling disappeared.

Just like those old cats living out the last of their days, the man had disappeared from my eyesight.

I thought I had been abandoned again. When the little cats began to circle around me, I realized I needed to prepare food for them.

As I was preparing, I found a letter on the counter.

That man who kept smiling knew that he was very ill... He didn’t have much time left and he couldn’t take care of us anymore...

When he found me on the streets.

All I wanted to do was to end my life and leave this world. So he decided to give me purpose again. He wanted me to take care of these cats.

He was very sorry; feeling as if he was using me to care for the cats. But he wanted me to continue living on in this world. He wanted me to be just like these cats; to live and one day find somewhere or someone to belong to.

He left behind enough money for me to continue living and caring for these cats.

Perhaps he only approached me so that someone could care for these cats. But, he gave me so much more. He gave me purpose and life again.

I finished reading his letter and gathered myself. I didn’t know how to feel...

All I could think of was thank you... Even though your intentions were selfish at first, it was all for the greater good. I will take care of them just like you have taken care of us.

IV. Private School

In an age where Fallen Angels are a constant threat, even humanity has a hard time finding food. Making sure these kittens don’t go hungry is an extremely hard task. The stray cats lived exactly as so.

One day as I was scavenging for food I heard the cries of cat in the distance. It sounded like a kitten. High pitched and very weak.

I followed the cries into the Sakura Forest.

As I followed the cries of the kitten deeper into the Fallen Angel infested forest. I found myself standing in front of a school.

I saw the small kitten jump into the arms of a man.

The man noticed me following the cries of the little kitten and looked at me.

“Oh... Did you follow him here? Why don’t you come in.”

This man was Sanma Shioyaki, he’s the only teacher in this place.

In this day and age, there are many weaker Food Souls left to fend for themselves. If they were to come across the wrong person, they would end up living a very unfortunate life.

Sanma’s school not only housed weaker and younger Food Souls, but he also had a lot of cats.

I picked up one of his kittens and patted its stomach.

“Why don’t you bring your cats over and stay with me here. I just so happen to need a helper. The cats won’t be so lonely too.”

I stared blankly at him and lightly nodded my head.

This Bird House School is a very beautiful place surrounded by sakura trees. During the blossom season, the scenery is that of a painting. Sanma Shioyaki had also rid the place of Fallen Angels.

You could say this was a small safe haven. But for some reason, I felt lost.

Sanma Shioyaki is very hard-working Food Soul. He also has a Food Soul who stops by often to help. She’s a young and beautiful Food Soul with pink hair called Sakuramochi.

The two of them were able to care and manage the school. But I was different... I couldn’t find where to fit in. I wanted to do something for them as well.

Sakuramochi seemed to have realized my discomfort. One day she came and sat by me and stared at me with those beautiful eyes.

“Bonito Rice, what are you worried about?” “I feel as if I’m of no help.” “Why would you say that! You’ve been helping us care for the cats!” “Really... Right!” “Right! Stop worrying! This is your home too!”

Perhaps this is the type of belonging feeling I’m missing. Thank you. Thank you all for your kind words. Regardless of whether they are true or not, it’s the idea that counts.

V. Bonito Rice

"One, two, three, four, five... Eh...”

Sakuramochi watched Bonito Rice chow down on his food. Bonito Rice realized and walked over towards Sakuramochi.

“What’s wrong?” “There seems to be a cat missing.” “Maybe it went out to play.” “What! That’s not good! There’s a lot of Fallen Angels out there.” “I’ll go look for it!”

Bonito Rice left the school and began looking for the little cat. He finally found it in a small cabin.

“Excuse me... Is there anyone here?” “Meow...” “There you are! I was looking everywhere! Come out now!”

Bonito Rice not only found his cat but also found a fellow lost and completely hopeless. A man that wanted to leave this world. It was Raindrop Cake. A Food Soul as well.

When Bonito Rice saw Raindrop Cake, he reminded him of himself. Like Raindrop Cake, Bonito Rice was also once a hopeless and lost Food Soul that was reinvigorated thanks to his friends. He wanted to do the same for Raindrop Cake. He wanted to pay it forward and help him find himself again.

Bonito Rice was never a lucky Food Soul.

He never had a good Attendant. His Attendant used him as a meat shield when the Fallen Angel attacked. But who would have thought that the Fallen Angel would leave him and go directly for his Attendant.

That was the first time Bonito Rice was abandoned.

After his first experience, Bonito Rice became very cautious and introverted.

He’s also not very gifted when it comes to working and can often be very clumsy.

It was because of this, he often found himself being expelled from his job.

Finally, he decided to give up on his life. Thankfully there was a kind old man who stepped in.

After that man left this planet, the school provided Bonito Rice with a real family.

After receiving everyone’s help, Bonito Rice wanted to do something in return. He wanted to be like them! He hoped that one day he could help others.

When he met Raindrop Cake locked away in that dark little cabin he knew what he had to do. Bonito Rice reached out his hand, just like his friends had once, to help Raindrop Cake. Bonito wanted to help him find himself again.

“I am Bonito Rice.”

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