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A Food Soul who stays upbeat all the time and talks with an "earthy" feel. She enjoys growing vegetables and is an arm-wrestling champ. Others see her as a real action-type.

Food Introduction

Braised Noodles are squishy and smooth, and the broth will make or break the dish. The fresh lamb on top has been stewed in a pot, and the dish is server with seasonings for an aromatic and unforgettable experience.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 2390
Attack.png Attack 131
Defense.png Defense 14
Health.png HP 612
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 412
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 416
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1423


Omni Growth Basic Skill
Skill-Braised Noodles-Normal.png Braised Noodles raises her stone scythe and strikes multiple times at the enemy, dealing 100% (180%) ATK as damage to the nearest enemy unit plus 85 (1105) extra damage, while also adding 10 points of energy.
Law of Nature Energy Skill
Skill-Braised Noodles-Energy.png Braised Noodles spins her stone scythe and then disappears for a moment, dealing 100% (180%) ATK as damage to the nearest enemy plus 355 (4615) damage, also dealing 40% (80%) ATK as damage per second plus 56 (728) extra damage to the target, lasting 5 seconds.
Super Law of Nature Link Skill
Skill-Braised Noodles-Link.png Braised Noodles spins her stone scythe and then disappears for a moment, dealing 120% (220%) ATK as damage to the nearest enemy plus 402 (5226) damage, also dealing 60% (120%) ATK as damage per second plus 67 (871) extra damage to the target, lasting 5 seconds. Hardtack.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Oh--! Attendant, right? You're quite the looker! I'm Braised Noodles. Stick with me from now on~
Log In Attendant's back! The crops out back are comin' in nicely! Wanna check 'em out?
Ice Arena Brr-- It's too cold. How long are we gonna be holed up here?
Skills Wanna die? Just say the word!
Ascend Whew-- that's brisk!
Fatigue Aagh, can't I take a break for awhile!?
Recovering Aaah, that's more like it~
Team Formation Coming, coming! Want me leadin' the charge?
Knockout Oh no, not good...!
Notice Aagh, terrible! Just terrible!
Idle 1 Attendant? Hmph, not around? Guess I'll go fertilize the fields then.
Idle 2 Huh? Is there an opera show nearby?
Idle 3 It's too peaceful and quiet. Not lively like the restaurant...
Interaction 1 I'm not naturally this tan. If you were out in the sun all day, you'd look like this too.
Interaction 2 Attendant, do you greet everyone like this? Tsk, so polite.
Interaction 3 Attendant, I might not be much good for brainy tasks, but if it's fightin' or haulin' stuff, then I'm your girl!
Pledge I always thought you were pretty swell, but never thought you'd beat me to it. Hee hee, thinking that I can be with you day in and day out now, I feel over the moon~
Intimacy 1 Attendant, hmph! Let me get a good look at your face. Don't move...
Intimacy 2 Want a hug? Aaaww, last time when I broke one of your ribs I was just excited, is all. This time, I'll be gentler!
Intimacy 3 Huh? How'd my socks get on my hands... Ugh, this is all your fault for rushing me so early in the morning! What's the rush!?
Victory Aha! I don't even think much of the Old Man Upstairs, much less this kinda thing!
Defeat Hmph... you think you're so great!
Feeding What? For me? You're so sweet!


She is part of the security department of Perigod Research Centre which means she is related to White Truffle (The overseer) and Waffle (A researcher)

Food Souls

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Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by Revelery and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Awaken

It hurts.

It really hurts.

Under the direct glare of white light, I could hardly open my eyes.

The sense of paralysis all over my body gradually faded, replaced by a feeling of bone seeping pain.

I couldn't even tell where the pain came from. It just felt like my whole body had been ripped apart. 

Or, have I already been ripped apart?

I was fastened to a hard board. I couldn't even turn my neck, like a fish nailed to a board for slaughter.

Where is this place?

I don't know. I can’t see my surroundings and my field of vision only contained a single lamp. Behind it was the ceiling. 

There was paint peeling off the ceiling, exposing an abrupt grey colour. Moreover, there was mildew irregularly scattered all over it.

It’s just so old, and gave me a sense of nostalgia.



I squinted as my mind went blank.

Where did I live to see such similar scenes?

No... I can't remember.

If someone appears, it’d be great if I could ask them.

Soon, a moving figure appeared at the edge of my vision.

Somebody else is here! Great!

My heart was overjoyed, and I opened my mouth to speak to him. But when I tried to force the words out of my throat, to the point of pain, I couldn’t make a sound.

But strangely, that man felt my call.

In the next second, people dressed in white came over. 

I suddenly broke into a cold sweat. Filled with aversion, I instinctively resisted them.

It was only then that I was able to react.

Since I woke up, the world has been surprisingly quiet.

They talked anxiously, but I couldn't hear anything, even when their lips were moving.

I want to leave.

But I have nowhere to run.

A cold feeling spread from my arms, and a familiar sense of paralysis invaded my limbs as blood flowed.

It was as if my body was slowly sinking into water, even the pain spreading all over my body has become distant. It’s a wonderful feeling. 

I wasn't tired, but my body seemed to be cut off from any power supply; I lost my strength bit by bit, and even my thoughts slowed to a crawl.

As everything became a blur, I could vaguely see the red light of an alarm flashing constantly. The people dressed in white put down the strange-looking instruments in their hands, and fled in all directions with fear on their faces.

One by one, they escaped from my field of vision, but one of them stayed beside me. 

Unlike those people, she didn't wear the white clothes that made me so uncomfortable.

I remarked something about it, instinctively spitting out syllables from my lips.

Under the "gaze" of those eyes, my consciousness gradually faded away.

II. Saved

When I woke up again, two concerned faces came into sight.

A blue-eyed girl, pen and book in hand, recorded something as she circled around me.

And the other spoke a few words from time to time- it’s her. I felt eased.

I laid on a soft bed, with a fluffy pillow behind my head and a blanket gently wrapped around my body.

Even though my body still felt pain here and there, there’s no doubt I’ve recovered a lot.

So I sat up, wanting to see if I could move my body smoothly. In the process, it seemed that I’d knocked over some equipment and caused the blue-eyed girl to frantically rush towards them.

"Ah, sorry!"

Oh dear, I don't know if I said it correctly because I couldn't hear.

The blue-eyed girl seemed to be frightened by me. Her hand shook, and everything fell to the ground.

She picked up the book and the tip of her pen slid across the paper.

She handed the book to me with a sentence on it.

"When you lose your hearing, you can't control the volume of your speech, so don't speak up."


Seeing me nod, she went on writing.

''First of all, don't worry. You're safe. This is the Perigord Institute of Magic Research. Next to me is Miss White Truffle, the owner of the institute."

"I'm Waffle, a researcher here."

"If there's anything you want to ask, you can write it down. Teacher and I will try our best to answer it for you. "

Waffle handed me the pen and paper. White Truffle also approached the bed and sat beside me.

So first of all...

"Who am I?"

Waffle became shocked and repeatedly spoke to White Truffle. Their eyebrows were increasingly furrowed during the conversation.

"Maybe you lost your memory in their experiments. Do you remember what they did to you?"

''I don't remember. I only know myself as Braised Noodles. Who are they?"

"They were an underground laboratory running illegal research on Food Souls. It was also where Teacher and the Grace Army found you."

"They were trying to do something with a part of your body, but the Silius hypothesis they used in the process is very old. Twenty years ago, Tarima, a Gloriville scholar, pointed out the loopholes in this theory."

"I don't understand."

"In short... You lost your hearing because they removed your ears."

I touched where my ears were supposed to be, and they really were gone. The wound seemed to have been treated by them and was covered with thick bandages.

"When can I hear again?"

Waffle tilted her head for a moment, deep in thought. As she hesitated, White Truffle took a pen and paper from her hands.

"You can think of a way."

III. Voice

I shook my head.

Waffle touched the machine on my head again and doubtfully tilted her head. She also placed a ballpoint pen in her mouth and chewed on it.

The pages of the notebook atop the rubik cube gently flipped open. At the same time, the tip of her pencil slid across it, almost as if it’s confirming… whether or not there’s an error in the formula.

But in a few minutes, as Waffle paced back and forth in front of me, I suddenly heard a pop, pop, pop sound.

It wasn’t very loud, but it reverbated in the silence, shaking my heart again and again.

At this moment, it seems like every sound has returned to my world, little by little. 

I heard the sound of my breathing, Waffle's footsteps, and her murmuring.

"Strange, there should be no flaws. There's also no problem with the introduction of spiritual power - is there a mistake in the cycle formula?"

Summer cicadas chirped outside the window as the night wind gently touched the leaves, causing them to shake with a rustle.

I grabbed Waffle's shoulders and hugged her. Hearing her exclamation, my heart was full of joy.

"I can hear, Waffle!"

Waffle was stunned.

"You... I beg your pardon? Really?"

"Let's go find White Truffle!"

As if summoned by me, White Truffle coincidentally pushed the door open. In her arms, she was hugging her assistant, Cherub, who made a barking sound. 

"White Truffle!!" 

In the next second, I tightly embraced them.


After a brief shock, White Truffle patted me on the back.

"Teacher, listen to me-- " 

Waffle pulled White Truffle off me and presented the months of research to her most beloved teacher, almost as if she's offering White Truffle precious treasure.

"The Canofen formula was indeed the best choice. We’ve succeeded!"

"Well, that's why I said I wanted to try. After all, Waffle is highly proficient in this field. This wasn't difficult, right?''

Waffle's cheeks were red as she was praised.

She wanted to say something, but White Truffle was one step ahead.

"Say something, Braised Noodles,"

"I'm here!"

"Your ears have worked and your wounds have already healed. It's time to consider what's next for you."

White Truffle spoke in a faint tone. But, every single word and sentence was akin to hail striking my heart.


I thought about it carefully.

From what I remember during my time here, only the people in the Institute actually came into contact with me.

If I leave here, where should I go?

"Can I stay here?"


I spoke at almost the same time as White Truffle.

"Really? Can I? But I can't live here for free; I'll plant something in the space behind here. Do you like coriander?"

"That can't be done."

White Truffle raised the corners of her mouth; it seemed like she didn't want me touching her experimental field.


"Of course, I’ll arrange for you a suitable job."

IV. Partner

With a turn of the heel, bending at my waist, the top of my head almost kissed the earth. Only then did the cool breeze, wrapped in dark air, was able to slide past my abdomen and vanish. 

I rolled sideways; a stack of dead leaves on the ground made a crackling sound when they scratched my cheeks, but the situation was too urgent for it to matter.

Raising my scythe with both hands, the cold light of the blade poured out of the Fallen Angel’s back, like cutting through silk. Its dark body split down the middle, and fell into two pieces before my feet. 

"Braised Noodles, you!"

I’d just solved the problem of the Fallen Angel, but before I could catch my breath, I was slammed against the wall by my neck.

Hesitating for a second, she moved her hands down a bit to grab at my collar, knocked her forehead against my own, and tensely stared at me.

She spoke in a cold voice:

"Next time you dare to not listen to command and rush up to the enemy by yourself, I’ll kill you before the enemy does.”

"But it would’ve been terrible if you got hit just then."

Hearing my answer, her eyebrows squeezed together.

"You should understand that you need to listen to me!"

Her expression made me uncomfortable, so I stretched out my finger and drew a circle below her eyebrows. 

"Don't frown, it doesn't look good!"

At that time, I was the only member of the Security Department.

It's my job to hunt down Fallen Angels and ensure the safety of the research institutes, which work on expanding to new areas.

But for some reason, without my knowing, White Truffle recruited a second member, Hardtack Biscuit.

I like working with people, and I didn’t hate it when she suddenly became my supervisor, commanding my every action. 

But she’s always worried about me, and I prefer happy expressions on people

So I gave in to her.

"I'll listen to you, but if it's really dangerous, I'll block anything for you."

Looking at her eyebrows slowly relaxing, my mood cleared up. 

Hardtack Biscuit sighed. As she released me, she also kicked my leg, as a way to vent her anger.

"...Let's go."


V. Braised Noodles

Braised Noodles originally lived in a destitute village.

There were several peasant families. Yet, harvests were poor for three years due to disasters falling upon terrible times. 

The seeds were buried in barren soil, and from spring to autumn, many fruit-bearing plants did not grow.

Braised Noodles looked back on the bodies of the man and his family, becoming thinner and thinner as the days passed; she felt troubled in the face of those desolate fields.

What can she do to make them happy?

The withered grass twisted between her fingers, and in a few moments, she folded it into the shape of a five-leaf flower.

Would they be happy if she gave this to them? Can she see their smiles again?

However, when Braised Noodles handed the flower to the man, the baby in his arms opened its mouth and took a bite.

The man’s face turned pale and he opened the baby’s mouth with his boney hand; he threw the withered grass on the ground.

He tightly hugged his child and lowered his head; she couldn't see his expression clearly.

"Tomorrow... follow me somewhere."

The next day, in front of Braised Noodles was a dark carriage. The man who got out of the carriage put a small bag in her Master Attendant’s hand and grabbed Braised Noodles's wrist.

"Master Attendant...?"

"I’m sorry, Braised Noodles. Go with him."


"I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."

As the carriage bumped and jolted, she saw Master Attendant's crying face. As his figure shrank, his remorseful voice gradually faded away. 

''Braised Noodles, Braised Noodles! Wake up! You're late!" 

Hardtack Biscuits patted Braised Noodles's face.

"Oh... It felt like a long dream." 

Braised Noodles slowly opened her eyes, and Hardtack Biscuit’s face came into the view of her bleary eyes. She raised the corners of Hardtack’s mouth with two index fingers. 

"What are you doing?"

"I think, people look the best when they’re smiling."

Hardtack Biscuit smacked Braised Noodle's hands away, and pulled her by the wrist off the bed.

"It’s time to do some tasks, let’s go."