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Not as powerful as Uke Mochi but still a threat to the average person. A Fallen Angel that has an obsession with eating. It stockpiles any ingredients that fall into its hands and sometimes even forces humans to eat them. The only thing this Fallen Angel cares for are the recipes it can make with humans.

Favoured Food Souls


Self Diet Bulimia heals herself by consuming her captured enemies.
Whole Diet Bulimia has a habit of storing "food" and nibbling at it in times of crisis. This restores health to all friendlies. (Catacombs)
Super Full At crucial moments Bulimia will dump her food reserves towards opponents, dealing major damage to all enemies. It is recommended to save your group's healing skills for such moments.


Embryo Purify Time Awaken Success Outcome
Uke Mochi A.jpg
Uke Mochi A
4h Success: 10% Bulimia Icon.png Uke Mochi Icon.png Uke Mochi (Enhanced) Icon.png
Uke Mochi B.jpg
Uke Mochi D
1h Success: 45% Rabbert Icon.png Hamstero Icon.png Rocketero Icon.png Chappybara Icon.png Bulimia Icon.png