If you want to be protected, why don't you just tell me?


Pizza's guardian. He might not seem like the most powerful warrior, but his strength is not to be questioned. He's also a jack of all trades, but he hates being bothered. Prior to meeting Pizza he was quite introverted and preferred observing people from afar. Because of his past, he prefers to keep to himself.

Food Introduction

Cassata has a shell of marzipan, pink and green colored icing, and decorative designs. It consists of round sponge cake moistened with fruit juices and layered with ricotta cheese and candied fruit. As every bit is filled with texture, it's flavor is both sweet and rich. Cassata is a traditional sweet from Sicily, Italy.


Initial Stats

Flame icon Soul Power 1500
Attack Attack 68
Defense Defense 11
Health HP 326
Crit. Rate Crit. Rate 564
Crit. Damage Crit. Damage 895
Attack Speed Attack Speed 1365

Other Info

How to Acquire
Associated Events


Wind Shadows Normal Skill
Cassata fires his long-gun at the enemy with the highest Atk and deals 100% damage plus 70 extra damage, also dealing 5 damage for 3 seconds.
Holy Guns Energy Skill
Cassata fires his long-gun at the enemy with the highest Atk and deals 100% plus 400 extra damage, also dealing 60 damage for 5 seconds. If the target's HP is less than 10%, then they will be insta-killed.

Voice Lines

Contract Hey? Are you waiting for me? Need me to escort you back?
Log In Whenever you're in danger, just call my name!
Ice Arena There may not be a better place for me than here...
Skills I will not let you take one step closer!
Ascend Please let me protect you, Master!
Fatigue Though I'm tired... I don't want to leave your side.
Recovering I'm back... So smile!
Team Formation We're off, partner!
Knockout Fortunately.... you were not injured...
Notice The food is ready, won't you try some?
Idle 1 How did Pizza and I meet? ... It was so long ago now that I don't even remember... when it happened...
Idle 2 A person who is truly charismatic will always attract good people and will help them. Therefore, I just have to stand by and watch.
Idle 3 Do you want to try running away with me? ... Just kidding.
Interaction 1 Are you interested in my eyes? They're my medal of honor... I'll tell you all about it later.
Interaction 2 Oh, it looks like you don't realize what a sinful person you are...
Interaction 3 My age? I'm younger than you think...
Pledge I decided to stay with you because I enjoyed looking at you.. I never thought you'd be the one to pin me down...and keep me this troublesome spot...
Intimacy 1 Why did I decide to stay with you? Hmmm - because you're just like Pizza, I can't stop worrying about you? ... You're both so ridiculous...
Intimacy 2 What's that look on your face? Are you that happy? Ahaha...but my heart is heavier than you think...
Intimacy 3 Don't wear that sad face all the time, you should smile more. I like that silly smile of yours...
Victory It can't be this simple!
Defeat *Cough... I miscalculated...
Feeding I'm not like Pizza, you don't need to worry about me so much.

Fondness Stories

Upon opening my eyes, I was surprised to find myself in quite the lavish room.
Sitting in this large room was a lone person.
He was a lavishly dressed man well into his middle ages.

“He looks like he could be of some use.”
That must have been an assessment of me he made in the few seconds since I appeared.
He was my Master Attendant. He told me he was an aristocrat of this kingdom and the King’s younger brother.
Even though he was looking at me, it didn’t feel like he was talking to me.
I couldn’t see my reflection in his oh-so-honorable eyes.
I never thought I’d be summoned by a human like this.

The man approached me slowly, a despicable smile on his face.

"Food souls can do a lot of things humans can’t, huh?”
He pat me on the shoulder as if I were a lifeless doll.

I didn’t like that, but I couldn’t fight back.
After all, he was my Master Attendant.
And to a food soul, their Master Attendant’s word is law.

But then I started to have doubts again. Was he really my Master Attendant?
If so, why was he the one gripping the black dagger currently plunged into my abdomen?

"Cassata, sacrifice your everything for me!"

That sentence, like a curse, pulled my mind into darkness.
I didn't dare glance at the look on that man's face. Perhaps I had realized that from the moment we met, his smile was full of greed.

What was the meaning of this? Was he testing my loyalty?

He pulled the dagger out and I felt an agony far more excruciating than I had expected.
My hand went to my wound and I stumbled a few steps back.
My whole body felt weak. What was at first just the feeling of strength being slowly drained from it became a pain that seeped into the very center of my bones.

"I need an obedient spy to infiltrate the palace, right to where the King is. Fortunately, my elder brother goes to church every week to pray for his beloved daughter. You can just pretend you’re an unfortunate, ownerless food soul who just so happened to pass by~”
So he said, as if he were recounting a wonderful fairy tale.
"However, they can’t find out you’re my food soul~”

I bit my lower lip, and a nauseating metallic taste flooded my mouth.
Then I felt that it wasn’t just my strength being stripped away bit by bit, but also the invisible contract that forced me to obey my Master Attendant.

“I have no need for anything useless here, understood?”

From the very beginning, I was worth as much to you as something you could throw away on a whim.
And as my wound slowly healed, the last thing I saw was the twin snakes engraved on that dagger before I fell completely unconscious.

Why did I come to this world?
The man who is my master attendant wishes for nothing from me.
All he needed was an unadulterated tool guaranteed to obey him.
Was this what it meant to be a food soul?

The second time I opened my eyes, I found myself in a barren suburb.

I still hadn’t recovered from my contract being severed. Not even the wound he ruthlessly left me had healed yet.
I gave my surroundings a strained survey. As he had said, there was a white church not far from here.
Sunlight illuminated the church in all its sacred and beautiful glory, but I only felt miserable.

At the time, I never would’ve imagined I’d be grateful to the man who was my Master Attendant.

If it weren't for his decision, I wouldn't have met them.

The sparsely populated suburbs always make a good place for Fallen Angels to hide.

I don’t think I can escape.
A fallen angel that spotted me had dealt me a ruthless blow. By just barely dodging in time, I only served to batter myself more than I already had.

If I’m nothing more than a tool for humans to use in a power struggle, then maybe it would be best for my life to end here.
I smiled bitterly. Watching the fallen angel draw nearer, I closed my eyes.

“Now’s not the time to shut your eyes!”

A cheerful voice rang from above.
A blond teenager clothed in blue fended the fallen angel off with a wave of his flag.
“But I shouldn’t be the one talking, hehe~”
He looked back and let out a smile even brighter than the sun to me, someone he’d just met.

Ah~ What an idiot~
That was the only word I could use to describe him as I stared at him.

"Are you okay?”
His smile hadn’t wavered a bit as he asked. He held no reservations to a stranger such as I.
“Uwah! Look at how badly you’re hurt! Hurry and come with me!”

What a surprisingly noisy guy...

Despite the way he said it, I relaxed for some reason. The exhaustion that followed gradually swallowed what was left of my consciousness.

But so what? Nothing matters anyway…

My body as a food soul failed to grant my wish.
When I woke up, I was already lying on a soft mattress.
I moved my stare from the elaborately carved ceiling to the side of the bed, where the idiot from earlier was resting his arms on.
Sunlight rippled across his golden hair. His sleeping face, resting on its side, was as innocent as a child’s.
If it only weren’t for the drool dribbling from the corner of his mouth.
Is he a food soul too?
It’s hard to imagine what kind of world he must live in, I thought as I gently poked his cheek. Not only did he stay soundly asleep, he even swatted my finger away.

“Uuu...Cheese, I can’t eat any more…”

“Pizza! You punk, our patient just woke up and you’re still dreaming?!”
A girl in a white dress gave Pizza’s face a rough pinch.

"Uwaah!! Ow, ow, ow, ow! How could you have the heart to pinch a face as handsome as mine, Cheese?”
Pizza’s hand went up to his aching face. His unfocused eyes were still half-asleep.

"Still not done dreaming yet, huh?"
Cheese flicked her ears twice, a mischievous smile on her face.
Her long tail tracing a perfect arc behind her, she suddenly stuck a bag that had some fog rising from it on the back of Pizza’s neck.
"So cold!! What are you doing, Cheese?!"
"Hehe, these are some ice cubes I just took out~ Awake now?"

Pizza didn’t seem to be angry at all. Suddenly, his shifted his gaze to me.
"Huh? You’re awake?! I’m so glad! You were asleep for so long, I almost thought you wouldn’t wake up..."

He didn’t think twice about giving my wound a hard pat.

"Ah! Does it still hurt? I-I’m sorry."
This guy sure doesn't hold back when it comes to showing his emotions.

"Pizza, you idiot. His wounds are deep."
Cheese continued, handing me the ice pack.
"Here, for icing your wound~ Though I’m not sure if it works on food souls.”

"Say, Cheese, do you think he’s mute?"
"Shut up!"
Cheese said, elbowing Pizza’s stomach.

"Where am I?"
Although I didn’t plan to stay with them for long, I still needed to figure out where I was.

"You’re finally speaking! Oh, right, what's your name?"
The way Pizza looked at me was as if he’d just discovered a new world.

"We’re at the palace. Pizza and His Majesty found you on their way to church.”
"I’m the one who saved you. Hehe, aren’t I impressive? Let’s go on adventures together! Ow, ow, ow, ow--let me go, Cheese!”
"Ignore him, he’s just used to joking around. Your injuries still haven’t healed yet! Have a good rest!”

"Cheese - let me go!! It hurts..."
"Don't bother people while they’re resting!"

Watching them kick up a fuss as they left, I looked down at the ice pack in my hand.
In the end, I still couldn’t escape destiny.
I had infiltrated the kingdom as that man expected.
So what should I do now?

The door was pushed open again. A lavishly-dressed old man with a kind smile walked in and stood by my side.
"I presume you have met Pizza and Cheese. Pizza is my food soul, and Cheese is my daughter’s. Though I do not know what has happened to you, if you have no objections, why don’t you stay? Those two could use a companion anyhow.”

"...Aren’t you worried I have something up my sleeve?"
"Pizza is a very well-behaved child. He rarely asks anything of me. This is the first time he has, and I shall satisfy his request.”
"He hopes I can take you in."

"No matter what intentions you harbor, you must have suffered quite a bit for you to end up this way. Furthermore, Pizza also worries that you will have a hard time on your own without a contract to a cooking attendant.”
The old man had a gentle smile as he looked at me and gave me a light pat on the shoulder.
"I’m not worried about what kind of plot you have up your sleeve, but don't hurt my children, alright?"

"...I promise you, I would never hurt them."

Despite my words, as long as I’m here I can’t guarantee that man’s orders won’t make me do anything.
His words were like a curse--no, to me, they’re worse than a curse.

I can't stay here forever.
I planned to slip away while no one was watching.

And yet, fate had other plans. Just as I was about to hop the wall and flee, I saw a familiar figure leap up from below.
Free as a bird, a smile as bright as the sun on his face.

And then he crashed into me.

Perhaps I’m doomed to never escape from this person.
My wound suffering another hard hit, I couldn’t help but grunt.

What a strange person. I was the one who got hurt, I was the one who was bleeding, and yet, tears were streaming down his face. Plop, plop, dripping onto mine.

"Why...are you crying?"
I don't get this guy.

"Because you never cry, even though you’re in so much pain. Even when you nearly got killed by that fallen were still smiling…”
Pizza didn’t have the face of someone crying. Tears were just quietly rolling down his face.

Ah~ Is that right? Is this person crying for me?
Crying for worthless me?

"It doesn't hurt. They’ve healed already."
It was a lie, but it seemed to do the trick.
"Yep, really. Say, are you looking for His Majesty?"
"No, I’m looking for Her Highness! Wanna go together? Um, uh... "

“Cassata. My name is Cassata."

Now that I think about it, it was probably then that the desire to protect this guy seared itself into my soul.

Translated by reddit user Asureiko.



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