Catacombs is a daily dungeon-like Trial which unlocks at Player Level 26. You can do two runs (or 3 for Monthly Pack Subscribers) every day to win Fallen Angels embryos. Catacombs are refreshed at midnight UTC. Tap the "Trials" Icon to enter the "Catacombs" screen.

Prior to entering the Catacombs, you must select 5 to 10 Food Souls. You will only be allowed to build your team of 5 for battle in Catacombs using these Food Souls. Any of your Food Souls can be selected, regardless of whether they are busy.

Cat - team selection


Cat - ruler contracts

Stages in Catacombs are split into sets of 5, where the 5th stage will be a boss fight.

Prior to entering a set of stages, you may choose to sign contracts. Contracts will increase the difficulty for the following set but will also net greater rewards.

The contract will be nulled at the end of a set and will have to be reselected for the next.

During battle, Food Souls need to defeat the enemy within the given time. If time runs out or all Food Souls are killed, it will be considered a defeat. You can revive your team with Magic Crystals when all your Food Souls were killed. The status of enemies will not be reset. 


You have two Catacombs records. Highest stage reached will be kept permanently in your records. Highest weekly stage will be used for weekly ranking, and will be reset weekly.

You have the option to abandon a Catacombs run at any time. Records will still be taken if you choose to abandon. At the end of a week, all ongoing runs will be ended.


Highest Level Reached 10 20 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70
Sweep-able Levels 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55

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Enemy Patterns

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This page documents the Fallen Angels you can encounter as you progress through Catacombs, focusing on Normal, Enhanced and Special Enhanced ones.


  • Tribes and levels have been grouped together when the same pattern repeats.
  • The tribe column only lists the highest enemy you can get for these levels.
  • If a tribe or a certain Fallen Angel is not listed for certain levels, it means it only appears later.
Possible Tribe Stage Waves Enemy Type per Wave
Levels 1 to 15 Sun
Head-AizenHead-InugamiHead-OrochiHead-Queen Conch 1 1 Normal
2 1 Normal
3 2 Normal
4 2 Evolved in #2
5 5 Evolved in #4
Enhanced in #5
Levels 15 to 35 Sun
Head-AizenHead-InugamiHead-OrochiHead-Queen Conch 1 1 Normal
2 1 Normal
3 2 Normal
4 2 Evolved in #2
5 7 Evolved in #6
Enhanced in #7
Levels 36 to 55 Sun
Head-AizenHead-InugamiHead-Queen Conch 1 1 Normal
2 1 Normal
3 2 Evolved in #2
4 2 Evolved in #2
5 10 Evolved in #5
Evolved x2 in #9
Enhanced + Evolved in #10
Head-OrochiHead-Uke Mochi 1 1 Normal
2 1 Normal
3 2 Evolved in #2
4 2 Evolved in #2
5 10 Evolved in #5
Normal Enhanced + Evolved in #9
Special Enhanced + Evolved in #10
Head-Thundaruda 1 1 Normal
2 1 Normal
3 2 Head-Garuda in #2
4 2 Head-Garuda in #2
5 8 Head-Garuda in #4
Head-Garuda+Head-Thundaruda in #8
Levels 56 to 60 Sun
Head-AizenHead-InugamiHead-Queen Conch 56 1 Normal
57 1 Normal
58 2 Evolved in #2
59 2 Evolved in #2
60 15 Evolved in #5, #7, #9
Enhanced in #10
Enhanced + Evolved x2 in #15
Head-TsuchigumoHead-Uke Mochi (Enhanced) 56 1 Normal
57 1 Normal
58 2 Evolved in #2
59 2 Evolved in #2
60 15 Evolved in #5, #7, #9
Enhanced in #10
Enhanced + Evolved x2 in #14
Special Enhanced + ? in #15
Head-Thundaruda 56 1 Normal
57 1 Normal
58 2 Head-Garuda in #2
59 2 Head-Garuda in #2
60 8 Head-Garuda in #4
Head-Thundaruda+Head-Garuda in #8
Levels 61 to 65 Sun
Head-AizenHead-InugamiHead-Queen Conch 61 1 Normal
62 1 Normal
63 2 Evolved in #2
64 2 Evolved in #2
65 15 Evolved in #5, #7, #9
Enhanced in #10
Head-TsuchigumoHead-Uke Mochi (Enhanced) 61 1 Normal
62 1 Normal
63 2 Evolved in #2
64 2 Evolved in #2
65 15 Evolved in #5, #7, #9


The most commonly used talents in the Catacombs are:


  • Grilled Purgatory (Deals 10% of enemies current health and continued to deal 1% extra damage for 5 seconds at max lvl)
  • Super Dark Cuisine (Deals 2.5% of enemies current health and reducing enemy def by 15% for 8 seconds at max lvl)
  • Blade Chop (Deals 1100 dmg to enemy unit with highest atk stat, reducing enemy atk spd by 30% for 8 seconds and instant killing enemy if under 15% health at max lvl)

Overall Blade Chop is fantastic for newer players as % dmg isn't nearly as useful with FAs having little health. However at mid to late game, Blade Chop should be switched out for one of it's alternatives. Grilled Purgatory deals the most damage however Super Dark Cuisine can make dealing more damage easier with the def decrease.


  • Seasoning (Friendly unit with the lowest health regains 45% health max lvl)
  • Precise & Divine Seasoning (Friendly units regain 30% health with Precise, and 50% with Divine as well as Divine clearing all status debuffs max lvl)
  • Melt and Mold (Resurrect 3 friendly units and restore 40% of their health max lvl)

The seasoning support talents are the most essential ones for catacombs. All 3 have their particular uses, as while Seasoning heals less, it also has the shortest cooldown time, allowing for spammability. Melt and Mold looks nice but is largely useless.


  • Restore Energy (Restores 50 energy points to all units at max lvl)
  • Powerful Cleansing (Removes all status buffs from 1 random enemy unit)
  • Holy Mushroom (100% chance of charming 1 random enemy unit for 5 seconds)

The control talents are the ones you can get away the most with neglecting, as there isn't much use for them except for niche cases such as Oysters event. Restore Energy and Powerful Cleansing are the most notable, as Restore energy allows you to spam the energy skill and Powerful Cleansing can be used in higher level Catacomb bosses like Leafy Sea Queen or Thundaruda who both have invulnerability. Holy Mushroom can be used early game when you crowd control units aren't fast enough to regularly prevent attacks.

Savage Tribe (Uke Mochi)


A healer-type boss.

She should be pretty easy floor 20 and below, and gets a bit tough to kill after that, but she's still easier to kill than other healer-type bosses.


Uke Mochi

It can be said that she's an easier boss.

The only thing to keep in mind is to maintain high HP.

Once in a while, she will cast a skill (the fork) that will hit your back row for about 60% of their HP, so remember to heal your back row.

If you don't kill Uke Mochi within set amount of time, you're done for. Her ultimate skill is an AOE attack ans stun, you're basically dead once you've been hit by it.

FA-Uke Mochi

Uke Mochi (Enhanced)

Ultra-fast attack speed but overall weaker than Tsuchigumo.  Make sure your team's constantly healing.

This is pretty much a heals per second test.

FA-Uke Mochi (Enhanced)

Recommended Talents

Seasoning + Divine Seasoning.

If you don't have Precise/Divine Seasoning, then consider bringing Up Damage or Up Defense.

Notes: when Uke Mochi is healed regularly by Bulimia you may end up in a status quo if you don't have enough power to kill her (you attack, she heals, she attacks, you heal, and so on and so forth). It may be useful to either go for a team without a healer if you can manage with Seasoning talents only or to use damage/control talents instead. You can also use a Soul which targets the furthest enemy to kill Bulimia.

Resurrects are USELESS against these bosses; you'll die instantly after you resurrect.

Broken Blade Tribe (Spectra)


His ultra-fast heals and his immunity to non-skill damage makes him difficult to kill.  Sometimes it feels like he heals back to full super quickly.  His AOE silence is also very annoying, but there is a signal for when he does his AOE. Before he silences your team, he jumps up.  If you pay attention to his animation during fights you'll get to know the timing (sooner or later).



He's immune to normal damage.  He will mark one unit (usually the front row), and his special ability will deal huge damage to the nearest units to the marked unit and deal continuous damage to the entire team. The higher the level, the higher the continuous damage.



For Specter: If you use Powerful Cleansing after he jumps up and silences, you can clear his healing buff.

For the Spectra: Dispel the group AOE immediately with Divine Seasoning.  If you don't have Divine Seasoning, the single target Seasoning may not be enough.  You can try to interrupt his skill with Saucepan.

Players running Moon Cake + Double Scoop may not need to dispel.

Recommended Talents

The optimal talents for this boss are Powerful Cleansing + Divine SeasoningPrecise Seasoning may also be sufficient for earlier floors (up to the 45th Floor)

Spirit Tribe (Inugami)


Early on Tanuki is a pretty weak boss.  After level 50, however, he starts to hurt. Tanuki has a high damage single target attack which hits a random unit so make sure all of your units have enough HP to take the hit.



She's also a very pretty weak boss.  However, after level 40 her charm lasts for around 5 seconds.  Her attack sequence is:  closed eyes, wildfire, charm, evil spirits, AOE charm, lion cub (AOE damage). Charm can be resisted early on but after level 45 the charm will always hit. The charm may cause your DPS to kill your team (especially if you're running B-52, Peking Duck or Boston Lobster) Her lion cub (AoE) also does a lot of damage.



High DPS can make these bosses pretty trivial.  Otherwise, you may need to time your interrupts to block her charms and the timing can be a bit tricky.  There's no point in using resurrection since your units will die quickly after ressing.

Recommended Talents

Prioritize Seasoning and Divine Seasoning. If your DPS is lacking you can replace one of these abilities with Up Damage.  In the later levels, you can use Zero Degrees (assisted talent, group invincible) to mitigate the AOE damage from the lion cub lion cub, but in general, it is best to treat this as a DPS race. If you're having a lot of trouble with this boss, you can try to run Saucepan and try to interrupt his skills but you need to have excellent timing.  The higher the level the more often he casts his abilities and eventually you wouldn't be able to interrupt on cooldown.

Dango Tribe (Aizen)


He's tanky but usually pretty easy to beat.  He has a heal/damage mitigation + an invincibility (unclear when he casts it because it is very weak.).  His damage skill is a random single target attack and it can hit the back row. My guess is that when he gets to 30-50% hp he'll use his single target ability twice and then become invincible.  His heal can be interrupted.



He gains a buff when drinking, adds a whip, drinks some more and then jumps up and deals a lot of damage (but I didn't pay that much attention when I was fighting him) If I remember correctly he seems to self heal. His special moves can also be interrupted but you have to grasp the timing.


Recommended Talents

Divine Seasoning and Saucepan both work.  Interrupts can be very effective if you can master the timing.

Seafood Tribe (Queen Conch)


She's pretty easy to handle early on but will become more and more difficult in later stages.  The good news is she's very fragile. Try to DPS her down as quickly as possible.  If you don't kill her quickly, she will stack her buffs and her attacks will start to hurt.  The deeper you go into the catacombs the faster you need to kill her.


Queen Conch

She basically tests how much you've ascended/geared your backline.  Her attack sequence first hits the backline and reduces their defense and then does a big AOE (Area of Effect).  If your DPS is extremely high her damage can be manageable.  Otherwise, you may need to heal through it.

FA-Queen Conch


These two bosses are super easy if you have high ascension levels.  On the other hand, the HP requirements are somewhat of a hard requirement and teams with less HP may struggle a lot.

Recommended Talents

Up Defense, Seasoning, Precise Seasoning, Divine Seasoning. Saucepan can also be used but you need to get the timing down.

Puppet Tribe (Orochi)


Attacks twice once the battle starts, then huge AOE, attacks twice again, AOE x2, attacks twice, AOE x3, etc. Super high attack speed, still manageable in early stages, when HP starts getting too high in later stages you're definitely going to die if you can't DPS him dead. Fortunately, his skills can be interrupted, use the saucepan immediately after the first 2 normal attacks, after he gets back up he'll do his AOE, attack twice, then AOE again, if he isn't dead before the second AOE, then you're dead.



Orochi used to be one of the hardest bosses but after the patch, he is really weak. You should keep your team topped off when fighting him.  Before he does his big AoE there's a clear hand animation (Switch to speed x1 if you can't see it) which makes it easy to interrupt.



There is no good strategy to deal with Tsuchigumo. Unless you have enough DPS to kill him before he casts his second skill you will never get through.



Time your interrupts properly and try to DPS as much as you can.  Otherwise, they'll regen to full hp and insta wipe you.

Recommended Talents

Saucepan and Hot Pan. These two are the best talents to deal with the Prajna. If you have Zero Degrees you can try using that as well.


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