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...Thank you for coming to bring me away. I don't know much, but, everything I have is at your disposal.


His previous Master Attendant was one of the reincarnations of Xuanwu, one of the four gods of Light Kingdom, and the first to unite the people of Light Kingdom. Xuanwu’s only trusted advisor was Century Egg and as a result, he had Century Egg confined within his tomb after his passing, without considering Century Egg’s own wishes. He did so out of a desire to keep Century Egg always by his side, even after death. As Food Souls are immortal, Century Egg was left trapped and alone in the dark for centuries, causing his mental state to disintegrate out of despair. Accidentally saved by Cordyceps and Chisui Moth Tea, he finally saw the light again. Because of his long imprisonment, Century Egg forgot the ways of the world. He merely follows the instructions of his light (Cordyceps) like a machine, viewing him as the light of his heart.

Food Introduction

Other Info

How to Acquire

  • TBA

Initial Stats

Power Soul Power
Attack Attack 46
Defense Defense 31
Health HP 546
Crit. Rate Crit Rate 581
Crit. Damage Crit Dmg 681
Attack Speed Atk Spd 1566


Vicious Sound Normal Skill Lvl
Skill-Century Egg-Normal Century Egg draws a cross with his claws, dealing 100% of his own ATK as damage to the enemy with the highest ATK, and 58 additional damage, and decreasing the ATK SPD of all enemies by 10%. 1
Snow Blade Energy Skill Lvl
Skill-Century Egg-Energy The black clouds surrounding Century Egg start to gather, dealing 40% of his own ATK as damage to all enemies, and 199 additional damage, with a 50% probability of stunning them for 5 seconds. 1
Super Snow Blade Link Skill Lvl
Skill-Century Egg-Link The black clouds surrounding Century Egg start to gather, dealing 60% of his own ATK as damage to all enemies, plus 239 additional damage, with a 50% probability of stunning them for 5 seconds. Cordyceps 1

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Voice Lines

Contract ...Thank you for coming to bring me away. I don't know much, but everything I have is at your disposal. File:Century Egg-0001.ogg
Century Egg-0001-JP
Century Egg-0001-CN
Log In Ah... It's you... Um, what should I say? Welcome back. File:Century Egg-0002.ogg
Century Egg-0002-JP
Century Egg-0002-CN
Ice Arena This place... it's okay. File:Century Egg-0009.ogg
Century Egg-0009-JP
Century Egg-0009-CN
Skills Go and disappear. File:Century Egg-0010.ogg
Century Egg-0010-JP
Century Egg-0010-CN
Ascend Is this the light you brought... File:Century Egg-0011.ogg
Century Egg-0011-JP
Century Egg-0011-CN
Fatigue Don't leave me here alone, I... I can still continue... File:Century Egg-0012.ogg
Century Egg-0012-JP
Century Egg-0012-CN
Recovering Sorry... I'll... as fast as I can... so please... don't leave... File:Century Egg-0013.ogg
Century Egg-0013-JP
Century Egg-0013-CN
Team Formation I will accomplish all you expect of me. File:Century Egg-0014.ogg
Century Egg-0014-JP
Century Egg-0014-CN
Knockout I should not... have had expectations of this... File:Century Egg-0015.ogg
Century Egg-0015-JP
Century Egg-0015-CN
Notice This is edible. Don't be afraid - it only looks scary. It's not some kind of demonic creature... File:Century Egg-0017.ogg
Century Egg-0017-JP
Century Egg-0017-CN
Idle 1 It's fine... Master Attendant will come back... They will come back... File:Century Egg-0018.ogg
Century Egg-0018-JP
Century Egg-0018-CN
Idle 2 If its wings are broken, it will not fly away... File:Century Egg-0019.ogg
Century Egg-0019-JP
Century Egg-0019-CN
Idle 3 It's fine... I can still take away their last breath... That way, I won't be alone... File:Century Egg-0020.ogg
Century Egg-0020-JP
Century Egg-0020-CN
Interaction 1 Were you calling me? I'm sorry, I'm not entirely accustomed to the light yet. File:Century Egg-0003.ogg
Century Egg-0003-JP
Century Egg-0003-CN
Interaction 2 Please don't leave me alone here... File:Century Egg-0004.ogg
Century Egg-0004-JP
Century Egg-0004-CN
Interaction 3 Huh? You're not afraid? File:Century Egg-0005.ogg
Century Egg-0005-JP
Century Egg-0005-CN
Pledge I once thought this was the light you brought to me - but now I realize that you are my light. File:Century Egg-0016.ogg
Century Egg-0016-JP
Century Egg-0016-CN
Intimacy 1 My eyes? To be honest, it's hard to see when it's bright out. But I remember your scent. File:Century Egg-0006.ogg
Century Egg-0006-JP
Century Egg-0006-CN
Intimacy 2's fine, it won't hurt me. You can try it a little harder to see what happens. File:Century Egg-0007.ogg
Century Egg-0007-JP
Century Egg-0007-CN
Intimacy 3 Sour? ...I don't like sour things. Why would I leave you because I'm feeling sour? File:Century Egg-0008.ogg
Century Egg-0008-JP
Century Egg-0008-CN
Victory I have succeeded in the mission. File:Century Egg-0021.ogg
Century Egg-0021-JP
Century Egg-0021-CN
Defeat I... I can try again... Please don't... File:Century Egg-0022.ogg
Century Egg-0022-JP
Century Egg-0022-CN
Feeding This is... for me? File:Century Egg-0023.ogg
Century Egg-0023-JP
Century Egg-0023-CN

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Long Bao Chibi 1 This story has not been released yet! More details will be added once it has.











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