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Anyone I don't like can just go die, alright?


A brazen and vixenish young woman who brandishes a great axe which seems out of place with her appearance. She possesses shocking combat ability. She's very straightforward with expressing her likes, and against enemies she has a vicious streak which you won't find in ordinary girls. Her body is in the process of lignifying, resulting in loss of various sensations such as tiredness, pain, taste and smell.

Food Introduction

Insect tea is a product of forest insects, among which the most famous is Chishui Moth Tea, which is only produced in the "Four Holes" (Sidonggou) scenic area near the city of Chishui, China. Deep in the mountains of this area grow large, hundred-year-old white tea trees. People pick the tea leaves of these trees and ferment them to attract the "Huaxiang Owlet Moth" to breed larvae there, which then eat and digest the leaves, leaving behind pellet-shaped droppings smaller than rapeseeds. These droppings are then gathered and dried to make insect tea. Insect tea is rich in nutrients, delightful in taste, and refreshing to the body and mind. It has such medicinal effects as boosting energy and clarity, detoxification and clearing away internal heat, and lowering blood pressure. Chishui Moth Tea was an article of tribute during the Qing dynasty, and today it is still a designated tea of the Diaotutai State Guesthouse and the Great Hall of the People.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1649
Attack.png Attack 52
Defense.png Defense 23
Health.png HP 421
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 619
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 791
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1520


Blood Pounce Basic Skill
Skill-Chishui Moth Tea-Normal.png Chishui Moth Tea's great axe comes crashing down on the enemy, dealing 100% (180%) ATK as damage to the nearest enemy, plus 61 (793) damage, also boosting her ATK by 10% (50%), lasting 5 seconds.
Raving Dance Energy Skill
Skill-Chishui Moth Tea-Energy.png Chishui Moth Tea leaps up and slams down her great axe, dealing 100% (180%) ATK as damage to the nearest enemy unit, plus 222 (2886) extra damage. If the target's HP is below 50%, it deals 333 (4329) additional damage.
Super Raving Dance Link Skill
Skill-Chishui Moth Tea-Link.png Chishui Moth Tea leaps up and slams down her great axe, dealing 120% (220%) ATK as damage to the nearest enemy unit, plus 266 (3458) extra damage. If the target's HP is below 50%, it deals 400 (5200) additional damage. Cordyceps.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract What have we here~ You're my Attendant? I really like you~
Log In Hey -- Tsk, I actually let you give me the slip. Forget it. Let's see if you dare to leave me behind next time.
Ice Arena Huh? It's cold... Come over here~ There, now it's not cold![1]
Skills Give me back my original body--!
Ascend If I had this power then, everything would be better...
Fatigue Oh, actually I feel fine. But if you want me to take a rest, then have it your way.
Recovering Alright, alright, enough with the nagging. I'm resting now, aren't I?!
Team Formation Okay then, you just follow close behind me!
Knockout What the... Why can't... I move...?
Notice Hee hee, I've added in plenty of horrific things. Taste it and see~
Idle 1 It's not that I don't like Cordyceps... It's just sometimes he can be a bit much...
Idle 2 I am no longer that weakling that I once was...
Idle 3 Ugh... This sucks! -- Why are they always leaving me behind by myself! I'm not a little girl anymore.[2]
Interaction 1 Huh? What are you doing? Hey -- I'm gonna poke you back!!!
Interaction 2 Hey, that tickles! If you really miss me, then how about giving me a hug?
Interaction 3 Shh -- Cordyceps is here! Don't let him find us! He can be a real pain!
Pledge Although I'm no longer able to activate those cute little critters like I once was, if ever there comes a day when you turn your back on me, I can still make you wish you were never born.[3]
Intimacy 1 You'll always stay with me? Yes? ...Then good.
Intimacy 2 This xun? It's a former weapon of mine. Like it? Hee hee, I'm still not going to give it to you!
Intimacy 3 My foot? ...That's something from a long time ago. It doesn't hurt, so just don't you worry about it!
Victory You should be happy you're not hearing my xun. You've brought this on yourselves.
Defeat No... Don't tell anyone about this... Just say... I went off to play...
Feeding It looks delicious... Thank you~


Mirror Dance
Skin-Chishui Moth Tea-Mirror Dance.png

Icon-Skin-Chishui Moth Tea-Mirror Dance.png

Is the scene reflected in the mirror a beautiful dream of spring, or your heart's desire...?
— Chishui Moth Tea
Spring Leisure, Morning & Night

Food Souls

Defense Icon.png Defense
Strength Icon.png Strength
Chishui Moth Tea.png
Chishui Moth Tea
Magic Icon.png Magic
Support Icon.png Support



Sprite Animations


Mirror Dance


Other Version


Long Bao Chibi 1.png This has not been released yet! More details will be added once it has.











  1. JP Ice Arena: Is it cold? Then come over here...I'll hug you. That way it won't be cold anymore!
  2. JP Idle 3: Sheesh, Master Attendant! Why do you always leave me behind?....I'm not a kid anymore, so take me with you!
  3. JP Pledge: I can't move around those cute little kids like I used to do, but....if you betray me someday, prepare yourself. I'll make you regret that you were born!