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December 20, 2019 - January 3, 2020

Event Rules

  1. During the event, Vodka Skin - Christmas and Red Wine Skin - Judgmentor will be available in the Skin Shop

Skin Shop



It...... it's still...... it's still not enough! You guys...... you guys, don't go! ...... Keep drinking...... hic~
— Vodka
Purchase for 900 Sprite-Appearance Voucher.png or 1800 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png.
Skin-Red Wine-Judgementor.png

Icon-Skin-Red Wine-Judgementor.png

Hmph, such insolent and reckless disciples. We'll use your blood to consecrate this sacred day!
— Red Wine
Purchase for 1000 Sprite-Appearance Voucher.png or 1700 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png.
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