This is the same type of Fallen Angel as Queen Conch. However, unlike Queen Conch, Conchi is more adept at using brute force to kill her opponent. She packs quite a punch for her small size.

Favoured Food Souls


Timed Acceleration Conchi's attack speed will gradually improve over the course of a battle. If it isn't stopped in time, the consequences could be disastrous. (Catacombs)
Multi-Slap Conchi throws out multiple punches at her enemies. Her enemies will feel the pain of a rapid beating!
Torpedo Boomerang Conchi uses her shell like a powerful boomerang; she launches it at her enemies with full force, dealing major damage to all of them.


Embryo Purify Time Awaken Success Outcome
Queen Conch A.jpg
Queen Conch A
4h Success: 10% Conchi Icon.png Queen Conch Icon.png
Queen Conch B.jpg
Queen Conch C
1h Success: 45% Puffin Icon.png Fanged Snail Icon.png Spiked Snail Icon.png Hermit Crab Icon.png Conchi Icon.png


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