Basic Contract Fondness: 0

Integrated Contract Fondness: 200

Pure White Contract Fondness: 350

True Contract Fondness: 500

Soul Contract Fondness: 700

Sacred Contract Fondness: 900

Ways to increase Fondness

Fondness Total: 2650 points

Fondness resets to 0 every time a Fondness level is reached. For instance, Sacred Contract does not mean 2650 points.

  • Method 1

Without using sweep to clear stages, complete stages, take on the Catacombs, challenge Dine & Dash customers to receive 1 Fondess point for 0-5 randomly selected Food Souls.  Please be aware: Invalid when sweep is used.

  • Method 2

Head over to your restaurant to research and develop recipes for a chance to receive Exquisite Recipes. Feed these recipes to your Food Souls by tapping the poached egg icon on your Food Souls screen. Exquisite and normal recipes are all okay.

Normal Recipes +1 point, Exquisite Recipes +3 points Preferred Recipes: Normal +3, Exquisite +10 

Food Souls for Normal users have 1 slot, Monthly Adventure Card users have 1 additional slot, unlock another additional slot when Fondness reaches level 2.   

1 slot, 5 feeding chances. There are no cool downs between feeding. 

Each Food Soul has a max. of 15 daily feeding chances. A max. of 150 daily Fondess points can be gained through feeding.