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Beauty is in the bones, not on the skin.


Used to following her own nature, she is someone who just about lives entirely in her own world. To Cookie, there is nothing more enjoyable than the process of turning a piece of common material into something with its own beauty and soul.

Food Introduction

Cookies are small and flat biscuits, like a cake. It has a crunchy and sweet texture coupled with a strong buttery scent. Initially, biscuits were invented in Iran and in the 1980s, Cookie made its way into Europe, America. Later on in the early 21st century, it became popular and trendy in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan along thee way. In America and Europe, girls would personally bake cookies in the kitchen during festivals. With its alluring aroma, cookies are then given to loved ones or friends as a way to express ones feelings and respect.

Other Info

How to Acquire

  • TBA

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 3,020
Attack.png Attack 127
Defense.png Defense 29
Health.png HP 700
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 1,442
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 1,766
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1,398


Piercing Throwing Daggers Basic Skill Lvl
70px Using a chisel, Cookie aims and throws at the enemy. Inflicts 100% damage to the nearest enemy, plus an additional 212 damage per second, which lasts for 3 seconds. At the same time, the skill damage of all allies increases by 25%, with the effect time of 3 seconds. 1
Mallet of Judgement Energy Skill Lvl
70px Cookie uses a hammer to strike the enemy, inflicting 40% damage on all enemies, plus an additional 402 damage. At the same time, the next 3 basic attacks of all allies become critical. 1
Great Mallet of Judgement Link Skill Lvl
70px Cookie uses a hammer to stoke the enemy, inflicting 60% damage on all enemies, plus an additional 482 damage. At the same time, the next 6 basic attacks of all allies become critical. 70px 1

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Voice Lines

Contract It’s nice to meet you, Attendant. I’m Cookie. Your eyebrows and eyes are really pretty. That's why, would you mind leaving them to me?
Log In My, Attendant. When did you return? I’m sorry, I didn’t notice at all.
Ice Arena No...I haven’t made an ice statue yet.
Skills Go, my statues. I’ll leave it to you guys.
Ascend It’s like releasing the shackles with your fingers.
Fatigue Please leave the stone materials over there. I’m already going to sleep…
Recovering I saw something very interesting in my dreams. Shall I crave it out?
Team Formation Eh? I’m going as well?
Knockout As expected I’m…not suited for battle.
Notice Aah...is the time to cook already over? ...Say, Attendant, do you want to go get something to eat with me after this?
Idle 1 Changing a person’s face is indeed much easier than changing the expression on a sculpture.
Idle 2 Mmm...Hmmmーー
Idle 3 What should I do today? Maybe I’ll make a pendant for the attendant.
Interaction 1 How one reads the feelings embedded in the letters depends on that person, but I think it’s the moments drawn from a statue that’s always the most realistic.
Interaction 2 Why do I leave the eyes for later and not crave firmly, you say? No matter how deeply carved the face is, it’ll just look alive. However, if you finish it with a stroke at the end, it’ll become real.
Interaction 3 Likes? I like anything that has a shape, because I can definitely admire them at every moment.
Pledge Hmm? My demands are extremely high. Do you know why I love sculpturing? Because statues wouldn't betray me. If you...in that case, I agree.
Intimacy 1 Come closer, don't be shy. All I want is to have a deeper understanding of your body.
Intimacy 2 I have detailed many faces before. None of them are like you; I don't get tired looking at them no matter how many times it is.
Intimacy 3 A statue? Your image is already engraved in my heart. There's no need to make a sculpture to celebrate our anniversary.
Victory Eh? It’s already over?
Defeat …I hope the next time another person becomes the leader.
Feeding Ah, please leave it over there. Thank you very much.

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