If you never try, how will you ever know?!


Although Crab Long Bao has the appearance of a young child, his real age is unknown. He hates people who give up easily. He enjoys sitting underneath the trees, drinking alcohol till the sun rises.

Food Introduction

Crab Longbao are similar to Longbaos; they are a dumpling recipe filled with crab and delicious broth. Make sure to eat them correctly or you might get burned!

Initial Stats

Flame icon Soul Power 2202
Attack Attack 33
Defense Defense 53
Health HP 752
Crit. Rate Crit. Rate 747
Crit. Damage Crit. Damage 803
Attack Speed Attack Speed 485

Other Info

How to Acquire


Crab Shield Normal Skill
Crab Long Bao summons his good companion the Giant Claw Crab, who will block 40 damage directed at Crab Long Bao for 3 seconds.
Chopping Flying Angles Energy Skill
Crab Long Bao flings giant pincer crabs nonstop, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk as damage to the nearest enemy plus 378 extra damage, also stunning the target for 3 seconds.
Super Chopping Flying Angles Link Skill
Crab Long Bao flings giant pincer crabs nonstop, dealing 120% of the Food Soul's Atk as damage to the nearest enemy target plus 453 extra damage, also stunning the target for 3 seconds. Long Bao

Voice Lines

Contract It looks like you've run into some trouble. It's no use, just let me help you.
Crab Long Bao-0001
Crab Long Bao-0001-JP
Log In Master Attendant, you've arrived! Has anything interesting happened to you today?
Crab Long Bao-0002
Crab Long Bao-0002-JP
Ice Arena Oh, Master Attendant, you've arrived just in time. I'm so bored here by myself.
Crab Long Bao-0009
Crab Long Bao-0009-JP
Skills Keep your hands off my friends!
Crab Long Bao-0010
Crab Long Bao-0010-JP
Ascend If you work hard, you will always be rewarded.
Crab Long Bao-0011
Crab Long Bao-0011-JP
Fatigue This feeling is as nauseating as drinking tea made by Long Bao.
Crab Long Bao-0012
Crab Long Bao-0012-JP
Recovering Thank you, Master Attendant, I feel much better.
Crab Long Bao-0013
Crab Long Bao-0013-JP
Team Formation Let's go, so that we can get back before it gets dark.
Crab Long Bao-0014
Crab Long Bao-0014-JP
Knockout Disgusting!
Crab Long Bao-0015
Crab Long Bao-0015-JP
Notice Hey~ Master Attendant~ go to the kitchen quickly!~ Looks like the food is ready~
Crab Long Bao-0017
Crab Long Bao-0017-JP
Idle 1 Master attendant, have you ever seen the peach blossoms?
Crab Long Bao-0018
Crab Long Bao-0018-JP
Idle 2 I have the sudden desire to drink some alcohol.
Crab Long Bao-0019
Crab Long Bao-0019-JP
Interaction 1 Hahaha, did you hear? That guy Long Bao poured vinegar in the tea! Hahahaha!
Crab Long Bao-0003
Crab Long Bao-0003-JP
Interaction 2 No matter what the situation is, only once you try it will you know what the result will be.
Crab Long Bao-0004
Crab Long Bao-0004-JP
Interaction 3 Compared to just a single filling, wouldn't it taste better if crab meat were added?
Crab Long Bao-0005
Crab Long Bao-0005-JP
Pledge Are... are you serious? I may not allow for you to back out afterwards!
Crab Long Bao-0016
Crab Long Bao-0016-JP
Intimacy 1 Master Attendant, when the peach blossoms bloom, I'd like to go with you to enjoy the flowers together.
Crab Long Bao-0006
Crab Long Bao-0006-JP
Intimacy 2 You've run into trouble? It's okay, leave it to me. Let me see, what's the issue?
Crab Long Bao-0007
Crab Long Bao-0007-JP
Intimacy 3 Master Attendant, can you just... smile at me later? No... it's nothing... It's such a weird thing to ask... it's just that... your smile is just so nice, so I just... haha
Crab Long Bao-0008
Crab Long Bao-0008-JP

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