Put the stats of your dishes up for critique to receive

, Sprite-Soul Ember Soul Embers and player avatars.

Challenge Topics

  1. Regions will be unlocked as you unlock the cuisine.
  2. You will be judged based on recipe type, ingredients and stats for each stage.
  3. Chef Stars will be awarded as follows:
    • 3 Stars: Above 90 points
    • 2 Stars: Above 80 points
    • 1 Star: Above 60 points
  4. If you score below 90 points, there will be a countdown timer for when you can re-challenge the stage. Stages with 3 Star clears cannot be re-challenged.

Challenge Rules

  1. Selecting the wrong recipe type will result in the most points lost.
  2. Points lost for selecting the wrong ingredients will depend on the scenario.
  3. Judges will have fluctuating moods which may affect your score. Some R Food Souls have skills that can improve their mood.
  4. You can challenge the 6 stages in a chapter in any order, but the next chapter will only be unlocked when all 6 current stages have been cleared with 3 Stars.
  5. Restaurant decorations increase your restaurant appearance. Meet the appearance requirements to receive 10 bonus points.

Restaurant Skills

Flavor/Texture/Aroma/Appearance Breakthrough

Flavor Texture Aroma Appearance

Skill is unlocked at 0☆.

  • Effect: X stat of all dishes entered is increased by 55 (+5 per level)
  • Recommended Level: 10 (+100 to stat)
  • Analysis: To be used when you're lacking in a particular stat.

Cater to Preference

Applicable Food Souls

Skill is unlocked at 2☆.

  • Effect: Increases the mood of the judge by 3% (+3% per level)
  • Recommended Level: 4 (+12%)
  • Analysis: In the harder levels, judges will start out angry. If the judge is angry, mood points will be negative. This skill is vital to increase their mood.

Whittle Away Time

Applicable Food Souls

Skill is unlocked at 2☆.

  • Effect: Reduces time to re-challenge a stage by 150s (+50s per level)
  • Recommended Level: 1 (Decrease by 150s)
  • Analysis: A pretty useless skill.

Recipes Guide

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