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My singing combined with big sister's dancing is a real thing of beauty~!


Kimchi's younger sister, a traveling artist skilled at singing. She seems tenacious, but actually she's got a gentle heart. Her easily-moved personality is the reason why her sister often calls her a "cry baby". She doesn't want her sister to dance to the voice of another singer, so every day she works on her singing, and subconsciously she sees anyone with a good singing voice as her competition.

Food Introduction

Previously a royal cuisine, in modern times Ddeokbokki has had some improvements. With the addition of new ingredients, it has turned into a dish with a real kick to it, helping it gain widespread appeal.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1350
Attack.png Attack 23
Defense.png Defense 29
Health.png HP 506
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 402
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 301
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 603


Red Wall Basic Skill
Skill-Ddeokbokki-Normal.png Ddeokbokki whirls the chopsticks in her hands, making herself immune to basic attack damage for 2 seconds, and also healing herself by 25 (325) HP.
Trip of Scarlet Energy Skill
Skill-Ddeokbokki-Energy.png Ddeokbokki eats some rice cake, raising her DEF stat by 5 (65) for 5 seconds, while also healing herself by 250 (3250) HP. Also reduces the DEF stat of the enemy target with the highest defense stat by 10% (34%) for 5 seconds.
Super Trip of Scarlet Link Skill
Skill-Ddeokbokki-Link.png Ddeokbokki eats some rice cake, raising her DEF stat by 6 (78) for 6 seconds, while also healing herself by 300 (3900) HP. Also reduces the DEF stat of the enemy target with the highest defense stat by 20% (44%) for 5 seconds. Kimchi.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract In my travels around the world, I've seen all kinds of people. I hope we'll get along nicely.
Log In Things not going your way today? Well don't get discouraged! I'll sing you a song.
Ice Arena Ah! What are you doing here? You didn't hear me, did you?!
Skills If you can't learn your lesson, then just forget about it!
Ascend I want my singing voice to pair even better with my sister's dancing.
Fatigue If I keep singing, I'll go hoarse. I need to take a break.
Recovering Don't worry! My voice is better already.
Team Formation Oh well... I'll just go help you deal with these nuisances~
Knockout Can I not... sing again...?
Notice Food's ready! If you don't come get it, I'll eat all up~
Idle 1 The reason my older sister's dancing is so beautiful is because she's worked far harder than normal people ever could.
Idle 2 If you're feeling bad, just sing. Singing will lead you in the right direction.
Idle 3 Hmph! What's a girl to do? File:Ddeokbokki-0020.ogg
Interaction 1 Uh, you mean the chopsticks I'm holding? Actually, I like using them more as a skewer! Look, isn't it so much easier to stick your food with them~
Interaction 2 To keep my voice in tip-top shape, I always carry some honey water with me!
Interaction 3 Can those so-called traveling artists compare to my big sister and her dance moves?
Pledge If you want to travel with us, then you're a strange Attendant indeed. Oh well! Can't say no anyway, because I like having your around.
Intimacy 1 Because you're here, I find that my singing voice carries more different emotions in it.
Intimacy 2 Shh! Don't talk! Lean in close and listen... I like you~
Intimacy 3 Wanna dance? For you, I'd be willing to sing along~
Victory You're really something, Master. I think I've underestimated you! File:Ddeokbokki-0021.ogg
Defeat It's not over yet, Master. Shall I try again? File:Ddeokbokki-0022.ogg
Feeding Huh~ Seems you've done some snooping into what kind of things I like! Thank you! File:Ddeokbokki-0023.ogg


Butterfly Spring
Skin-Ddeokbokki-Butterfly Spring.png

Icon-Skin-Ddeokbokki-Butterfly Spring.png

These whirling and twirling butterflies really do remind me of my big sis~
— Ddeokbokki
Spring Journey

Food Souls

Defense Icon.png Defense
Strength Icon.png Strength
Magic Icon.png Magic
Support Icon.png Support





I. Travelling Song

The drumbeat crescendoed as she fluttered into dance, long sleeves waving behind her.

Her robes flowed with her lithe steps.

As if she was composing poetry with her body, her movements were mesmerizingly beautiful.

As expected, my older sister’s prelude never ceased to be captivating, no matter how many times I’ve seen it.

Idly I thought, as I cleared my throat and sang to the tempo.

“Do you have a sorrowful tale?”

“If so, try letting go and dancing.”

“Do you tear up at memories you retell?”

“If so, try singing to your heart’s content.”

“Leave your sadness and regret behind right now~”


Under azure skies, my sister and I performed all we wanted, all we wished.

The song concluded as I sat down to rest, leaned against my older sister.

“Where are we going next, big sis~” I hummed with curiosity as I swayed my legs.

“...Southwards,” my older sister, fingertips rapping on a drum, said after a moment silent in thought. Right after, she got up. “Get up, Ddeok, I just thought up a new dance move.”

“Huh? Oh! Okay~” Not really following my older sister’s train of thought, I got up hurriedly and cleared my throat in preparation to sing.

The drumbeat began once more as my song and my older sister’s dance burst into life on the plains.

Roaming the lands with our neverending song and dance, that is our lifestyle, our every day.

II. Distance

My older sister’s dancing was the best, not even the best dancers in the world could hold a candle to her.

As her companion and songstress all this time, I was certain of this fact.

However, it’s precisely due to her perfection that…

“Ah——Ah——Cough——” I braced myself against the table and coughed lightly, my pained expression reflected in the mirror.

Because of my distracting thoughts, I made a mistake in my singing.

I reached for my honey water and took small sips.

“It’s so hard…” I mumbled to my reflection dejectedly, hands cupping my chin.

“Big sis is amazing… My song just isn’t worthy…”

I’ve noticed a problem that without my realizing, a rift had opened between my song and my older sister’s dance.

I tilted my head to gaze outside where my sister was practicing her dance in the courtyard, and couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

“What shall I do…”

“Ddeok… Something on your mind?” My sister asked after concluding a performance, patting my head with concern, worry in her eyes.

“...No...I’m fine~” I was dumbfounded for a moment before I changed the subject.

I didn’t want to make my sister worry, nor cause her trouble.

Returning to my room, I clenched my fist in front of the mirror, cheering myself on.

“Train harder! You can do it! You can catch up to big sis!”

I began practicing my singing without my sister’s knowing, when she wasn’t paying attention.

Even though it was tiring, every time I thought that my sister wouldn’t be able to dance to her heart’s content to pace herself with my singing, I was saddened.

It shouldn’t be that way.

Hard work paid off, and the results of my many days and nights of practice came to fruition.

That day, my sister and I were performing impromptu at the plaza of a town.

This time, my sister’s movements were much more fluid and dynamic. Even though I knew this was far from her full potential, I was somewhat relieved.

The people in the audience increased gradually and feeling their gazes on my sister, my song grew happier.

“Finally… Finally, I’ve caught up a bit.”

I said from the bottom of my heart.

III. Third Person

At the end of the performance, I couldn’t wait to share my improvement and delight with my sister, to tell her that her little sister has been working hard.

But as I arrived at the break room, I stopped myself.

My older sister was talking to a male stranger.

From where I was, I caught snippets of the conversation.


“I’ll sing…”

“Mm, okay…”

Hearing that, my heart caught in my throat.

I’ve been abandoned by my sister.

With conflicting feelings, I ran back to our lodging dejectedly and feeling betrayed.

I lay on my bed, face buried in my pillow.

The man’s face couldn’t leave my mind as I grit my teeth.

“You stole big sis from me, don’t think I won’t remember that.”

Evening——Hotel reception.

“Hello, Ddeok, I’m Zhengyang.” The man stepped out from behind my sister and waved at me with a polite facade.

As expected, the man followed my sister here, and even put on an act, like I wouldn’t know.

“...Hmph!” I complained silently as I accepted his handshake with a cold groan.

“Uh…” Zhengyang was struck dumb for a moment and stood still awkwardly at a loss.

I turned up my mouth and ran back to my room, leaving behind the dumbfounded man and my dazed sister.

Bringing the guy home, is my sister acknowledging that he’s better than me too?

I hid in my room, sulking in a corner with my knees tucked in.

The next morning, I got to the practice venue early.

Only to see my sister and that annoying guy walk in chatting it up, all smiles.

Ugh… Making my shy and stoic sister smile like that…

Hmph! Bet he’s just good at running his mouth.

I cursed him in my heart.

I’d never lose to the likes of him.

“I’ve… lost.” A single song determined it all. I looked at Zhengyang with my jaw dropped, speechless.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, this guy was amazing.

At that moment, Zhengyang walked slowly towards me and said softly.

“Ddeok, what do you think of this? Would it be better to sing these parts of the third verse in a lower pitch?”

W...What! Is he making fun of me?!

I glared at him, a flame igniting in me.

Just you wait! I’ll surpass you!

IV. Untimely

Practice, practice, and more practice.

After the stigma of that morning, I crazedly practiced singing whenever I could.

I wanted to send a message to that guy that my position wasn’t so easy to steal.

That said…

That Zhengyang guy really is amazing.

The more I conversed with him, the clearer this became.

But even so, I won’t give up.

The singer for my older sister’s dancing can only be me!

One day, we received an invitation to perform at the plaza of a town.

“I won’t lose!”

The night before the show, I sang out loud in the privacy of my own room, and clenched my fist, looking at my reflection in the mirror.

For tomorrow’s performance, I will! I will, for sure, do better than him!

I wanted to tell my older sister that I was the only singer for her.

Under the anticipating gaze of the audience, Zhengyang and my sister stepped on stage as planned for the first performance, before the second performance by my sister and me.

The drumbeat crescendoed as Zhengyang bowed his head and sang.

His deep, rich voice had a strange charm to it that drew everyone’s attention instantly.

Long sleeves fluttering, my older sister spun into an elegant dance, steps matching the tempo of the rising and falling drumsticks in her hands.

“Over rivers and hills, over streams and fields.”

“Spring to fall how time flies, is the life of mayflies.”

“Down wine with a smile and sigh, wake with a gasp, a thought tells why…”


The performance was entrancing as the two figures melded into an intricate painting of a scene idyllic.

Seeing their perfect forms, pain struck my heart as an indescribable feeling bubbled up.

I want to go on stage…

The untimely thought crossed my mind.

Unknowingly, I stepped forward.

I want to go on stage…

It was as if someone was whispering into my ear.

Abruptly, the drumbeat, singing, and performance stopped.

An unexpected flurry of footsteps rang out.

I stepped on stage.

In the middle of the performance, when it hasn’t ended.

Like an unwelcome visitor, I ripped apart the idyllic scene before me.

“Ddeok…” I heard my sister mutter.

And then…

“Wine emptied, worries emptied.”

“Love and hate in the now, days and months eternal…”

I slotted in perfectly.

Zhengyang flinched slightly, before backing off with a smile.

My sister reacted fast as well, continuing the performance after my unexpected appearance.

Unbelievably, though this daring interruption wasn’t planned, it brought the performance to a new high.

The song concluded, and after a moment of silence from the crowds, they burst into a thunderous display of cheers.

The performance was… very “successful”.

But the only ones who knew otherwise were us three.

With emotional turmoil, I looked over to my sister, unease and dread over my rash act, yet prideful over the groundbreaking performance.

I saw her eyes carrying the faintest hint of disapproval.

Hmph… Is it because I stole that guy’s spotlight? No matter, I’m better.

I thought as I stubbornly turned up my mouth to my sister, half in hurt and half in smugness.

Nobody stands a chance in stealing my position by my sister’s side!

V. Ddeokbokki

There’s an interesting tale that comes from northern Light Kingdom.

A tale of two beautiful sisters who roamed the Light Kingdom borders as performers.

The younger sang and the older danced and combined, they received bouts of praise and got tipsy.

As time passed, the younger felt her song just weren’t as good as her sister’s dance anymore. In the blink of an eye, a rift had opened between the two.

This realization saddened the younger sister, and she practiced in private so she wouldn’t hold down the older sister.

For an older sister who loved her younger sister so, she would never have missed this in a million years.

While she was worried about her younger sister, she didn’t want to cut her hard work off short.

By fortunate circumstances, the older sister met an old friend, a young, world-famous singer.

After seeing the sisters’ performance, the man took a liking to the younger sister’s singing and agreed to the older sister’s request——to train her in singing.

But by an unfortunate coincidence, the younger sister came to the misunderstanding that the man was a competitor here to replace her, and held hostility towards him.

And with misunderstandings on both sides, the two began their conversing and teaching.

Only when the entire incident, hilariously awkward as it was, had blown over did the truth come to light.

“So, you’re not here to steal my big sis from me?” Dubiously, Ddeokbokki asked Zhengyang.

“Why would I want to steal your sister?” Zhengyang scratched his head and laughed awkwardly. “So you were so aggressive towards me because you thought I wanted to steal your sister?”

“What was it you ‘liked’ the first time you met?” Ddeokbokki asked hesitantly.

“The first time… uh…” Zhengyang was deep in thought, before coming to a realization moments later. “Oh! I remember now… I was talking about how I liked your singing, so I agreed to help!”

“T-Then what was that about ‘I’ll sing’?” Ddeokbokki asked with disbelief instantly.

“I was saying I’ll teach you to sing!” Zhengyang was stuck between anger and amusement as he knocked Ddeokbokki’s head lightly. “Weird and childish just like a kid, even at your age…”

Ddeokbokki covered her head and stepped back in embarrassment.

Feeling hurt and relieved at the same time.

So long as big sis is mine.

Ddeokbokki thought as she wrapped her arms around Kimchi and didn’t let go, curling up in her sister’s lap like a pet fishing for treats.