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When the Devouring Beast hides in a certain special environment, it may mutate and transform into this much more ferocious beast (Devouring Beast is a Guild Boss).

Over the years, the ambient chaotic energy in Tierra condensed and parasitized a beast, turning it into a Mutant Beast. No one knows what it was like when it was young, nor how it got so massive, but one certainty is that its very existence threatens the lives of all in the area, not unlike a “disaster”.


Special Berserk Every normal attack will result in a crit.
Engulf Deal massive damage to nearest enemy. Will reduce targets maximum health by 30%.
Intimidate Deal set damage to nearest enemy. If target's health is below 25%, insta-kill will be triggered.
Daze Deal massive damage to all enemies (Dmg increases as time progresses).
Harden Raises one's Defense. Can be dispelled. (Effect grows stronger each time this skill is cast)
Increase Attack Power As time progresses, Devouroth's attack power will increase. (Unable to dispel)

Pre-Battle Blessing

Revived Souls
Free revive every time
All Food Soul power increase 20%
Crazy Flames
100% crit for all Food Souls attacks
Thunderous Winds
Greatly increase all Food Souls attack speed
Free 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png

Disaster Handbook

Interface-Disaster Handbook.png

Recommended Food Souls

Recommended Fallen Angels

If your Food Souls bring Fallen Angels that increase DEF they'll be able to endure a longer battle; or, for an assault formation, you can choose Fallen Angels than increase ATK or ATK SPD.

Strategy Tips

Team Template

Healer Strength/Magic Defender
Sweet Tofu.png
AOE Healing
Damage, Enemy Dispel
Bamboo Rice.png
Tom Yum.png
Damage mitigation, self healing
Fallen Angel Speed Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack HP, Defense, Attack, or Speed

**Food Souls represented for each utility are not iron-clad recommendations.

Team Guidelines

  1. Blessing Recommendation
    • In general, paying crystals for Blessing should be avoided for those not ranking top 50 or better except to reach damage tier rewards in the Disaster Handbook.
    • Free Revive for those with teams that may struggle to make it to the end of the timer.
    • 100% Crit if you are an advanced players juggling with high UR ascensions and strong Artifacts
    • 20% Soul Power Increase boost otherwise
  2. General Pointers
    1. There are 2 main gimmicks players must keep in mind:
      • Massive % HP AoE damage + slaying effect → good healing Healer, self-healing Defender
      • Boss’s self defense buff → Enemy dispel
    2. A Defender is mandatory for adequate team survival. Non-defender options should only be pursued by advanced players juggling with various artifacts.
    3. There are 4 AOE Fireball times. These timestamps are when your team is most likely to die. Sometimes your team can die prematurely due to bad RNG so be open to restarting your battles when that happens. The average well-built team is expected to wipe out after the 3:00 fireball

1. Healers (1 or 2 units)

  • The focus should be on AOE Healers that can constantly heal the team to counter the bleeding. Here are some popular contenders for this role.
  • For most players, healers that provide little to no healing in basic skill should be avoided. They will not do a good job of keeping the team alive. (So no, for example)
  • Players have the option to use a second Healer to aid with survival. This healer should provide some sort of utility to the team that aids with damage output (though this isn’t entirely necessary considering other Strength/Magic options).
  • There are very few link-skill related options that are favorable for this boss specifically. Players will have to discern on their own whether these options are worth pursuing,
    • Milt - Caviar: Controllable massive healing/sec. 
    • Tangyuan - Mooncake: Controllable invincibility. But Tangyuan’s healing ability may be lacking and require a second healer.

2. Strength/Magic (2 or 3 units)

  • For this boss, various types of utility are recommended for consistent team survival and damage output. Beyond that, use the new Battle Drill function to determine what Food Souls will do the most amount of damage as well as reference the Useful Food Souls Guide for general tips on which Food Souls to focus on.
  • Enemy dispel - Source of enemy dispel is highly recommended to counter Devouroth’s self defense boost. 

Basic Skill Enemy Dispel

Artifact Skill Enemy Dispel

  • Energy recovery - Energy recovery will greatly aid the upkeep of both the Healer’s healing as well as Defender’s self healing from their respective energy skills.​​​​
  • Healing on skill - Food Souls that heals the team on energy skill will help with survival between AOE bursts:,

3. Defender (1 unit)

  • A self-healing Defender is mandatory for the team to survive as long as possible. Due to massive % HP AOE damage followed by skill damage and slaying effect, the Defender must be able to regenerate its HP as quickly as possible.
    • Tom Yum is your friend. Avoid Defenders that do not provide this utility such as Crab Long Bao.
  • Fallen Angel recommendation
    • HP FA if HP is below 5,000, HP >8,000 will experience survival problems from the % HP AOE bursts
    • Defense FA if base HP is adequate
    • Attack FA to contribute to damage if you find Defense FA to be unnecessary for survival
    • Resolute FA if it has some form of invincibility shield and it will bring their speed to >16,000. You do not need Resolute FA for damage shields and self defense buffs