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Of all things, short shrift mustn't be given to poetry and tea.


A genteel and intelligent woman of strong character, with the highest attainments in music, chess, literature, and painting. Although lacking in fortune and social standing, she's always good to those around her. After fortuitously becoming the proprietor of Ink Pavilion, she poured herself into the work and turned it into a famous tea house. Aside from generally being a place of elegant pursuits such as appreciating tea and music, the pavilion's staff often go about righting wrongs and upholding justice, garnering no shortage of praise and attracting quite a few scholars and gentlemen to its tables.

Food Introduction

Dongtang, invented by Dong Xiaowan, one of the Eight Beauties of Qinhuai, is a delectable delicacy produced in Rugao County of Jiangsu Province. Its main ingredients are refined white flour, white sugar, sesame seeds, and malt syrup. It is made by specially picking ingredients, boiling down the sugar, making a candy core, and a candy coating. Its crispy sweetness melts in your mouth, leaving a delicious aftertaste, and it also makes a good pick-me-up snack. Because Xiaowan made it often and entertained guests with it, it grew in popularity. Over the years, businesses began to copy it and marketed it under the name "Dongtang".

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1849
Attack.png Attack 52
Defense.png Defense 29
Health.png HP 518
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 601
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 888
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1466


Jade Circle Basic Skill
Skill-Dongtang-Normal.png Dongtang waves her brush, dealing 100 (180)% ATK as dmg plus 61 (793) extra dmg to the nearest enemy, also restoring 25 (325) HP for all allies.
Lotus Dance Energy Skill
Skill-Dongtang-Energy.png Dongtang waves her arms and dances, dealing 40 (80)% ATK as damage to all enemies, plus 211 (2743) extra damage, also lowering all enemies' ATK 20 (44)%, lasting 5s.

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract You must be Master Attendant. Pleasure to meet you. Please excuse my lack of manners.
Log In It's become increasingly cold in recent days. Master Attendant, you must dress warmly.
Ice Arena This place may be heavy with frost, but I find it quite invigorating.
Skills With brush and ink, all things can be rewritten.
Ascend With Master Attendant's blessing, I am made more perfect.
Fatigue I find myself a bit bereft of vigor... Allow me a moment's respite...
Recovering Many thanks for your kindness, Master Attendant. I feel well-rested and in fine form now.
Team Formation I would never let down Master Attendant's trust in me.
Knockout I did my utmost... but ultimately...
Notice Master Attendant, the meal is prepared. Try it now to enjoy the flavor to the utmost.
Idle 1 I made a portrait for you, Master Attendant. I hope it is to your liking...
Idle 2 This is a begonia dew I concocted just for you, Master Attendant. Next time you enjoy a tipple, you can use this to aid in recovery.
Idle 3 The children in the tea house are sometimes a handful, but they certainly know how to get a job done.
Interaction 1 Master Attendant, if ever you're at leisure, why not come with me to the pavilion for a spot of fresh tea.
Interaction 2 To splash on some ink and wield the brush, losing oneself in every stroke and swipe -- is that not one of life's great pleasures?
Interaction 3 Moon-drenched waves of misty jade... Only those awake in the night have the fortune of appreciating the splendor of the moon, and the azure sea and halcyon sky.
Pledge You've probably heard this line before: "With what shall we our bond express? Twin bracelets wrapped around our wrists." Now, it's my wish to bestow this jade bracelet upon you, and only you.
Intimacy 1 Appreciating the flowers with you, or just sitting quietly across from you, is enough to make me forget my trifling troubles.
Intimacy 2 If I can't be with you, then I'd rather be buried in the raging white ocean... Eh-heh -- I was just making a joke. No need to panic, Master Attendant.
Intimacy 3 Together till we're old and grey... Since being with you, all those emotions that the poets wrote about are alive to me like never before.
Victory With that evil vileness cleared away, things look much cleaner and brighter.
Defeat No job is ever fully done... I ought too have been more prudent...
Feeding Master Attendant, your gift is just as cute and interesting as you.


Spring Screen
Skin-Dongtang-Spring Screen.png

Icon-Skin-Dongtang-Spring Screen.png

A flick of a new brush to welcome the new year. Enjoy the verdant cedars and sumptuous feast in this painted screen.
— Dongtang
Spring Leisure


  • The "Drenched in moonlight, the waves like misty jade" from Interaction 3 comes from this poem by Li He.
  • The Pledge line is quoting this poem.
  • The "For our heads to turn white together" in Intimacy 3 comes from this folk song.
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Spring Screen



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