A Fallen Angel born from people's various hopes and illusions. It is imprisoned by something for unknown reasons.


Meditation Room Permanently lowers skill damage received by 30%.
Random Diary Deals damage to the 3 nearest enemies and stuns them (can dispel).
Rhapsody Deals damage to all enemies and reduce their energy 50 pts.
Delusionism Deals instantaneous massive damage to all enemies. If target HP is below 30%, they will be killed directly.
Idle Dream As time progresses, Dreamer’s ATK and DEF will greatly increase (unable to dispel).

Pre-Battle Blessing

Revived Souls
Free revive every time
Crazy Flames
100% crit. for all Food Soul attacks
Invincible Fortress
Damage taken by your Food Souls is reduced by 30%
Light Speed
Increases energy recovery rate
Free 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png

Disaster Handbook

Interface-Disaster Handbook.png

Recommended Food Souls

Recommended Fallen Angels

Food Souls that lower DEF percentage are recommended.

Strategy Tips

Team Template

Healer Strength/Magic


Utility AOE Healing,

team cleanse


team cleanse

Damage Damage Damage, basic attack protection
Fallen Angel Speed Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack or HP

Blessing recommendation

  • In general, paying crystals for Blessings should be avoided for those not ranking top 50 or better except to reach damage tiers rewards in the Disaster Handbook.
  • 100% Crit - if need score boost to reach reward tiers in Handbook
  • Free Revive - default for many

General pointers

  • Those at lower than level 50 should always bring a tank as close to 5000 HP as possible with a Cautious nature, purple Fallen Angel unless specified otherwise.
  • Major counters needed
    1. Team cleanse OR stun immunity - Dreamer frequently stuns the 3 frontmost Food souls
    2. High AOE Healing on basic skill - Dreamer deals damage to the 3 frontmost Food Souls, note the energy drain makes it harder for Healer to heal
  • Relevant Boss gimmicks
    1. Stuns 3 frontmost Food Souls - Bring Food Souls with stun immunity that would take up the 1st 3 frontmost position; a Healer that can Team Cleanse can help
    2. Damage to 3 frontmost Food Souls - Bring a Healer with high AOE healing on basic skill
    3. 50pt energy drain to team - This is probably the worst gimmick for early/mid game players. It makes it far more difficult for the average team to survive as well as lose considerable damage that would've come from energy skills. Do NOT bring energy recovery units like Butter Tea or Rum to try to "counter" the effect.

Healer (1 unit)

  • The source of team cleanse for many to combat the boss's stun effect: Deals damage to the 3 nearest enemies and stuns them (can dispel).
  • Keep in mind the boss inflicts 50pt energy drain to the team. This will make team survival much harder for those with Healers at lower speed and weaker healing on basic skill. This is especially a problem considering Dreamer’s frequent AOE damage and self attack buff.

Stun Immunity

A healer that provides team stun immunity is ideal. Note that these options are very limited and inaccessible for the average casual player:

  • - team stun immunity passive on t5. She does not need the self stun immunity on t3
  • - team stun immunity for 5s but with 15s cd on T5. Due to the long cd, it may be better to use a Healer that cleanses instead.

Team Cleanse

Players should bring a Healer that can cleanse away the stun effect:

    • Provides team cleansing AND team damage boost
    • Problematic to use at lower ascension: 0 healing on basic skill, base speed mediocre, energy skill healing stunted by Dreamer’s energy drain
    • Mainly used by players with her at high ascension (3*+) and highly enhanced speed FA with the team at high base HP, beginners should use only if they do not have other options for team cleansing
    • Excellent source of team healing, survival essentially a nonissue
    • Provides team cleansing as well as plentiful AOE team healing from basic and energy skill
    • SLOW; may require another source of team cleansing or team healing due to her low base speed

If neither a Healer with Team Cleansing or Stun Immunity is an option, choose a Food Soul with high AOE healing on basic skill:

If you want to use a second healer, you should try to select ones that provide some sort of utility beyond just healing. This time around, energy skill-related utility are disregarded:

All link-skill related options are disregarded due to Dreamer's strong energy drain effect.

Otherwise, use any healer that heals decently, refer to the potential options from the Healer guide

Strength/Magic (3 or 4 units)

  • Overall, use whatever Food Souls that do the most amount of damage. There are some caveats for 1 or 2 of your slots depending on what you have.

Team Cleanser

  • They MUST be in the 2nd to the backmost position in order for them to perform team cleanse. If they are a part of the 3 Food Souls that Dreamer stuns, they aren’t doing their jobs.
  • If you want to use a Strength Food Soul for team cleansing, your team should NOT have a Magic Food Soul or a second Healer; otherwise, the Food Soul will get stunned and not be able to do its job:

Basic Skill Team Cleanse

Artifact Skill Team Cleanse

Stun immunity

Food Souls immune to stuns will be able to deal more damage than usual vs Food Souls that are not immune:

Defender (0 or 1 units)

  • A Defender is likely unnecessary for veteran players. However, lower level players may benefit from one if the Food Souls do not have the base HP to keep up with Dreamer's constant AOE hits and basic attacks.
  • The Defender should be given HP FA, Attack FA if the Defender does not need the extra HP to survive. Defense FA is likely unhelp here due to Dreamer's frequent AOE attacks.
  • Self-healing Defenders are highly recommended for the situation, especially considering newer players’ healers will have trouble keeping up:

Other gimmicks

  1. Permanently lowers skill damage received by 30%
    • Overall, it would just make it harder for the average player to reach tier goals in the handbook. There is no real need to work around it
  2. Deals damage to all enemies and reduce their energy 50 pts.
    • This effect will be problematic to those who depend on timing link skills in battle.
    • Healers may not be able to heal as reliably due to energy drain taking away from their energy skill, a major source of team healing for those whose healers may not be as fast.
    • Otherwise, just means less damage to the boss for many (unless you use Beer).
  3. As time progresses, Dreamer’s ATK and DEF will greatly increase (unable to dispel).
    • The attack increase may be problematic for lower level players whose Food Souls do not have decent hp due to lower level and ascension. Issue addressed in the Healer/Defender section.
    • The defense increase is not significant enough where it warrants a defense break Food Soul (like Bamboo Rice) unless you would already be using it regardless.



  • To unlock the Dreamer's Icon, damage requirement is 22,000,000. This is higher than most other disasters.
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