A man-made god born in Hotsand Country, it conceals its benevolence and shows killing intent, using concentrated flames to burn everything.


Flame Seal Immune to normal attacks.
Kalpa Fire Damages the closest target. The exact damage depends on the Disaster's Atk stat.
Atman Boundary Gains invincibility. This effect can be dispelled.
Infinite Spirit Realm Deals instant damage (set amount) to all enemies, and inflicts a negative effect that does continous damage (set amount). The continuous effect can't be dispelled. As the battle progresses, this skill's damage increases.
Supernatural Flames Durga's Atk increases as the battle drags on.

Pre-Battle Blessing


Revived Souls
Free revive every time

Invincible Fortress
Damage taken by your Food Souls is reduced by 30%

Light Speed
Increases energy rate recovery

Food Souls' damage increased by 30%
Free 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal

Disaster Handbook

Interface-Disaster Handbook

Recommended Food Souls

Recommended Fallen Angels

If Food Souls bring Fallen Angels that increase HP, they'll be able to endure a longer battle; if you seek higher damage, choose Fallen Angels than increase ATK or ATK SPD.

Strategy Tips

Enemy Dispel



  • Durga (दुर्गा) is a Hindu goddess of war. She is depicted in the Hindu pantheon as a Goddess riding a lion or tiger, with many arms, each holding a weapon to destroy and create. (Source: Durga)
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