A man-made god born in Hotsand Country, it conceals its benevolence and shows killing intent, using concentrated flames to burn everything.


Flame Seal Immune to normal attacks.
Kalpa Fire Damages the closest target. The exact damage depends on the Disaster's Atk stat.
Atman Boundary Gains invincibility. This effect can be dispelled.
Infinite Spirit Realm Deals instant damage (set amount) to all enemies, and inflicts a negative effect that does continous damage (set amount). The continuous effect can't be dispelled. As the battle progresses, this skill's damage increases.
Supernatural Flames Durga's Atk increases as the battle drags on.

Pre-Battle Blessing

Revived Souls
Free revive every time
Invincible Fortress
Damage taken by your Food Souls is reduced by 30%
Light Speed
Increases energy rate recovery
Food Souls' damage increased by 30%
Free 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png

Disaster Handbook

Interface-Disaster Handbook.png

Recommended Food Souls

Recommended Fallen Angels

If Food Souls bring Fallen Angels that increase HP, they'll be able to endure a longer battle; if you seek higher damage, choose Fallen Angels than increase ATK or ATK SPD.

Strategy Tips

Team Template

Healer Strength/Magic
Utility AOE Healing Damage, Enemy Dispel Damage Damage Damage
Fallen Angel Speed Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack

Team Guidelines

  1. Utility Needed
    • Enemy dispel
    • Lots and lots of AOE Healing
  2. Blessing Recommendation
    • In general, paying crystals for Blessing should be avoided for those not ranking top 50 or better except to reach damage tier rewards in the Disaster Handbook.
    • Free Revive for those with teams that may struggle to make it to the end of the timer.
    • 30% Damage boot otherwise, other boosts are not good.
  3. General Pointers
    1. Those at lower than level 50 should always bring a tank as close to 5000 HP as possible using a Cautious nature, purple Fallen Angel unless specified otherwise.
    2. The main gimmick is to deal with the team AOE bleeding that persists throughout battle and increases in damage over time. The bleeding CANNOT be dispelled, though artifact skills that provide immunity to bleeding do work.
    3. Food souls in the team will need to have enough base HP to survive for most of the battle. URs and SRs at low * will have a very difficult time contributing damage and utility unless their HP is padded with Fallen Angels.
    4. Durga is immune to basic attacks! Focus on skill damage when deciding what Food Souls to bring.

1. Healers (1 or 2 units)

  • The focus should be on AOE Healers that can constantly heal the team to counter the bleeding. Here are some popular contenders for this role.
  • You CANNOT cleanse away the bleeding so there is no need to bring a cleansing Healer at the expense of less healing. (So no , for example)
  • For most players, healers that provide little to no healing on basic skill should be avoided. Whatever benefit they provide should not be brought to the team at the expensive of team survival.
  • For players struggling with survival, they have the option to bring a second healer to boost damage. There are a multitude of options to test:
  • Currently there are no healer options for enemy dispel.

2. Strength/Magic (3 or 4 units)

  • Since the boss is immune to basic attacks, it is important to prioritize Food Souls with a high skill damage. Skills that target all enemies generally will do less damage than skills that target one.
  • Enemy dispel - Durga casts an invincibility shield that hurts damage output if not dealt with

Basic Skill Enemy Dispel

Artifact Skill Enemy Dispel

  • Energy recovery - Food Souls that recovers the team's energy are helpful to ensure the healer's energy skills are cycling often. It also helps your Food Souls use energy skill far more frequently.
  • Bleed immunity - While there are a few artifacts that provide Food Souls bleed immunity, the most common option is's T1 that provides bleed immunity to 3 allies.
  • Healing on skill - Instead of bringing a second Healer, players have the option to bring Food Souls that provide healing on skill to aid with team survival as well as contribute damage:,

3. Defender (0 units)

  • Defenders should be avoided since they are ultimately not necessary for keeping the team alive. The team will likely wipe from the AOE bleeding more than Durga's frontmost basic attacks
  • They are very poor contenders for damage due to below average base attack and speed and sub par skills.

4. Food Soul Combinations

  •    &   &  OR  - Keeps the team alive to the end with Milt's link skill but Caviar will do 0 damage due to no damage on skill.
  • Healer &   &  - Massive upkeep of energy allows for energy skills to provide higher damage and more healing. Allows for more consistent dispelling of Durga's invincibility shield.



  • Durga (दुर्गा) is a Hindu goddess of war. She is depicted in the Hindu pantheon as a Goddess riding a lion or tiger, with many arms, each holding a weapon to destroy and create. (Source: Durga)
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