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Mr. Rabbit, protect me…


A small figure embraced by a large bunny doll, as if born from the shadows. Bad at communicating with others, Durian Pancake mostly talks to the bunny doll. Extremely wary when talking to people and reacts excessively if he senses the slightest irregularity.

Food Introduction

A popular Hong Kong confectionery, Durian Pancakes are called 'Liu Lian Ban Ji' where 'Ban Ji'(班戟) is the translation of pancake based on how it is spoken in Cantonese. However, after being modified by Hongkongers, there's already a stark contrast between this food and pancake. It can be said that this dessert has a Chinese twist to it. Other than having different type of tasty fillings, a unique characteristic would also include its thin yet elastic outer casing. Wrapped in fresh and delectable Duran and cream, a single bite would grant immense flavor and satisfaction.

Other Info

How to Acquire

  • TBA

Associated Events

Initial Stats

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Basic Skill Lvl
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Energy Skill Lvl
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Voice Lines

Contract Mr Rabbit, are we going to live with this person? Yes...at least he can accept it.
Log In Mr Rabat say, welcome...home.
Ice Arena So cold...but, Mr Rabbit is still here so I'm not afraid.
Skills I hate you all, disappear!
Ascend Mr Rabbit, is feeling happy.
Fatigue Mr Rabbit is tired and need to rest...
Recovering Don't...come in!
Team Formation Mr Rabbit will protect me
Knockout Mr Rabbit...is motionless...I...I'm going to disappear...!
Notice Food, for you...
Idle 1 Mr Rabbit, the weather is nice today.
Idle 2 No one's here...no one's here...
Idle 3 Boohoooo——
Interaction 1 Don't touch me...!
Interaction 2 Sunlight...I hate it.
Interaction 3 Mr Rabbit, are you hungry? Let's play a game of candlelight dinner.
Pledge Yes, Mr Rabbit say, can...
Intimacy 1 Let us, not go anywhere...
Intimacy 2 Mr Rabbit likes darkness and the night, do you feel the same?
Intimacy 3 Want to play candlelight dinner with me?
Victory Mr Rabbit, let's go home.
Defeat It's better once you all vanish...
Feeding I don't hate it...

Food Souls

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