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Exquisite afternoon tea is the epitome of elegance.


Previously the earl of some Gloriville royal household, and although an incident with the Heretics caused a fall in station, he never placed much emphasis on his identity as an earl. He's a carefree, easy-going person and later joined the Grace Army because of the Heretic incident.

Food Introduction

Earl Grey tea is the most popular flavored black tea in modern times and a classic drink of English afternoon tea. It used Chinese tea as a base tea which is then flavored with oil of bergamot for a clean flavor and a refined aroma. Its name comes from Britain's Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey. Legend tells that he received a mysterious flavored tea recipe from a mysterious Eastern friend and so produced this brand of tea with its essence of bergamot.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 2906
Attack.png Attack 133
Defense.png Defense 22
Health.png HP 701
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 1385
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 1422
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1329


Gentleman's Manners Basic Skill
Skill-Earl Grey Tea-Normal.png Earl Grey Tea throws out his hat, restoring 15 (35) points of energy for himself and the highest-ATK ally and giving that ally immunity to skill damage, lasting 3 seconds.
Elegant Assault Energy Skill
Skill-Earl Grey Tea-Energy.png Earl Grey Tea throws his cane, which spins in the air and flies toward the enemy, dealing 100% (180%) ATK as damage to the farthest enemy, plus 433 (5629) extra damage, while also lowering the target's ATK and attack speed by 20% (60%), lasting 3 seconds.
Super Elegant Assault Link Skill
Skill-Earl Grey Tea-Link.png Earl Grey Tea throws his cane, which spins in the air and flies toward the enemy, dealing 120% (220%) ATK as damage to the farthest enemy, plus 501 (6513) extra damage, while also lowering the target's ATK and attack speed by 30% (70%), lasting 3 seconds. Unknown.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract A singular scent has lured me here. It appears it is you, Master Attendant.
Log In Master Attendant, this sumptuous cup of afternoon tea is always awaiting your arrival.
Ice Arena It is quite cold here. Take my cloak, Master Attendant.
Skills Don't worry, I will be gentle with you.
Ascend Is this a reward you're giving me?
Fatigue If you are here, then I can relax and close my eyes.
Recovering I've discovered that it's you, Master Attendant, who truly heals my wounds.
Team Formation Do not fret about these folks. They will be completely taken care of.[1]
Knockout So this is what a flower about to wither feels like.
Notice This is a sweet made especially for you. Of course, it's paired with an elegant cup of tea.
Idle 1 Not having Master Attendant around truly does try one's patience.
Idle 2 Nobility is not something that can be conveyed merely by putting on a crown.
Idle 3 Maintaining an elegant demeanor is a basic respect one shows when enjoying afternoon tea.
Interaction 1 If there is anything I can do to assist you, it would be my honor.
Interaction 2 Every time I see Master Attendant's smile, it's like seeing the wide, gorgeous spring sky.
Interaction 3 Ah, this warm yet tender touch. Of course, it's you.
Pledge No need to tell the gods, or else they'll get jealous of our eternal, indestructible bond that even death cannot break. This matter -- requires only you and I to witness together.
Intimacy 1 I think, there is no jewel in all the world as sparkling as your eyes.
Intimacy 2 Being together will you requires no plan for spending every minute and second. After all, isn't it the happiest thing in the world.
Intimacy 3 Shh... Don't let go of my hand. Do you feel it? My fiery heart, constantly beating for you.
Victory Those who know not good from bad must indeed pay a price.
Defeat Occasionally feeling the sting of defeat is worthwhile too.
Feeding As far as I'm concerned, anything you give me, no matter how ordinary, has a unique value.


Hunter's Criterion
Skin-Earl Grey Tea-Hunter's Criterion.jpg

Icon-Skin-Earl Grey Tea-Hunter's Criterion.png

Even the best prey can never compare to Attendant's smile~
— Earl Grey Tea


  1. CN Team Formation: Don't get upset by these guys, they will disappear without any trace left.
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Hunter's Criterion




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Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Grace Army

The document that is thick as a lawbook, is thrown on an ash wooden desk, raises a deep musty smell, and echoes in this empty jail.

Before that clumsy conductor puts his prideful smile on, he pulls a long face because of my readily signature.

“You sure about that?”

“If you mean those lands that can’t even grow plants and are always surrounded by ghosts…… My answer is, of course.”

“Think about it clearly, handing out those lands means you give up your peerage, willing to be a commoner……”

“Then…… Why not?”

The soldier looks disappointed, just like there is a war that will surely be won having a delightful time, but the god suddenly shakes his hand, bringing wonderful peace to the world.

“Giving up a wealthy life, going to live as a poor…… Dumbass.”

His face that looks like he wanna punch me on my face, makes me almost laugh in this deadly jail.

Fly flew into the copper cup next to me and died in cold water. I look at the unreal soul fly up the ceiling of this hell and stick on the moisty stone wall immobility, I suddenly miss a cup of warm and clear black tea.

“Wanna put an unwarranted charge on poor Earl Hubbard, isn’t impossible……”

The steady soldier like a mountain, moving his body towards me with a weird speed, the cold eyes that trained on the battlefield trying to poke through my soul abruptly.

“Any conditions, just say it.”

“Then, can you pour a cup of black tea for me?”

“Bastard! You trick me!”

“You got that?”

A rough fist coming with the wind, then the army boots hit the desk’s leg, overturn the cold water and the eloquent document.

I dodge them and use my cane to resist the soldier’s forehead lightly.

“Even though I’m not an Earl anymore from now on, I’m still a gentleman, please treat me politely.

Those cold eyes reflect my face, I let go of my cane and tidy my messy hair promptly, then I squint, I laugh sorrily because of his redness on his forehead.

“Ahya, I beg your pardon.”

“Earl Grey Tea.”

“Isn’t this our Holy Lady.”

Standing under the long-lost sunshine, I bow to that Holy Lady, pretending that I didn’t notice the dissatisfaction in her eyes.

“I’m sorry about Earl Hubbard”

“Doesn’t need to, in fact, I just tried to betray him for a cup of black tea not long ago……”

“If that’s true, then you won’t need to stay in the jail for so long…… I couldn’t think of any other reasons that you would stay in the jail besides collecting evidence about Earl Hubbard being framed.”

She reaches out her left hand, there is a slight olives smell between the fingers.

“Earl Grey Tea, you should know clearer than me that it’s difficult to knock down the huge Grace Council alone……. Come join us, I can promise you, the whole Grace Army will be your backing.”

Ehh…… Facing Holy Lady’s pure and staunch eyes, what else could I do except surrender?

Then I lean over slightly, using my palm to lift her fingers with an attitude that isn’t too close nor too cold as in proms.

“Then as you wish.”

II. Black Mist

“Phew—— It’s too cold today!!!” “Ah huh, who is the one who always wished to build a snowman in the snow before, and now cuddles herself as a squirrel.” “Cough, who knows that the snow will come suddenly!”

I close the window, looking at Maple Syrup squat next to the stove amusedly, expecting to look when her bangs roasted and still force back her tears.

“Compared to the past, the cult’s followers’ amounts and activeness decreased a lot. Looks like our suppression works well.” “That’s thanks to our great Holy Lady.” “No need to flatter…… Come and look at this.” “My pleasure~”

I take over the concise report and read about it, not gonna lie, this girl who looks weak does have a set of admirable working styles and abilities.

However, whenever I praise her like this, she always frowns, using her eyes with a few dislike glances at my sincere smile. It was my rare sincerely.

As expected, Donut frowns at the next moment. “But we found its activity trace in Gloriville’s border.”

It…… Seems like this winter may not be peaceful.

“I think we need to verify at the scene. Earl Grey Tea, what do you think?”

“Intelligent, that’s our most reliable commander in the Grace Army.”

“…… I’m gonna arrange manpower now.”

“Eh——? Then me too!”

“Ayah, that’s unfortunate.”

“Unfortunate? Earl Grey Tea, what bad idea are you planning!”

“Hehe, I just feel sorry about the stove.”

Evangels Forest. Near sunset, snow becomes deeper, looking at the endless forest, we walk on the thick snow carefully.

Sharp bird’s tweets suddenly come from far away, a light of cross suddenly appears in the sky. Chaotic fighting sounds, and a familiar evil breath in between.

I see there is a black mist far away, it seems there is a human figure.

Fallen angel's breath becomes stronger, and there is a strong bloody smell inside the chaotic, dirty black mist. It seems someone hurts.

Right at this moment, that black mist seems to notice something suddenly, it runs away deeper consciously, its quick action brings some winds.

In a place full of dead branches and leaves caused by the wind, a man wearing a priest costume falls on the snow cover with wounds, and soul power leaks.

“Hey! Wake up, are, are you alright? Whoa! The injury is so serious.

“I’m gonna look around.”

“Don’t…… it’s dangerous……” After Donut spoke, the guy replied with a weak voice. “You can’t handle it……”

“But we can’t just let it run away, maybe this is a good chance now.” “Donut, lives are more important, we gotta retreat first.”

Though I don’t wanna let go of any chances to catch it, but this man is a warning. Keep going, are only dangerous.

The existence of black mist is unusual in the snow, but he just like invincible, and accompanied with the wind, finally disappears deep in the forest.

III. Memories

The Food Soul that we saved unexpectedly is called Pretzel. He came from the Holy See of Altus Empire, he had been chasing Evil God for his mission, but accidentally got hurt.

“So, it wasn’t only appeared in Gloriville……. Did he go to other regions when he disappeared recently……”

“It is possible, according to Holy See’s investigation, it may not have an entity.”

“Doesn’t have an entity…… This means it is more like a mental existence?”

“You’re smart.”

“Thank you, Mr. Pretzel, you are stronger than I thought, you didn’t get infected by it. You know, many Food Souls and humans had fallen after being infected.”

“Because you guys came on time. Moreover, it is weakened now, or I can’t even confront it.”

“It is still powerful like that when it is already weakened, then if it recovers……” Huh, unimaginable.

Walking out of the room, I look at the light gold layer on the roadside snow, I drop my smile tiredly.

The wide corridor paved with marble, reflecting the bright candle chandelier, keeps extending forward. The exquisite statue standing in the middle, sacred and solemn.

Back into this familiar place, my heart starts having some kind of feelings.

Grace Council was formed by two founders who have reached a consensus. They believe in Tierra God, believing that Food Souls were the evangel from God.

But not everyone can have the evangel.

Such as those noble in Grace Council who did nothing, only need a glass of wine and a luxurious room, and they can hold a glass, harangue from sunset to sunrise.

They pretended to be friendly, but it was just building phony faces. And I don’t wanna waste my tea time listening to them showing off their poor knowledge.

Not even interesting than teasing Hubbard’s childish behavior about him and Donut’s Attendant arguing for the name “Grace”.

Rubbing my eyes, I cheer myself, opening the last document.

“Children Disappearance of Misa Church” These words pop into my sight, making me tranced.

Misa Church.

Where I met Stollen Bread.

Stollen Bread, who shivered in the rainy night because of fear, but also kind and perseverance. And a lot of books about unusual beliefs, poison instruments, the basement where hid children’s corpses. and sanctuary where held sacrificing rituals.

Memories showing as pieces of images still in my mind.

The sanctuary was used to hold sacrificing rituals…… Suddenly, this image flashes quickly, but it reminds me of some memories.

When the priest’s conspiracy was exposed, somewhere in the sanctuary seems to have some black mist lingering……. Could it be……

The ruined Missa Church standing under the cold moonlight silently.

I open the dusty door, look around this sanctuary seriously, and I finally find a secret device under the altar.

Under the ground, there is a bottomless black hole. No doubt, it is the same as the black holes in other cults’ rituals.

No wonder the priest was believing in Evil God. The priest sacrificed the kids and even used Food Souls’ power to make him stronger. After all this had been exposed, it started to run away, finding more followers and power.

It seems this war still has a long time to go.

The enemy not only exists in fallen angels.

“Don’t trust Grace Council, they were already bribed, they only care about their position and wealth.” “I hope you can move on with the original ideal of Grace Council, don’t limit yourself by your identity, do what you want.”

Hubbard’s words repeat in my mind.

That is the reason I chose to leave at that time. Even if I will lose all my position and authority.

I never regret it, if this identity became my shackles, then let me break all of them.

Winners, are never only defined by the crown.

IV. Visit

The hands that reach in front of me, how come I don’t hold on to it.

Having a strong ally wouldn't be a bad thing.

Especially Grace Army is suppressed by Grace Council, asking for others’ help is necessary. Like the bird who flies, it still needs some wind to help it to fly farther.

Therefore, after Pretzel introduce and my leading, Grace Army and Holy See became closer. Our cooperation isn’t just following God’s instruction, it is to protect the peace from fallen angels.

“Food soul’s existence is the evangel from Tierra God, we need to spread goodwill and love to the people.”

The carriage stops suddenly, bringing back my mind. A totally different view reminds me that we arrive, Imperial Federal.

“Here’s beautiful! Stollen, it seems fun! Let’s go take a look!” “Maple Syrup, you gotta run slower, don’t fall.” “…… Fuss.”

Looking at Maple Syrup who screams excitedly after she gets out from the car, and Stollen who is pulled by her, I smile and reach my hand to Donut.

“What?” “If you wanna go play with them, you can leave your baggage to me.” “I’m not……” “Oh yeah? I definitely saw childish pureness and desire in your eyes…… Umm!”

“Mind your own eyes!”

Fortunately, the snow is clean, so even Donut kicked me so hard, there are only some snowflakes on my knee.

I follow up Donut, because this social affair that makes our commander troublesome is my main field.

Wine’s fragrance lingering around, like pairs of hands, making me drunk.

“Earl Grey Tea, I’m jealous of you, living so unrestrainedly.” “I will be scolded by a terrible lady whenever I’m being lazy…… Giving up peerage was a wise choice.

The Food Soul emperor isn’t as majestic and terrible as the legend, it is even…… a bit lazy unexpectedly.

He leans on the sofa, opening his eyes which don’t seem drunk, looks at me with an unexplainable sight.

Huh, not as ignorant and absurd as rumors too.

“Your Majesty has misunderstood.”

I smile and hold my glass to him, wait for him to finish his wine, and wipe the remains on his mouth.

“A boundless freedom is just vain, now I’m in Grace Army with my responsibility, not so unrestrained.”

“And I gave up my peerage isn’t a thoughtful decision too. Besides protecting my Attendant’s reputation, it’s just finding a bit of joy in this small world.

“Oh? Joy?”

“If your Majesty is interested in it…… There will be time.”

“Then, I’ll wait till that.”

V. Earl Grey Tea

The carriage drove steadily, the view of the street moving slowly.

“Ah…… Why are we leaving soon…… I’m not enjoying it enough yet…… I’m really reluctant to leave woooo……” Maple Syrup leaned on the window reluctantly, her sight still staying there.

“Don’t worry, there’ll be a chance to come again.” “Woo!” Maple Syrup just pounced on Stollen Bread, puts on a sad face.

“Unfortunately, Turkey, his Majesty’s palace has a lot of book collections I haven't done reading yet……” Mont Blanc holds his chin with his hand and murmurs rarely.

“Ahh—— Seems everyone like here. Then it was a good decision to cooperate.” Earl Grey Tea leaned on the cushion lazily, smile and looked at them.

Maple Syrup pouted, her eyes showed her upset. Suddenly she felt her head knocked by something, then she saw Earl Grey Tea holding an exquisite letter when she looked up.

“Look what’s this.”

“Umm…… Tierra Creation day Ceremony…… Invitation?!!!” “Does, does this mean—— We can come again soon?!!!” “Of course.” “Hurray!” “Calm down Maple Syrup, you gonna overturn the carriage.”

The route moved along as their laughs, their exhaustion caused them to fall asleep.

“Dah Dah Dah——” The hoof making noise with the road, clear and smooth.

Earl Grey Tea covered Maple Syrup with a blanket calmly that dropped from her. He opened up a corner of the curtain silently.

Looking at the constant view of mountains, birds flying in the sunset, which brought away Earl Grey Tea’s mind.

He suddenly felt lucky about giving up everything and left Grace Council, if he didn’t, he may never gain something more valuable from what he got now.

Even if the future has unknown dangers, he doesn’t need to be afraid when he has companions with him. And he, has enough confidence.


Normal Nodes
Attack.png Attack 288
Defense.png Defense 66
Health.png HP 2153
Crit. Rate.png Crit. Rate 6334
Crit. Damage.png Crit. Damage 9120
Attack Speed.png Attack Speed 4940
Normal Node Details
Node Stat Boost
Gentleman's Cane
Artifact-Earl Grey Tea.png
Artifact Icon-Earl Grey Tea.png
Togi Node I - Crit Rate
Antler Togi.png Every 15s, recover (7, 9, 11, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 33, 40) pts of energy for self.
Striped Togi.png Every 12s, deals (21%, 27%, 35%, 42%, 50%, 59%, 70%, 83%, 99%, 120%) ATK as dmg to all enemies.
Bushy Togi.png Every 12s, dispels debuffs from three random allies and deals (10%, 13%, 17%, 21%, 25%, 29%, 35%, 41%, 50%, 60%) ATK as dmg to all enemies.

Togi Node II - HP
Antler Togi.png When casting basic skill, boosts ATK (5.2%, 6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8%, 17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30%) for highest-ATK ally, lasting 3s.
Striped Togi.png When casting energy skill, boosts ATK (5.2%, 6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8%, 17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30%) for highest-ATK ally, lasting 4s.
Bushy Togi.png When casting a skill, boosts ATK (3.5%, 4.6%, 5.8%, 7.1%, 8.4%, 9.9%, 11.7%, 13.9%, 16.6%, 20%) for highest-ATK ally, lasting 3s.

Togi Node III - Attack
Antler Togi.png Attack Aura: After an attack, yourself and highest-ATK ally will deal (26%, 34%, 44%, 53%, 63%, 74%, 87%, 104%, 124%, 150%) ATK as skill dmg to the highest-ATK enemy. 6s CD.
Striped Togi.png Attack Aura: After an attack, yourself and highest-ATK ally will deal (26%, 34%, 44%, 53%, 63%, 74%, 87%, 104%, 124%, 150%) ATK as skill dmg to the farthest enemy. 6s CD.
Bushy Togi.png Attack Aura: After an attack, yourself and highest-ATK ally will deal (14%, 18%, 23%, 28%, 33%, 39%, 46%, 55%, 66%, 80%) ATK as skill dmg to all enemies. 6s CD.

Togi Node IV - Crit Dmg
Antler Togi.png Basic atk of highest-ATK ally has a 20% chance of silencing two random enemies for 2s and dealing them (21%, 27%, 35%, 42%, 50%, 59%, 70%, 83%, 99%, 120%) of the ally's ATK as dmg. (6s CD)
Striped Togi.png When the highest-ATK ally casts a skill, there is a 50% chance of silencing three random enemies for 2s and dealing them (21%, 27%, 35%, 42%, 50%, 59%, 70%, 83%, 99%, 120%) of the ally's ATK as dmg. (6s CD)
Bushy Togi.png When all allies cast a skill, there is a 20% chance of silencing one random enemy for 2s and dealing (17%, 23%, 29%, 35%, 42%, 49%, 58%, 69%, 83%, 100%) of the ally's ATK as dmg to the target. (6s CD)

Togi Node V - Crit Rate
Antler Togi.png Bonus energy skill effect: Deals (21%, 27%, 35%, 42%, 50%, 59%, 70%, 83%, 99%, 120%) ATK to all enemies and boosts ATK of highest-ATK ally (5.2%, 6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8%, 17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30%), lasting 4s.
Striped Togi.png Bonus energy skill effect: Deals (28%, 37%, 47%, 56%, 67%, 79%, 93%, 111%, 133%, 160%) ATK to all Magic enemies and boosts ATK of highest-ATK ally (5.2%, 6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8%, 17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30%), lasting 4s.
Bushy Togi.png Bonus energy skill effect: Deals (35%, 46%, 58%, 71%, 84%, 99%, 117%, 139%, 166%, 200%) ATK to the farthest enemy and boosts ATK of highest-ATK ally (5.2%, 6.9%, 8.8%, 10.6%, 12.6%, 14.8%, 17.5%, 20.9%, 24.9%, 30%), lasting 4s.