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Easter Egg often hides in his shell because he's introverted, but he's very persistent when it comes to his areas of expertise. As a machinist, Easter Egg spends his days calibrating and repairing weapons for others, and he even makes mechs that run on Magic Crystals or Soul Power. He's not a powerful fighter himself, but his mechs have great combat ability.

Food Introduction

The original symbolic significance of the egg is "Springtime -- the Beginning of New Life." Easter eggs are the main symbolic food of the Easter holiday, signifying the start and continuation of life. In the 12th century, people added the tradition of Easter eggs to their Easter celebrations, dyeing eggs red and sometimes painting them or drawing smiley faces. Today, these eggs come in all kinds of colors and designs, similar to the tradition of hollowed egg carving.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1852
Attack.png Attack 49
Defense.png Defense 29
Health.png HP 550
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 852
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 491
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1511


Eggshell Guard Basic Skill
Skill-Easter Egg-Normal.png Easter Egg extends a force field, providing one layer of shielding for all allies which can absorb 66 (858) pts of dmg, lasting 5s, also stunning himself for 2s.
Leaping Shell Energy Skill
Skill-Easter Egg-Energy.png Easter Egg shoots a projectile dealing 40% (80%) ATK plus 223 (2899) additional dmg to all enemies, also stunning all enemies for 4s.
Super Leaping Shell Link Skill
Skill-Easter Egg-Link.png Easter Egg shoots a projectile dealing 60% (120%) ATK plus 268 (3484) additional dmg to all enemies, also stunning all enemies for 4s. Candy Cane.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Hello, Master Attendant... feel free to come to me any time your weapon needs repairs.
Log In Master Attendant, you're back! Anything I can help you with?
Ice Arena My Easter egg's components will probably freeze up in this place...
Skills Don't come near--!
Ascend Thank you, Master Attendant. C-- can I have a little more? Just a tiny bit... but if there's no more, that's okay too!
Fatigue I'm a little sleepy.
Recovering Master Attendant, I'm still short a couple of parts. After installing them, I can come back.
Team Formation I-- I will give it my all!
Knockout Was there... an error in the calculations...?
Notice Um... sugar... 20 grams... a couple eggs... There! Finished! Huh? What's this? I-- I just followed the recipe... no errors at all!
Idle 1 Today before Master Attendant returns, I must get his delivery car modified for him...
Idle 2 Uh, Master Attendant, can you hand me that wrench... Master Attendant? Master Attendant... hm, when did Master Attendant go out?
Idle 3 Hm, isn't this Martini's bow and arrow? Did I not give it back to him? What's it still doing here with me...
Interaction 1 Look, if you push here, the egg will change forms. And if you push this other button, it will change back. Pretty awesome, huh? ...Uh ...I'm babbling on, aren't I? ... Sorry...
Interaction 2 Master Attendant, do you like bunnies? You do?! That's great...
Interaction 3 Hey! D-- don't touch my ears...
Pledge I've made countless calculations trying to calculate a better future for us, but in the end, I've discovered there are some things in this world that can't be calculated. For instance, our feelings.
Intimacy 1 Master Attendant, do you want to come look around inside my Easter egg.
Intimacy 2 Is there something troubling you? You can talk to me about it~
Intimacy 3 M-- my tail? No... it's not that you can't... it's just... you have to.. be gentle...
Victory My calculations do not err!
Defeat Where... was the error...
Feeding Thank you. I will work hard to give you the best thank-you gift I can!


Icing Party
Skin-Easter Egg-Icing Party.png

Icon-Skin-Easter Egg-Icing Party.png

Icing! Honey! And a little bit of chocolate! Come join in! It's a sweet party!
— Easter Egg
Fantasy Park, Fan and Drum

Food Souls

Defense Icon.png Defense
Easter Egg.png
Easter Egg
Strength Icon.png Strength
Magic Icon.png Magic
Support Icon.png Support



Sprite Animations


Icing Party

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Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. The Warmth of a Smile

My Master Attendant is amazing! He's the best craftsman in the whole country!

Despite his age , his craftsmanship is particularly famous.

Those living in the village respect and admire him, but he has never once become conceited or arrogant from everyone's praise.

Regardless of whether it was the neighbour's broken pocket watch hand or a complex machine, Master Attendant could revert them back to their most perfect form when he got his hands on them.

Master Attendant would also create many exquisite toys, which were loved by the numerous children of the village.

Master Attendant considered their smiles his favorite form of payment.   Because Master Attendant possessed such outstanding craftsmanship, there were many admirers who came to learn from him. As such, Master Attendant would pass on his skills to them.

He’s had exceptional apprentices. Now, they’ve already graduated. It’s said that one of them is a well known airship designer, while the other is a famous craftsman.    Master Attendant has always felt proud of them. I hope that one day, Master Attendant would be proud of me.

Master Attendant would always reveal a smile that gave me a feeling of warmth.

"Master Attendant, why do you always smile?"

Master Attendant pinched his curly beard and chuckled heartily.

"Easter Egg, what do you feel when you see others smile?"

"Oh, happiness and a warm feeling!"

"That's right! If you want to be happy everyday, you should try and make the people by your side happy. And to make them happy, the simplest way is to smile, get it?"


There are many people who enjoy asking Master Attendant to create some complex machines. As always, he would diligently complete them and even add some interesting mechanics.

"Old man! What did y-y-you-you add in my alarm clock! Just today, it crawled up the ceiling and smashed onto me!"

"Hohoho, Eile says that you always oversleep. With that alarm clock, you won’t be late anymore, hohoho."

Everyone crowded around that young man, who was so frightened that he hadn’t even combed his hair before rushing here. They let out a sincere snicker, and the young man scratched the back of his head and sheepishly laughed.

Despite the fact that it was winter, being wrapped in everyone's smile gave me a very warm feeling.   I will definitely become someone like Master Attendant.

I also want to become someone who can bring a warm smile to others.

II. A Promise Between the Master and Apprentice

Another Christmas again. Master Attendant's apprentices would congregate together on this day.    This was a promise between the apprentices and the master.

Regardless of whether they had graduated, or where they were, everyone is connected by the same mindset.

"Come here little rabbit! Make a hat for this big ice block and make sure it’s one of those singing hats! Hahaha!"

"Shoo, bad boy. Don't bully Easter Egg."

"Hahaha, he looks so soft and fun to play with after all!"     Master Attendant used a cup to ruthlessly smack his apprentice. That fellow didn’t show any sign of anger, and instead, laughed and hugged the guy besides him, who didn’t show any reaction.

Master Attendant said that those two were the apprentices he was most proud of.    That guy who was all laughs is a weirdo; he possessed great talent, yet enjoyed stirring up trouble. This strange personality of his made him seem like an immature child.   Meanwhile, the aloof guy is the famous airship designer. By his side is a taciturn and preoccupied Food Soul.

"You two have Food Souls, but I don't have one!"

"Alright, alright, stop making a fuss. Here's some magic crystals, perhaps you’ll be able to summon a Food Soul."

Master Attendant pretended to be serious, but his pretending didn’t last long. After a few seconds, he began laughing heartily with a ruddy glow on his face as he was surrounded by a group of apprentices.

Because Master Attendant was in a good mood, he drank a lot of wine. That cold man let his Food Soul drag off that other guy, who was doing the exact same thing; I helped Master Attendant send them off at the door.

"Hic! Little rabbit, hehehe, you must take care of that old man! Hic! That old man, I’ll hand him over to you!”

"Yes! I-I'll try my best!"



I looked at their figures as they left. With slight disappointment, I looked down and pinched my finger.

Originally, I was kind of excited when I heard that Master Attendant's apprentice had a Food Soul. I always thought that the two of us could become friends during this meeting.

But I never realized how he and his Master Attendant looked so cold. I hesitated and didn't dare greet him, so I missed this opportunity...

I forcefully slapped my own face and tightly clenched my fists to motivate myself.

"Easter Egg! Next time when I see him, we'll become friends!"

III. Benevolence and Malice

After Christmas, winter passed by very quickly. There were light green sprouts growing out of the branches of the trees near the street.

The weather quickly warmed up.

I activated my mech and used it to sweep the snow off the rooftop. Then, I collected the newspaper in the mailbox and brought them back to the house.

Master Attendant looked at the headlines of the newspaper. It was very rare to see his eyebrows furrowed.

He gulped down the coffee I gave to him, and in the next instant, spat the coffee all over the newspaper.

"Easter Egg, what did you put in the coffee?!"

Seeing his intense reaction, I bewilderedly scratched the back of my head and held up the recipe in my hands.

“I followed what the recipe said, and added what the requirements called for, down to the milligram!”   "...Easter Egg, you have to be focused when you create a product. Don't just copy what's written. This applies to preparing food too. Cough... Anyway, how much sugar did you add?"

"The recipe said if it's dry, I must add… Eh… If it's dry?"

I guiltily scratched the back of my head. Master Attendant looked at me and helplessly sighed; he then rubbed my head.

"Easter Egg, whether it’s making a meal, or creating a machine, or even fixing a pocket watch, you must use all your heart to do any tasks. Blueprints and recipes are merely used to grant those things an exterior shell. What truly grants them a soul is your heart."

"I… I understand."

"Sigh… Easter Egg, you must learn to have your own thoughts and decisions."

"...Yes. I understand."

After a long sigh, I suddenly remembered Master Attendant's troubled look just now.

"Master Attendant, what was with you just then?"

"Sigh, do you still remember the Robin Hood who helped those poor folks?"


"He got caught.”

He was a famous hero.

Our country is ruled by an old king who no longer had the energy to manage every section of the country. Hence, he split the country into various territories.

Each territory has a ruler.

Some rulers were a little greedy like ours, but they would never commit anything heinous.

But there are others…

Rumors have it that there’s a group of Robin Hoods who used their agile bodies and bizarre methods to steal money from the rulers, and gave them back to the poor, for the money had been stripped from the people by the rulers.

They were akin to a ray of light for the hearts of the impoverished.  

But now, that ray of light had been captured.

Master Attendant had a disappointed and somber look, an uncommon sight.

He looked at the newspaper, and was sighing the whole day.

"Could it be that morality is determined by those with power and authority?"    These austere days did not last long.

That day was the same as always; I helped Master Attendant collect newspapers.

Ever since he saw the news, Master Attendant's face was constantly filled with unease.

However, when he saw today's newspaper, he excitedly stood up.

"This is-!"

I was shocked when he stood up and knocked over the table. I curiously moved closer to him and looked at the newspaper in his hands.

What occupied the first page of the newspaper was news of a giant firework explosion that appeared during the execution of that Robin Hood, made from the hands of an unknown craftsman.   Master Attendant's laughter had never been this lively. He chuckled to the point he doubled over, and wiped away the tears in his eyes. It wasn't easy for him to recover his usual smile.

"Indeed, machines are able to bring joy to humans!"

I didn't understand what Master Attendant's big words meant. But in the next second, he rushed me to go back to my room.

"Quickly, go and pack your things!"

IV. Choice

Master Attendant urged me to pack my luggage. That very night, we left our country.

We walked a long distance, to the point that we even crossed the country’s border. During the journey, we heard news of Master Attendant's apprentice getting caught, the one who was always smiling.

I was a little worried, but Master Attendant stroked his chin and appeared to be contemplating something.

"Master Attendant? Shouldn't… we be worried?"

"Believe in him, he's my apprentice after all!"

I looked at Master Attendant's confident smile and nodded.

We came to another country and temporarily settled in a small town there. Borrowing Master Attendant's skilled craftsmanship, we quickly gained a place in the small town and opened a small shop. Our livelihood was based on helping others fix things and selling the toys we make.

"Master Attendant, why did we leave?"

"Because that person engraved his name onto that false body. If those people can't locate him, they'll definitely look for us and cause trouble."

I thought about it and nodded my head. Looking down, I diligently tried to add new functions I wanted to my machine.

  • Ring--*

"Ah! Welcome! May I ask… Ah! It’s you, you're ok! That's great!"

"Haha little rabbit, we meet again!"

I love this town.

It was a very plain and normal town- there weren't any public performances, no amusement park, nor were there a diverse array of products, which were common in big cities.

Yet, it had endless scenery and close friends.

That guy who always called me little rabbit lives near the town. He has someone he likes, which is why he’s become more subdued. Master Attendant was relieved because of this.

Under Master Attendant's management, our small shop became more and more renowned.

If there's anything broken in town, the people would look for us to fix it. Moreover, Master Attendant also took in a new apprentice.

If Croissant didn't come, perhaps I would live like this forever.

I'm not sure when it started. The number of Fallen Angels in the wild started to skyrocket. Fortunately, Master Attendant helped fix and improve my mech, so dealing with them wasn't too troublesome.

But those monsters appeared more and more frequently, in even greater numbers than before.

Back then, the Holy See would dispatch some powerful Food Souls to help clear any nearby Fallen Angels, alternating shifts. Moreover, they would also help subdue the strongest Fallen Angel near towns with no Food Souls.

Yet it's been a long time since they last appeared. I heard from the townsfolk that something major happened in the Holy See.

And the surging number of Fallen Angels only served to fuel my worries.

Just when I became more and more anxious, Croissant appeared before me.

His white carriage stopped in front of our shop. The Holy See symbol etched on the carriage soothed the worries of those who feared the ravaging Fallen Angels.

Croissant didn't particularly care about the curious gazes everyone was giving him. He immediately walked into the shop.

He had a surprised look when he saw me, parked in my mech at the corner of the room.

"...I've never seen anyone modify a weapon that was created alongside a Food Soul. I thought their eyes were deceiving them, but it seems it really is true."

I looked at him, confused.

"As long as one is able to configure the perception of an object, the weapons born alongside us will naturally be able to change according to our perception.”

Despite Croissant's cold appearance, his eyes gave me a sense of warmth when he looked at me.

"Are you willing to use your power to protect more people in the world?"

I saw him extend his hand. I hesitantly looked back at Master Attendant.    Master Attendant patted my hair and told me with a smile:

"Easter Egg, this is all up to you to decide. I believe you'll make the right choice, and I shall support you."

Seeing Master Attendant's gentle smile, I nodded seriously.

This time, I will make the right choice on my own.

V. Easter Egg


In the Holy See's medical room, Weisswurt's heart-stopping roar exploded. Fish and Chips, rushing out of the door, knocked into Easter Egg as he was carrying a box taller than him, filled with mechanical parts. The materials in Easter Egg's box came tumbling out.

Just passing by was the well behaved Candy Cane. She quickly ran to Easter Egg and helped him retrieve the parts scattered all around the ground. Fish and Chips also fell down to the ground, but he grabbed Easter Egg and placed him in front of himself.

Easter Egg trembled and broke into cold sweat as a scalpel brushed past him.


"Um, err… Fish and Chips…"



Though it was noisy, it was an extremely peaceful life, and Easter Egg particularly enjoyed such days.

Peaceful, quiet.

Only when it was peaceful like this, everyone, typically busy, would gather at the Holy See headquarters.

And it was because of such peaceful times that there wouldn’t be companions covered with injuries in the medical room, a place usually packed with the ill.

After finally calming down Weisswurst, angered that his medical room had been dirtied, Easter Egg let out a breath of relief. Under Candy Cane's and Fish and Chips' help, Easter Egg managed to send his damaged materials back to his lab.

Candy Cane sat near Easter Egg and looked up. With all of her focus, Candy Cane attentively looked at Easter Egg polish her cane, as well as carefully tying a pretty butterfly knot around it.

"Wow, it looks amazing! Thank you Easter Egg! I'm going to show it to Croissant!"

Standing on her tiptoes, Candy Cane took her cane and gave a soft kiss of appreciation to Easter Egg’s face. She hugged her cane and jumped out of Easter Egg’s workplace.

Easter Egg covered his face. With eyes wide open, he looked at Candy Cane's back as she jumped out, before coming to his senses some time after that.

Fish and Chips, who had been standing off to the side, and was essentially invisible for a while, smiled. He jokingly nudged Easter Egg with his elbow.

"Hey!! Are you dazed? Hehehe, Candy Cane is cute, isn't she!"

"I, I didn't!"

"Hahaha, it's ok! Everyone also thinks she's cute! Even that ice block Croissant couldn't maintain his cold look when he sees her!"

"... I… I only… about that…"

"Hahaha, alright, I'm not gonna tease you any further! Are you done maintaining my sword?"

"Ah! It's ready! I'm gonna get it for you!"

At night, the sky was filled with shimmering stars. The clouds moved under the wind and the cool night breeze caused Easter Egg to shut his eyes, as he couldn’t take it anymore.

Fish and Chips stood by his side and patted his shoulders.

Easter Egg’s Master Attendant lived to an astounding age. Under Croissant’s careful arrangements and Weisswurt's delicate care, he lived a great life.

He lived a life free of disaster and sickness, and with his apprentices’ companionship, he left this world that he cherished so much.

The Holy See is a great place. Areas protected by the Holy See are patrolled by Food Souls, as arranged by Croissant.

Although it was impossible to totally station themselves in town, it at least helped those places without a Cooking Attendant.

Easter Egg firmly believes that his choice would let a warm smile blossom on more and more people's faces.

At that time, if his Master Attendant ever came to him again, he'll probably reveal a relieved smile.

"Easter Egg, are you thinking about your Master Attendant?"

"Yep… do you miss your Master Attendant too, Fish and Chips?"

"Of course I miss him! But the more I miss him, the more it’s required of us to protect this world they loved! I hope that when they come to this world again, it'll transform into something better!"

"Yes! It definitely will!"