Events are missions, quests and challenges that are included in the "Event" ingame tab or that can be accessed directly through the game's screens. Some do not have an end date or have a consistent start and end time while others are time-limited and only last for a few days or more. All kinds of events can run simultaneously or consecutively. Several events, time-limited or not, are the only way you can acquire certain Food Souls.

The game uses the words missions and events but the distinction between the two is not always clear-cut. This page will be more focused on documenting time-limited events as we have separate pages for other ones (see the bottom section for links to these).

Types of Limited Events

There are a few types of limited events:

  • Login: Log in daily for a certain amount of time for rewards.
  • Token Redemption: Complete tasks for tokens (i.e. challenge stages, summon, complete deliveries) which can then be exchanged for rewards.
  • Shop: A particular item is available in the store for a limited time.
  • Restaurant: Sell specific dishes in the restaurant for rewards.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Spin a wheel for rewards.
  • Storyline: An extension to the token redemption type, where new storyline stages are added for a limited time and consume action power instead of stamina.
  • Ranking: Compete with other players to rank high on an event leaderboard for Food Souls and other rewards.
  • Bingo: Complete 9 tasks to get a reward.
  • Gate of Trials: Pass event stages to get artifact energy for Food Souls.
  • Harvest Diary: Complete Daily Missions to receive exp to upgrade the Harvest Diary and receive rewards.
  • Rebate: Get rewards when you spend Magic Crystals during the event.
  • Summoning: Limited summoning pool.
  • Special Missions: Complete quests to fill up a point bar to get rewards.
  • Sudoku: A special limited summoning pool where you draw random prizes over several rounds (each round being successively unlocked once you have obtained all the prizes available for the given round).
  • Recall: Complete 7 days worth of tasks to receive a free UR from select options. Refer returning players to receive rewards.

List of Limited Events

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