Food Fantasy Wiki
Seasoning Description Hint(s)
Crystal Sago
Seasoning-Crystal Sago.png
A seasoning made from palm trees; it is translucent and rich in nutrients.
  • Particles that will expand when they meet with water
Diced Scallions
Seasoning-Diced Scallions.png
A carefully diced scallion perfect for cooking.
  • Chopped greens used as seasoning
  • A chopped green food uses as seasoning
  • Something that is slender before it is chopped up
Fresh Garlic
Seasoning-Fresh Garlic.png
Freshly-picked Garlic. Due to its freshness, it can be rather expensive.
  • A spherical ingredient that will cause people to tear up
  • Something that vampires fear
Granulated Sugar
Seasoning-Granulated Sugar.png
A seasoning made by carefully grinding Sugar.
  • Sweet fine granules
  • Fine granules that can cause toothaches
Mist Icing
Seasoning-Mist Icing.png
The best quality sugar you can find on the market.
  • Snowy sweet powder
  • Sweet creamy powder
Pearl Sugar
Seasoning-Pearl Sugar.png
High-purity sparkling rock sugar.
  • Sweet 'ice cubes'
  • A food that can be sometimes just be eaten as a candy
Premium Condensed Milk
Seasoning-Premium Condensed Milk.png
Condensed Milk made from fresh Milk for the imperial family.
  • A rich milky sauce
  • A concentrated sauce made from fresh milk
Premium Soy Sauce
Seasoning-Premium Soy Sauce.png
A precious hand-brewed Soy Sauce. It's a seasoning that money can't buy.
  • A red salty sauce
  • A sauce made from soybeans
Royal Dressing
Seasoning-Royal Dressing.png
A hand-picked chili selected from over 100 chilis.
  • A food that may set your mouth on fire
  • Something that may set your mouth on fire
  • A seasoning that makes people hot
Sea Salt
Seasoning-Sea Salt.png
Crystal granules that are rich in flavor. It's a rarely seen seasoning.
  • Sodium-based crystal granules
  • Slightly rough but fine granules
Sealed Oil
Seasoning-Sealed Oil.png
Compared to bulk oil, bottled oil is more expensive, and also better quality.
  • Golden translucent liquid
  • A thick greasy liquid
Sparkling Wine
Seasoning-Sparkling Wine.png
Ordinary Cooking Wine transformed into a unique seasoning.
  • A liquid that improves the taste while cooking
  • A liquid that will intoxicate you
Tellicherry Pepper
Seasoning-Tellicherry Pepper.png
Black Pepper cultivated from an excellent environment. Its quality is unrivaled.
  • Small black kernels
  • A grainy condiment with some spice to it
  • Grainy condiments with some spice to it
Tender Ginger
Seasoning-Tender Ginger.png
A type of Ginger with tender flesh, aside from being able to use it as a Seasoning, you can also shred it and use it as an Ingredient.
  • A lumpy fragrant root
  • Something that can be used to make tea
Thousand Island
Seasoning-Thousand Island.png
Made from the yolk of an egg from the imperial family. Its rich taste is to die for.
  • A sauce that goes (well) with fruits and vegetables
  • A sauce used for bibimbap