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In this world, there are no secrets that cannot be investigated.


Characterized as an interesting and gentle young man, anyone who lays eyes on him for the first time could immediately feel the beauty in him. Moreover, they would also feel a great urge to protect him. Sauteed Reindeer utilizes his harmless appearance and gentle voice as a weapon to obtain the deepest secrets of others. If someone is unfamiliar with him, they would think he is simply a refined young man that is impossible to hate. But once someone gets to know him well, he comes off as having a bit of a sharp tongue. But even so, such an aspect of his is hard to tell.

Food Introduction

Reindeer meat is a common household dish in Finland. Its texture is akin to beef, yet its meaty flavour is far more intense. Restaurants in Finland tends to include reindeer meat as a base ingredient in various delicacies. Some examples include sauteed reindeer, grilled reindeer meat, reindeer meat steak and reindeer meat spaghetti.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

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Basic Skill
Energy Skill

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red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Hehe, hello, Master Attendant. Let me see, what kind of secret is hidden inside your eyes full of stars? File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0001-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0001-CN.ogg
Log In Master Attendant? Your performance today is great~ You need some little prize from me~ Huh? How do I know... Guess~ File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0002-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0002-CN.ogg
Ice Arena Master Attendant, watch carefully, the dance in the snow just belongs to you. File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0009-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0009-CN.ogg
Skills Hush—— If you want the prize, you need to be a good kid~ File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0010-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0010-CN.ogg
Ascend Is this the gift for me from the beautiful snow fairy~ File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0011-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0011-CN.ogg
Fatigue Master Attendant, can you bring me to see snow? File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0012-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0012-CN.ogg
Recovering Hmm—— It would be great if the whole world is covered by snow~ File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0013-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0013-CN.ogg
Team Formation Alright, then let me see, what kind of secret is hidden inside their hearts~ File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0014-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0014-CN.ogg
Knockout Attendant... Close your eyes, I hope the one that you remember, is my most wonderful moment. File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0015-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0015-CN.ogg
Notice Let me guess, it's Master Attendant hungry time right~ Clang~ File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0017-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0017-CN.ogg
Idle 1 No worries, no matter when, no matter where, I know everything of what Master Attendant is doing~ File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0018-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0018-CN.ogg
Idle 2 The door to the secret, will always only open for those who are ready. File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0019-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0019-CN.ogg
Idle 3 Slacking off for today wouldn't be mattered right~ Anyway, there's Ms. Saint, his Majesty won't say anything to me~ File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0020-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0020-CN.ogg
Interaction 1 Master Attendant, do you know? I, know—— everything~ File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0003-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0003-CN.ogg
Interaction 2 Hey—— Master Attendant, you can't touch my antlers for no reason, the wounds are not recovered yet~ As compensation, I can let you touch anywhere else, what about it? Anywhere~ File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0004-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0004-CN.ogg
Interaction 3 Hush—— Master Attendant, tell you a secret, I have a magic that knows all the secrets~ File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0005-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0005-CN.ogg
Pledge ' File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0016-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0016-CN.ogg
Intimacy 1 ' File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0006-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0006-CN.ogg
Intimacy 2 ' File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0007-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0007-CN.ogg
Intimacy 3 ' File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0008-JP.ogg File:Finland Sauteed Reindeer-0008-CN.ogg


Blue Prophecy
Skin-Finland Sauteed Reindeer-Blue Prophecy.jpg

Icon-Skin-Finland Sauteed Reindeer-Blue Prophecy.png

Master Attendant, this is a present I carefully prepared for you. I can already foresee your surprised face when you opened it~
— Finland Sauteed Reindeer

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Blue Prophecy



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