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Only with enough strength can you protect those around you.


Optimistic, cheerful, and passionate like a flame. Though Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake enjoys playing and fooling around wherever he goes, he's actually very reliable when it comes to proper work. Because he thinks of himself as an older brother figure, he often takes care of others. However, he can be a little blur at times. He also tends to attract little critters. He's very easy to get along with and is often the life of the party. Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake learnt from his master the ancient and gradually disappearing Light Kingdom art of controlling and capturing demons. To protect positive Qi and defend those he holds dear, Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake works hard to brush up his skills.

Food Introduction

Alternatively referred to as "Yellow Osmanthus Persimmon Cake", this is a type of seasonal, Shanxi snack. Usually available in the market during autumn. It is prepared using fire persimmon that resemble red lanterns and flour. the 2 sides of fire persimmon is golden yellow and the inside of it is soft; the stuffing is colourful and the cake's is aromatic. Based on stories that have been passed down, in the year 1644, Li Zicheng became king in Xi'An and then later, he directed his attention to Beijing. At that timss, Guanzhong was facing natural disasters. Ration was scarce so the people in Linzhong used ripe fire persimmon and flour to bake persimmon cake for soldiers to eat during the journey. From then on, when autumn winds blow, it is the season when persimmon becomes ripe. The people of Linzhong would bake persimmon cake to eat and as a way to commemorate Li Zicheng.

Other Info

How to Acquire

  • TBA

Associated Events

Initial Stats

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Defense.png Defense
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Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate
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Glowing Blade Basic Skill Lvl
70px Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake takes out his sword and slashes the enemy, dealing 100% of own attack and an additional 200 damage to the nearest enemy. Also, recover 5 points of energy per second for 3 seconds 1
Spinning Red Qian Kun Energy Skill Lvl
70px Drawing out sabres from his qian kun, Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake deals 40% of own attack to all enemies and an additional 399 damage. Also, increases all allies' damage by 25% for 3 seconds. 1
Super Spinning Red Qian Kun Link Skill Lvl
70px Drawing out sabres from his qian kun, Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake deals 60% of own attack to all enemies and an additional 479 damage. Also, increase all allies' damage by 35% for 5 seconds. Unknown.png 1

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Voice Lines

Contract Hi! So you're my Master Attendant. From now on, I'll take good care of you!
Log In You're back Master Attendant! Let's go pick some fruits!
Ice Arena So cold...but, this place would be suitable for frozen yogurt pop!
Skills In that case, I wouldn't show mercy!
Ascend When I was training with my master back then, this feeling was common!
Fatigue Sorry...can't accompany you out today...
Recovering I-I'll recover in no time! Smile a little, ok?
Team Formation Will I get a prize for winning?
Knockout I underestimated my enemies...
Notice Quickly come and taste my creation! Oh...I must have heat it too strongly...ahaha...
Idle 1 Where did Master Attendant ran off to...it's so boring...
Idle 2 I caught some fishes! Tonight, I'll make more food for Attendant! Hehe~
Idle 3 Not enough...must continue to train in order to protect everyone...
Interaction 1 Hmm, You're talking about these cats? I'm not sure why they enjoy sticking to me too...
Interaction 2 Shhh——this curse symbols belong to Laba Noddle...wh-what...I didn't steal them!
Interaction 3 Do you want to sunbathe together with me on the roof?
Pledge To me, you're just like luscious and fresh fruits and sweets. Why you ask? That's because these are my favourites~
Intimacy 1 Hehee...is this the same feelings as cats being pat?
Intimacy 2 Oh, sweet and aromatic...Master Attendant, did you ate honey behind my back?
Intimacy 3 I hope that the time I spent with you would slow down by a little bit.
Victory This is what overconfident people get~
Defeat I didn't protect everyone well...
Feeding I love whatever you give me! Hehe...you're saying I'm joking? I really mean it!


Restless Firework
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Icon-Skin-Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake-Restless Firework.png

What would a summer be without fireworks? Look up - and remember, don't blink!
— Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake

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Restless Firework

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