If there's something worth celebrating, I'll add in my good wishes.


A saint who always listens to the wishes of others and treats everyone with equal goodwill. When needed, she can fearlessly drive away evil creatures.

Food Introduction

Fondant cake is a delicacy that people often need to prepare for celebratory events. Aside from its rich taste, the most important thing is its diverse colors and pleasing shapes. No matter when it appears, it always brings a smile to people's faces.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

 Flame icon Soul Power 1505
Attack Attack 51
Defense Defense 19
Health HP 421
Crit. Rate Crit Rate 520
Crit. Damage Crit Dmg 524
Attack Speed Atk Spd 1350


Sweet Blessing Normal Skill
The circle of candles surrounding Fondant Cake becomes larger, continuously restoring 7 HP per second to all allies, lasting 8s, also giving allies immunity to charm effects, lasting 8s.
Sugary Temptation Energy Skill
Fondant Cake closes her eyes and makes a wish, restoring 195 HP to all teammates and continuously restoring 35 HP per second to them for 5 seconds.
Super Sugary Temptation Link Skill
Fondant Cake closes her eyes and makes a wish, restoring 234 HP to all teammates and continuously restoring 42 HP per second to them for 5 seconds. Champagne

Voice Lines

Contract Happy birthday, my lord. File:Fondant Cake-0001.ogg
Fondant Cake-0001-JP
Fondant Cake-0001-CN
Log In Welcome back. Has anything good happened today? File:Fondant Cake-0002.ogg
Fondant Cake-0002-JP
Fondant Cake-0002-CN
Ice Arena If it only snowed more here, that would be great... File:Fondant Cake-0009.ogg
Fondant Cake-0009-JP
Fondant Cake-0009-CN
Skills The gods will always protect you. File:Fondant Cake-0010.ogg
Fondant Cake-0010-JP
Fondant Cake-0010-CN
Ascend Can I make a wish too? File:Fondant Cake-0011.ogg
Fondant Cake-0011-JP
Fondant Cake-0011-CN
Fatigue Please... don't let the candles go out... File:Fondant Cake-0012.ogg
Fondant Cake-0012-JP
Fondant Cake-0012-CN
Recovering The guardian flame will not be extinguished. File:Fondant Cake-0013.ogg
Fondant Cake-0013-JP
Fondant Cake-0013-CN
Team Formation I'll drive away all darkness for you. File:Fondant Cake-0014.ogg
Fondant Cake-0014-JP
Fondant Cake-0014-CN
Knockout Evil spirit... you cannot harm him... File:Fondant Cake-0015.ogg
Fondant Cake-0015-JP
Fondant Cake-0015-CN
Notice Wanna make a wish? File:Fondant Cake-0017.ogg
Fondant Cake-0017-JP
Fondant Cake-0017-CN
Idle 1 A cake with some icing on top is always better, right? File:Fondant Cake-0018.ogg
Fondant Cake-0018-JP
Fondant Cake-0018-CN
Idle 2 Poor guy. Must be starving. This is Master Attendant dessert~ I snuck out some, so don't let Master find out~ File:Fondant Cake-0019.ogg
Fondant Cake-0019-JP
Fondant Cake-0019-CN
Idle 3 I'll just take a little piece. I'm sure no one will notice... Mmm, how sweet~ File:Fondant Cake-0020.ogg
Fondant Cake-0020-JP
Fondant Cake-0020-CN
Interaction 1 Do you have any troubles you want to share with me? File:Fondant Cake-0003.ogg
Fondant Cake-0003-JP
Fondant Cake-0003-CN
Interaction 2 If you say what's in your heart, your dreams just might come true! File:Fondant Cake-0004.ogg
Fondant Cake-0004-JP
Fondant Cake-0004-CN
Interaction 3 I will protect your from being corrupted by evil, so you can sleep soundly. File:Fondant Cake-0005.ogg
Fondant Cake-0005-JP
Fondant Cake-0005-CN
Pledge If it's possible, I'd like to make a wish too. I'd like this moment to last a long, long time. File:Fondant Cake-0016.ogg
Fondant Cake-0016-JP
Fondant Cake-0016-CN
Intimacy 1 The light of the candle shines on our future. File:Fondant Cake-0006.ogg
Fondant Cake-0006-JP
Fondant Cake-0006-CN
Intimacy 2 Is it almost your birthday? What present do you want? File:Fondant Cake-0007.ogg
Fondant Cake-0007-JP
Fondant Cake-0007-CN
Intimacy 3 I like you when you smile much more than when you cry. File:Fondant Cake-0008.ogg
Fondant Cake-0008-JP
Fondant Cake-0008-CN
Victory I will always protect you. File:Fondant Cake-0021.ogg
Fondant Cake-0021-JP
Fondant Cake-0021-CN
Defeat I... I can still go on... File:Fondant Cake-0022.ogg
Fondant Cake-0022-JP
Fondant Cake-0022-CN
Feeding It should be me who gives you a gift... I will cherish it always. File:Fondant Cake-0023.ogg
Fondant Cake-0023-JP
Fondant Cake-0023-CN





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