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December 27 - January 13 2019


  1. During the event, Foie Gras, Caviar, Black Tea, Vodka, Spaghetti's Bride skin and Dorayaki's costume skin will be entered into the skin card pool-- Food Soul's Wish.
  2. At the same time, Foie Gras, Caviar, Black Tea, Vodka, Spaghetti's Bride skin and Dorayaki's costume skin will be available in the Costume Shop.
  3. Players need to spend Wind-Up Keys to draw from the skin card pool. Wind-Up Keys can be purchased in the item shop and pack shop.
  4. Aside from the new skins in the skin card pool, players can also draw a ton of event Food Soul skins, dynamic Restaurant decorations, and souvenirs, etc.
  5. When a duplicate skin or decoration is drawn, it will automatically be converted into a Needle item which can be exchanged for other skins, decorations, and souvenirs.
  6. After the event ends, unused Needles can no longer be exchanged for items, so please exchange them promptly.

Summon Item

Item Price Max. Amt
Icon-Wind-Up Key.png
Icon-Appearance Voucher.png
Icon-Wind-Up Key.png
Icon-Magic Crystal.png

Skin/Furniture Pool

Featured UR Skins
Icon-Skin-Caviar-World with You.png
World with You (Caviar Skin)
Icon-Skin-Foie Gras-Moonlight Neon.png
Moonlight Neon (Foie Gras Skin)
Skin Pool
Icon-Skin-Black Tea-Fragrant Rosebud.png
Icon-Skin-Vodka-Dance of Pledges.png
Icon-Skin-Spaghetti-Hypocrite Mask.png
Icon-Skin-Dorayaki-Love Lost.png
Icon-Skin-Zongzi-Mast and Flag.png
Icon-Skin-Chocolate-Time Magician.png
Icon-Skin-Miso Soup-Begonia Dream.png
Icon-Skin-Tempura-Vintage Festival.png
Icon-Skin-Red Wine-Judgementor.png
Icon-Skin-Sweet Tofu-Circus Sweets.png
Icon-Skin-Wonton-Lazy Head.png
Icon-Skin-Gyoza-Fortune Dog.png
Icon-Skin-Bloody Mary-Phantom Thorns.png
Icon-Skin-Sakuramochi-Adventure Sakura.png
Icon-Skin-Moon Cake-Moon Rabbit.png
Icon-Skin-Tangyuan-Bountiful Gold.png
Icon-Skin-Brownie-Deadly Agent.png
Icon-Skin-Cold Rice Shrimp-Sweet Words of Longing.png
Icon-Skin-Beer-Time for Revelry.png
Furniture Pool
Furniture-Snowflake Moon.png
Furniture-Boundless Snow.png
Furniture-Snowy Night Elf.png
Furniture-Christmas Surprise.png
Furniture-Christmas Gift.png
Furniture-Christmas Reindeer.png
Furniture-Waiting Snowman.png
Furniture-Christmas Cat.png
Furniture-Christmas Nest.png
Furniture-Jingle Bells.png
Furniture-Snowfall Stars.png
Furniture-Winter Fire.png
Furniture-Snowdrift Table.png
Furniture-Mushroom Table.png
Furniture-Black n' White.png
Furniture-Snow Jewel.png
Furniture-Quiet Musical Scale.png
Furniture-Gray and White Marble.png
Furniture-Outside the Lines.png
Furniture-Simple and Refined.png
Furniture-A Touch of Green.png
Furniture-Harvest Tent.png
Furniture-A Foreign Flavor.png

Needle Shop


Skin Needles Skin Needles Skin Needles Skin Needles


Furniture Needles Max Amt.

Furniture Details

Merry Christmas Restaurant Theme-Merry Christmas.jpg
In this cold winter, may you and everyone be warmed with joy. Happy holidays!
Guarding the Other WorldRestaurant Theme-Guarding the Other World.jpg
Where am I? What is this? A new place for you to discover and explore.
Joyless Palace Restaurant Theme-Joyless Palace.jpg
Decor Description Appearance Pts Decor Description Appearance Pts
Furniture-Quiet Musical Scale.png
Quiet Musical Scale
A winding ice staircase spirals above the water. The white piano in the center of the water sits morosely quiet and unplayed
Furniture-Gray and White Marble.png
Gray and White Marble
A slightly convex rock wall with complex marbling, this is a world of gray.
Furniture-Black n' White.png
Black n' White
Table x2
Black and white are braided to form a delicate pattern. Although it is a simple piece of furniture, it gives off an aura of refinement.
Furniture-Snow Jewel.png
Snow Jewel
Table x2
The elegant lines have the perfect radius and the simple details also reveal the owner's class.
Furniture-Tranquil Candle.png
Tranquil Candle
A candle that hasn't burned down completely, it looks forward to being relit.
Furniture-Candlelight Splendor.png
Candlelight Splendor
The crystals refract the faint candle flame, as if casting a light on the candle flame's life.
Furniture-Orchid Speech.png
Orchid Speech
Blue petals spill out from the top of the planter. No one knows the language of these flowers.
Furniture-A Wish to Linger.png
A Wish to Linger
A flower vase made with using an ancient technique, revealing a simple natural beauty.
Furniture-Lake of Flowery Love.png
Lake of Flowery Love
A lush green flowerbed ringed in by a pond. Every day, a little rascal looks after that flowerbed.