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Be gracious in victory, and defeat.


The fact that he looks and sounds like a little kid really gets to him, and he gives people the impression that he’s pretending to be a grown-up. He has a vicious tongue. If he sees something not to his liking, or someone treats him like a little child, he will just not let it go. He has a pretty straightforward personality, but he’s a little shy about expressing his true feelings.

Food Introduction

Fried tofu puffs are deep-fried tofu pieces. It’s a Japanese dish that originally started out as pan-fried tofu in China before making its way to Japan. When Japanese locals applied their ingenuity, a unique tofu dish was born possessing Japanese characteristics. When making it, first the tofu is deep-fried, then braised with a special broth or seasoned soy sauce. It has a crispy outside and tender inside that tastes spectacular.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1875
Attack.png Attack 63
Defense.png Defense 17
Health.png HP 528
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 1882
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 711
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 641


Rapid Fire Basic Skill
Skill-Fried Tofu Puff-Normal.png Fried Tofu Puff flips around his cannon, then catches it and kneels down in a sniper stance, firing off three projectiles and dealing 40% (80%) ATK as damage to 3 random targets, plus 162 (2106) extra damage, while also recovering 5 (25) energy.
Annihilation Shot Energy Skill
Skill-Fried Tofu Puff-Energy.png Fried Tofu Puff throws his cannon up, leaps and catches it in mid-air, then deals a devastating strike to an enemy on the ground, dealing 100% (180%) ATK as damage to the nearest enemy, plus 211 (2743) extra damage, while also increasing his ATK by 5% (25%), lasting 7 seconds.
Super Annihilation Shot Link Skill
Skill-Fried Tofu Puff-Link.png Fried Tofu Puff throws his cannon up, leaps and catches it in mid-air, then deals a devastating strike to an enemy on the ground, dealing 120% (220%) ATK as damage to the nearest enemy, plus 253 (3289) extra damage, while also increasing his ATK by 25% (45%), lasting 7 seconds. Unknown.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Oh? You're the so-called Attendant? Hey, don't think you're some big shot, because I'm not taking orders from you! If you want my help doing something, then you've gotta bow down nice and polite first and then we'll see!
Log In What took you so long!? Didn't I say don't go wandering around outside by yourself?! ...Huh? Who would care about you!? You dummy!
Ice Arena Brrrr! So cold! Uh... But it doesn't feel bad.
Skills Too slow! Ever heard of "shoot first and ask questions later"?!![1]
Ascend Incredible... I've gotten stronger?!
Fatigue Ack, not good... Gotta rest a bit...
Recovering Huh? I can set out any time, I just haven't recovered to 100%, that's all!
Team Formation Of course I'm the leader!!
Knockout No way... I do not accept... this outcome...!
Notice Food's ready -- Huh? Obviously! Of course it's delicious! I'm a pro at cooking! Try it and see. It can turn your whole world of flavor upside-down!
Idle 1 Ugh, so bored. Where'd that guy run off to? Could at least take me along too... Huh?! Th- that guy... I was talking about Yuba Vegetable Spring Roll, not you, Attendant... Hey, no one's there? Why do I get the feeling I'm being watched. Am I imagining things...?
Idle 2 Attendant, you're probably wondering how to make use of me, right? ...Combat goes without saying. Exploration, Fishing, Restaurant -- I'm useful in all of them... Oh wait, that's not right! I don't want to be given tasks! I quite like hanging out here doing nothing! Yeah!
Idle 3 What is "the Buddha has an all-encompassing heart of compassion" supposed to mean?! Aaaaaaaaah!! But I just don't like waiting around quietly!! What're you doing making me wait here all by myself, you jerk?![2]
Interaction 1 Hey! What's the big idea? Don't just go poking at me! ...If you really need me for something, remember to say something first. Huh? What kinda joke is that supposed to be!? And I was not scared!
Interaction 2 What, you need my help with something? Alright, then kneel down and say, "Master Fried Tofu Puff, I beg you"!! ...Hey, hey, I was kidding. Don't take it serious... You're just like those other guys, huh? Just like to get me riled up! Having fun!?
Interaction 3 A long time ago, Yuba Vegetable Spring Roll once came looking for my old Attendant. At the time, that Attendant had already passed away... then he took me out of the temple I'd always been in and brought me to see the outside world. Although he does a lot of things that rub me the wrong way, he's not a bad person. He just... always gets under my skin.
Pledge S- signing the pledge means that from now on we'll always be together? Are you really ready for that?! Well, if you're fine with it, then I have no problem either. From now on, I'll stay by your side. I'm in your hands.
Intimacy 1 You don't really think that I won't worry about you, do you? ...I do worry!! A lot!! So you're not allowed to leave my side! Aaah-- !! I'm starting to hate myself for saying stuff like this!!
Intimacy 2 Hey you, how about we have a little chat from time to time? I feel like I hardly know you... Huh?! It-- it's not that I care about you... No... Sorry, that's a lie. I do care about you, so tell me more about yourself, okay?
Intimacy 3 As far I'm concerned, you're pretty special. Actually, I don't really like saying that kind of stuff... but if I don't say it, then you won't know how I feel about you, would you? So, do you get what I'm trying to say...?
Victory Hmph! This was a foregone conclusion!
Defeat Jerk...! Remember this face!!
Feeding Oh? Is this... for me? Hmph, don't try to butter me up... Although, if you really want to give it to me, then I guess I can't let it go to waste.


  1. Skill: Original text for shoot first and ask questions later: 不拔毒箭,空问来处。If you don't pull out the poison arrow, what's the point of asking who shot it?
    • A saying from Japanese Buddhism, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the right things. Before you've pulled out the poison arrow and made sure that everyone is out of danger, there's no point in asking who shot it or assigning blame.
  2. Idle 3: Original text for the Buddha has an all-encompassing heart of compassion: 如来具广大平等之悲心。The mercy of Buddha is given equally to all.
    • Another saying from Japanese Buddhism. Self-explanatory.
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