Be gracious in victory, and defeat.


The fact that he looks and sounds like a little kid really gets to him, and he gives people the impression that he’s pretending to be a grown-up. He has a vicious tongue. If he sees something not to his liking, or someone treats him like a little child, he will just not let it go. He has a pretty straightforward personality, but he’s a little shy about expressing his true feelings.

Food Introduction

Fried tofu puffs are deep-fried tofu pieces. It’s a Japanese dish that originally started out as pan-fried tofu in China before making its way to Japan. When Japanese locals applied their ingenuity, a unique tofu dish was born possessing Japanese characteristics. When making it, first the tofu is deep-fried, then braised with a special broth or seasoned soy sauce. It has a crispy outside and tender inside that tastes spectacular.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power
Attack.png Attack 63
Defense.png Defense 17
Health.png HP 528
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 1882
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 711
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 641


Rapid Fire Basic Skill
Skill-Fried Tofu Puff-Normal.png Fried Tofu Puff assumes a sniper position, randomly firing three rounds of bullets, dealing 40% (80%) of his ATK as damage to 3 random enemy units, plus 162 (2106) damage while recovering 5 (25) points of energy.
Annihilation Energy Skill
Skill-Fried Tofu Puff-Energy.png Fried Tofu Puff throws his weapon in the air then jumps to catch it, sending a devastating blow to the ground, dealing 100% (180%) of his ATK as damage to the nearest enemy unit, plus 211 (2743) damage. At the same time, he increases his ATK by 5% (25%) for 7 seconds.
Super Annihilation Link Skill
Skill-Fried Tofu Puff-Link.png Fried Tofu Puff throws his weapon in the air then jumps to catch it, sending a devastating blow to the ground, dealing 120% (220%) of his ATK as damage to the nearest enemy unit, plus 253 (3289) damage. At the same time, he increases his ATK by 25% (45%) for 7 seconds. Unknown.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Oh? You're the so-called Master Attendant? Hey, don't think you're all high 'n mighty or anything, I definitely won't listen to your orders! If you want to beg me to do something, you'd better say it respectfully!
Log In You're way too late! I already said, stop hanging out by yourself! Who cares about you! Are you stupid?!
Ice Arena Woah, woah, woah! It's so cold! ...but it doesn't feel bad.
Skills Too slow! Haven't you heard the saying 'If you don't pull out the poison arrow, what's the point of asking who shot it?'
Ascend Amazing... I'm even stronger?!
Fatigue Ah, I can't go on... Let me rest...
Recovering Eh? I can leave whenever I want! I just haven't recovered one hundred percent yet!
Team Formation It's only natural that I should be the leader!
Knockout Disgusting... I will never accept... such an end!
Notice The food is ready - eh? Nonsense, of course it's good! I'm great at making food! Come, taste a bite. This is the flavor that could shock the entire world!
Idle 1 Ugh, I'm so bored. Where'd that bastard go? They should've at least taken me with them... Eh?! That, that bastard - I meant Yuba Vegetable Spring Roll, not Master Attendant... Huh? No one's here? I keep feeling like someone's watching me, was I wrong...
Idle 2 Does Master Attendant not know what to do with me? Battle's a given, but I can also do explorations, work in the restaurant, go fishing... Wait, no! I definitely don't care if they give me tasks or not! I'm perfectly fine just sitting here doing nothing! Definitely!
Idle 3 What's this whole 'the mercy of Buddha is given equally to all' thing? Ahhhhhhh!! I just don't like standing around doing nothing! Why did you leave me behind, Master Attendant?!
Interaction 1 Wah! What are you doing? Don't just touch me like that! ...if you really need me, just tell me first. Eh? Are you kidding me? I definitely wasn't scared!
Interaction 2 Oh? You have something to ask me? Well then, just kneel down and say 'Master Fried Tofu Puff, please!' ...hey, I was just joking, don't take me seriously... You're just like that bastard, aren't you? You just like seeing me this way. Is it that funny to you?
Interaction 3 A long time ago, Yuba Vegetable Spring Roll came to visit my previous Master Attendant. But at that time, that Master Attendant had already passed away... Then, he took me away from the temple I'd always guarded to see the world. Even though he does things I don't like, he's not a bad person... He just always makes me angry.
Pledge S-signing a pledge?! Does that mean staying with you forever? Then, if you think it's okay, I don't mind. I will always be with you, so please take care of me.
Intimacy 1 Did you really think I don't worry about you? ...I will worry about you!! A lot!! So you can't leave my side! Ah!! It annoys me when I say things like that!
Intimacy 2 Then, let's talk alone every now and then, how about that? I feel like I don't really understand you. Eh? It's... it's not like I care about you a lot... No, that's a lie. I really care about you, so please tell me more about yourself.
Intimacy 3 To me, you're very special. To be honest, I don't like saying that... But if I don't, how will you know what I think of you? So, do you accept my feelings...?
Victory Aha! This is the natural result!
Defeat Bastards...! Wait and see!!
Feeding Eh? This is... for me? Hmph, don't try to bribe me. ...but if you really want to give it to me, then I'll eat it.


  • Skill. 不拔毒箭,空问来处。If you don't pull out the poison arrow, what's the point of asking who shot it?

A saying from Japanese Buddhism, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the right things. Before you've pulled out the poison arrow and made sure that everyone is out of danger, there's no point in asking who shot it or assigning blame.

  • Idle 3. 如来具广大平等之悲心。The mercy of Buddha is given equally to all.

Another saying from Japanese Buddhism. Self-explanatory.

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