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When the clock strikes four, everything in the world will be put on hold for tea.


She has a capricious, temperamental personality and is often accompanied by a butterfly. She has an elegant demeanor befitting her noble-born station in life, but she's also extremely arrogant and haughty. She looks with contempt on all things and will only speak civilly with an Attendant whom she considers a worthy equal. Her hobbies are writing stories and having afternoon tea. To her, there is nothing more important than afternoon tea, and until she's finished it, everything else can wait.

Food Introduction

The greatest charm of fruit tart is its use of enticing and flavorful seasonal fruits. With possibilities to suit every palate, fruit tart has an eternal splendor as well as the mysterious charm of unpredictability. You'll always be guessing what delightful flavor is in store for you, and so you'll never be able to resist.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 2516
Attack.png Attack 95
Defense.png Defense 25
Health.png HP 502
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 2165
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 1558
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1235


Butterfly Dance Basic Skill
Skill-Fruit Tart-Normal.png Fruit Tart wields her umbrella, restoring 200 (2600) HP for the ally with the lowest HP percentage and reducing damage received by that unit by 15%, lasting 3 seconds.
Crimson Nightmare Energy Skill
Skill-Fruit Tart-Energy.png Fruit Tart summons a butterfly, and her whole body turns red, giving a shield to the ally with the lowest HP percentage capable of absorbing 79 (1027) damage, lasting 10 seconds, while also restoring 62 (806) HP per second for all allies for 3 seconds and giving them 20 points of Energy.
Crimson Dream Link Skill
Skill-Fruit Tart-Link.png Fruit Tart summons a butterfly, and her whole body turns red, giving a shield to the ally with the lowest HP percentage capable of absorbing 95 (1235) damage, lasting 10 seconds, while also restoring 75 (975) HP per second for all allies for 3 seconds and giving them 20 points of Energy. Souffle.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Oh? Are you the one who summoned Yours Truly? Well, I wasn't planning on being your companion... but such being the case, well... I'll make a deal with you: until I tire of you, you can serve Yours Truly as my Attendant~
Log In Are you surprised to see Yours Truly here? Or are you... scared? Heh-heh...
Ice Arena This is an alright place. I think Yours Truly will enjoy a spot of tea here.
Skills A requiem for you from Yours Truly! Sleep peacefully!
Ascend How funny. I truly never bore of you!
Fatigue It is now tea time for Yours Truly, got it?
Recovering Today's afternoon tea was delightful, and it even put Yours Truly in a good mood.
Team Formation You and your boring self-esteem! I'll take you all out one by one![1]
Knockout How could... Yours Truly lose...[2]
Notice You've cooked? Is it afternoon tea for Yours Truly?[3]
Idle 1 Don't you know? When the clock strikes four, everything in the world will be put on hold for tea. It's only then that this world has any meaning for Yours Truly. This *is* the world, in my eyes.
Idle 2 No one interrupts tea time for Yours Truly-- that includes you.
Idle 3 Yours Truly takes no interest at all in the plight of fools. The weaker they are, the more excuses they have. It is a lamentable state of affairs for humanity.
Interaction 1 If you want something, take it. If someone gets in your way, get rid of them. Isn't this perfectly natural?
Interaction 2 Even if you have an earth-shattering matter to inform me of, you'll have to wait till Yours Truly has finished her tea.
Interaction 3 Hahahaha... You're so weak you can't even protect yourself and you want to save others? How foolish!
Pledge You want to swear an oath with Yours Truly? Hahaha... Yours Truly is equally shocked by your foolishness and bravery. Oh? You're sincere? Well... then if I ever get any inkling that you've turned this oath into a lie, Yours Truly... will end you...
Intimacy 1 You ask what Yours Truly is thinking? Heh-heh... just thinking of a book I read before. The story of the succubus who died out of love for a human, truly laughable... but the funniest part is that I imagine her looking exactly like myself...
Intimacy 2 This has got to be the most trouble you've ever taken for Yours Truly. I'm so happy-- too happy! Hahahaha...[4]
Intimacy 3 If you don't want to get hurt, then just stay by my side. Anything that saddens you, anyone that hurts you-- no matter what-- Yours Truly will wipe it from this Earth.
Victory Fools! Praise the name of Yours Truly!
Defeat Our sins catch up with us all, eventually.[5]
Feeding It's a food that Yours Truly enjoys... what were you hoping for? ...Hahahaha... Were you so naive as to think I'd be moved by some food?


Pristine Dream
Skin-Fruit Tart-Pristine Dream.jpg

Icon-Skin-Fruit Tart-Pristine Dream.png

Heh, if you put it that way, Yours Truly really has had that kind of dream. It was of a pure white flower still surviving in the world... an absurd dream.
— Fruit Tart
Obtainable from Activeness Report


  1. JP Team Formation: I shall crush your foolish pride!
  2. JP Knockout: There's no way... that I'll lose...
  3. JP Notice:You made something? It must be an accompaniment for my afternoon tea, isn't it?
  4. JP Intimacy 2: It is the best result that I've achieved out of everything that I've done so far. I'm delighted. I'm so delighted! Ahahahaha...!
  5. JP Defeat: So my sins finally...
Food Souls

Defense Icon.png Defense
Strength Icon.png Strength
Magic Icon.png Magic
Support Icon.png Support






Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by cakerollkarol and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Bloodthirsty Butterfly

Tick tock—Tick tock--

The clock moves precisely, without error.

The four walls of the room held books from top to bottom. Aside from a few precious book collections, this was also where Master Attendant’s ‘beloved’ Mistress Lilia’s ‘readings’ were kept.

When I was summoned by the Master Attendant, the Madam’s body was already weak.

And so, to replace the Madam who was unable to accompany the Grand Duke to various social occasions, I was brought into this world.

For humans, this desire to maintain appearances was the reason for their arrogance.

Fortunately, I found the two humans quite compelling.

A Master Attendant so greedy as that he seems intent on bringing his power into the grave, and his ‘Bloodthirsty Butterfly’ wife, always smiling tenderly; truly an interesting combination.

‘Bloodthirsty Butterfly’

That is what the Madam christened herself in her social circle of nobles.

At first, I thought this might’ve been a boring form of address to coordinate with Master Attendant’s status and style.

Aside from her daily regimen, this Madam wasn’t that different from most other nobles.

Until I discovered the story of the ‘Bloodthirsty Butterfly’ witch, and only then did I really hold a little fondness for these two humans.

They should rejoice, for they are humans that will not bore me.

There was only one thing that I could not understand, and that is the old storybook I’m currently reading in my hands.

It’s a story about a nameless monster.

It’s the same as any other fairy tale. There will be a righteous knight who kills the monster, and in the end, the world welcomes a peaceful ending.

It’s clearly a story not worth mentioning, but I’m always reading this fairy tale storybook.

What exactly is hidden inside?

At first, I was very interested in it, but after discovering the witch’s story, it seems I’ve come to understand some things.

“You still like reading that book?”

Following the sound of footsteps approaching the door, the library door was quickly thrust open.

Upon lifting my eyes, I see who’s leaning against the bookcase next to the door— my ‘servant’.

“And you still like barging in without knocking, Soufflé.”

“What about it?”

Soufflé said as he knocked the door besides him. His eyes showed not even the least bit of fear towards me.

“You’ve seen the coward do this before, is it still not enough?”

“Heh, you have a point there. I can always better endure your typical stray dog demeanor.”

I couldn’t help being derisive as I replied.

“Why have you returned, aren’t you supposed to be at the Viscount’s mansion?”

“Why Madame Duchess, I’m here to tell you some interesting things, obviously.”

“Yesterday, when the Viscount and I went to visit that Gambling Duke, I discovered…”

“A Food Soul called Sandwich, right? …. Heh, a child who only knows how to play little tricks, what can he do?”

“You really did use your ‘butterfly’ to observe the Duke.”

“Anyone who dares to oppose the Duke, how could I ever let them go?”

“Then, you should know the other news already.”


“That person has arrived.”

The person Souffle speaks of, I naturally knew him all too well.

If you were to ask, how did I know of his existence?

Maybe that’s thanks to the story about the ‘Bloodthirsty Butterfly’ that the Madam wrote.

In the story, the kings getting replaced one after another could’ve been said to be quite sudden.

But compared to the kings, the queen, the ‘Bloodthirsty Butterfly’, remained, and her death by stabbing in the high tower wasn’t sudden; that abruptness cannot be used as a coincidental cover up.

​After having understood a few things, I came to the realization that the Madam’s story was not just a simple daydream she wrote down.

And it was exactly from those stories of the Madam that I became interested in him.

Ever since then, I would send out my ‘butterfly’ to find traces of that person while having my afternoon tea.

I would tell the Madam all matters related to the man, and the Madam would write them into her story once more.

This story of the distant past has already passed, but the tale composed by the Madam never once stopped.

“He’ll come eventually. I’m looking forward to seeing what face he’ll make upon seeing me…”

II. Witch of Time

When the clock chimes four times, it’s the time when I allow no one to disturb me.

The House of Time where I dwell is such a place where I shan’t be bothered.

Once it’s time for afternoon tea, the chimes ringing through the mansion warn everyone inside not to step into the garden. The forbidden land, barring all from entering as they please.

This was the Eden that the Grand Duke specially built for his ‘Madam Duchess’.

But aside from occasional cumbersome social events, I rarely see the Duke.

Even before the Madam passed away, it seemed the Madam and I spent more time with each other than anyone else.

Likely because of the Madam’s unusual physique, when she got sick, her body quickly turned weak.

Not long after, she couldn’t even enter the garden the Duke had built for her, and she spent her final days on the sickbed[1].

Back then, her stories were an amusing way for me to kill time, and it was the only thing she could offer in exchange for my intel.

“The witch spilled her lover’s blood after following the demon’s instructions, but at that moment, her heart held no love.

When the dagger in her hands pierced through her lover’s heart, it was then that she understood she’d become lonely again.

Afterwards, her lover’s final words became her damnation.

No one in the world would love her again, as the only person who loved her was already dead under the people’s judgement.

And so, the witch shed tears and lost her magical powers.

The witch’s body became unbearably ugly, even the blood butterfly also began to fragment, turning to ash with her, and vanished at the final dawn.”

“The witch just died after shedding tears?”

Upon hearing the end of the witch’s story, I couldn’t help but sneer at the woman before me, so thin and pallid, just like a skeleton.

“For her, death is the best ending.”

The Madam looked at me as if she were yearning for someone else in me, choking down a sob.

“Had I not left her behind at that time, leaving the tower alone, were my elder sister still alive, would our ending been any different?”

“I cannot know of things that never happened.”

“That’s right, just treat them as my ravings. Every time I look at you, I always feel like I’m facing the past me. The more I reminisce, the more I feel that everything now is my punishment.”

“From how I see it, I feel it’s quite profound. After all, I can’t even see myself die.”

“Is that also the ending that that man looks forward to? Heh… that’s true, he never intended to let me go from the very beginning.”

“You’re talking about… Whiskey, yes?”

“After I escaped from there, I kept thinking, why didn’t he kill me then? I’ve ran for a long, long time, until I later discovered that even after leaving hell, the outside world… is still my purgatory.”

“But you met the Duke, did you not?”

“Yes, that’s right… Back then I was just an unbearably dirty fugitive. But he said he liked my eyes, because they were filled with cruelty and despair.

Of course, I didn’t believe his words so easily.

Back then, I had nothing to lose, so I took the bet.

I wanted to use this noble’s sudden interest in me to get rid of the curse that the demon gave me.

It’s just that I never once thought of my arrogance that almost got me killed back then. In the end, my shell of a body was my only surviving asset.”[2]

The Madam did not continue.

Because at that moment, the ‘butterfly’ that I sent out to search for information fluttered down from the window. The Madam naturally understands that it has brought new findings.

“Since you’ve already finished telling your story, naturally, I will also tell you what you want to know. Whiskey has already left that kingdom. However, before leaving, he went to another place.”

I then presented all the information that the ‘butterfly’ retrieved to the Madam.

“This is… my sister’s… grave?”

The Madam’s tone revealed a shred of disbelief.

“Who would’ve thought he also had a heart. However, if one worships the deceased, they would clearly follow in his steps, offering strelitzias to lost loved ones, yes?”[3]

“Strelitzias, huh…”

Upon hearing this, the Madam mouthed the flower’s name and suddenly teared up.

“It’s a place where monsters cannot go, right?…”

Upon finished saying that, the Madam did not wake up again.

Afterwards, I became the ‘Bloodthirsty Butterfly’ Madam.

No one would be suspicious of me. Besides myself, no one had ever seen how the Madam looked on her deathbed.

Even that Duke, once so ‘deeply in love’ with her, abandoned the Madam when she couldn’t get up from her bed.

That day, all our stories entered a new chapter.

Whether it’s to me, or to Whiskey…

Tick tock—Tick tock--

Time passed by in minutes and seconds.

I sat in the study, waiting for the Duke’s arrival to our appointment. ​ “Madam, you’re here. Wanting to see me so urgently, did something happen?”

The Duke took his time in pushing the study room’s door open, and walked in.

“Naturally, I’m here to tell you some interesting things.”

And so, I told the Duke all I knew about the Gambling Duke’s daughter and Sandwich planning to use a wager to make the Gambling Duke to lose everything.

Such an overconfident plan, even if the Duke had much to gain and nothing to lose, it still made that man, whose eyes see only power, laugh the loudest he had in a long time.

Humans are foolishly self-righteous, and I’ve seen too many.

However, my goal was not to help that child cause silly mischief to her father, and my goal was certainly not to facilitate the cover up of the Grand Duke transferring the Gambling Duke’s wealth to himself.

I want to see that man, as dark as the void, no longer simply in the Madam’s story, or from inside my ‘butterfly’.

I want him to stand before me, even more clearly and vividly. I want to know from him whether that pure white flower of the abyss really was a glimmer in the dark night.

And so, I proposed to the Grand Duke we host a banquet at his private villa.

Likely, the joke I just told him lightened his mood, so he didn’t hesitate to agree to my suggestion.

Now then, this sequel surely won’t disappoint me.

III. Amber Dreams

With the Duke’s power, he quickly invited many renowned nobles.

Sure enough, the Gambling Duke, relying on a Food Soul’s little tricks to reach the zenith in a single leap, also came, to no one’s surprise. ​ Of course, that man would never let go of an opportunity like this.

After all, in the pursuit of his goals, he’d already gotten quite close to that Viscount Pell. His persistent cajoling could truly sicken anyone.

The Gambling Duke is a close confidante of Viscount Pell, but the Viscount has become displeased with the Gambling Duke from his heedless plundering through gambling.

Now, when you give someone like that a chance for higher and bigger connections, he won’t hesitate to take up this chance for peace[4].

There was no more need for me to do anything else, for all the Gambling Duke’s power and secondary connections have been revealed crystal clear by the man set on obtaining the Duke’s favor.

The dark night served as the narrator of the story’s opening, and my eyes linger on the last remaining warm lights of the night.

This banquet was meant to end the dull game of power between this clique of nobles.

But for me, this will be a joyous first encounter.

Or rather…. Would ‘reunion’ be more appropriate?

“Good evening, Madame Duchess.”

Viscount Pell took off his hat, greeting me with the man behind him.

In regards to his appearance, I wasn’t surprised.

“Good evening, Viscount Pell.”

“You look forever beautiful, to the point where it’s almost moving, esteemed Madame.”

“Viscount, you’re just saying that.”

Such pleasantries hold no value whatsoever, and I’ve always liked cutting straight to the chase.

“Then Viscount, won’t you introduce me to the mister beside you?”

“This is Mr. Vita, whom I mentioned to Lord Grand Duke before, and this time, I decided to present him to Madame Duchess too.”

Standing in front of me, the man named Whiskey only looked at me somewhat startled, but very quickly, he seemed like he found an answer again, and used a smile to restrain hidden malevolence.

“My sincerest apologies, Madame Duchess. There wasn’t enough time for me to introduce myself just now. My name is Aqua Vita, just an ordinary traveling merchant. I’m fortunate to have received Viscount Pell’s recognition, that’s the only way I was able to come here.”

I could never get the reaction I want from this ever-unchanging smiling face, as if he were truly here without any ulterior motive.

A gentle and hypocritical smiling face, with decently elegant manners. It was the first time I personally witnessed those blood red eyes that the Madam described countless times before.

“Hmm? Merchant? I heard from the Duke before that you’re very knowledgeable in medicine, I thought you were a rich and accomplished doctor.”

“A doctor practicing medicine is but working for money; I do it through trading, and there’s nothing wrong with that, no? Not to mention, not all doctors heal the wounded and save the dying; I believe Madame Duchess must know this much better than I do.”

Ah, that’s right, there was also that tactful probing.

Every sign was telling something to me—As expected, this was the kind of man I hated most.

“Please rest assured, Madame Duchess. Mr. Vita will not disappoint Lord Duke.”

Viscount Pell promptly chimed in, as if trying to soothe the atmosphere.

“What Mr. Vita said is actually quite meaningful.”

I smoothly took a cocktail glass from a passing servant’s plate.

It’s the madam’s most favorite drink, even if its preparation is somewhat troublesome, it’s still a well-kept tradition of the Duke’s banquets.

“M-Madame Duchess…”

I used my eyes to hint at the fool asking for trouble to shut up.

“Though I’d like to chat more with Mr. Vita for a while longer, Viscount Pell looks very exhausted. Why not have a slight rest in the drawing room? I think the Duke will have good news for you after the banquet ends.”

“In that case, please rest properly in the drawing room, Lord Viscount. I’ll come find you later.”

“Uh… yes, then I shan’t disturb you anymore, Madame…”

It seems that to Whiskey, Viscount Pell is worth only so much.

They waited for the Viscount to leave, and then, as if he were humoring me, Whiskey, too, picked up a cocktail glass, holding the same drink as my own.

“’Amber Dreams,’ right?”

He lightly swayed the glass, but showed no intention of tasting it.

“Hard to find at banquets such as this…”

“It was specially prepared for me by the Duke.” ​ “Is it because of the beautiful color of the amber? But before turning into ‘amber’, it was a ‘gemstone,’ which originally had magnificently gorgeous colors.”

He carefully looked at the alcohol in his hand, like he was a gem appraiser.

“Vermouth​ symbolizes ruby, Chartreuse symbolizes emerald, and Gin symbolizes diamond. In my opinion, having these liquors layered in the proper order, creating the rainbow drink ‘Precious Stone’, wouldn’t it be better suited for you, Madame?”

“Aside from medicine, Mr. Vita is unexpectedly well informed about winery. Truly surprising. Many would treat ‘Amber Dreams’ and ‘Precious Stone’ as the same kind of drink.”

“Heh, when all is said and done, ‘Amber Dreams’ and ‘Precious Stone’ have completely different colors and lusters.”

“Well now I’m curious, does Mr. Vita like ‘Amber Dreams’ or ‘Precious Stone,’ then?”

“From a merchant’s point of view, as long as the goods have value, they’re all worthy of love.”

“What a sly way to phrase it, Mr. Vita.”

“Then, Madame, what do you wish to keep?”

“I once had an old friend who told me she’d like time to be preserved, frozen in amber, whether it was her memories or body, to never erode.”

“It would seem your old friend has memories worth preserving?”

“That’s right. Are you intrigued, Mr. Vita?”

If Whiskey were willing to admit his answer right now, perhaps I could occasionally chat with Whiskey about the memories of the past.

Only, what a shame that he’s a terrible man who treats lies as the norm.

“I care only for what can bring profit, if those memories can raise a commodity’s value, that’s good, obviously[5]. Otherwise, even if memories of eternity[6] are attained, that can only hold death back for just a moment- just like how your old friend wants those illusory memories to remain in this drink. Emptiness has no meaning.”

Whiskey downed the glass of alcohol, facing me as he lifted a completely empty glass, revealing a flawless ‘smile’.

IV. Waltz

“How unexpected of you to make such an assertion, Mr. Vita. I would’ve thought you were more akin to someone who meticulously studies every situation.”

“Then Madame, you worry too much, for I am only a merchant and my observations are but a business instinct.”

As Whiskey said that, his gaze floated over to the other side of the room, and then respectfully said to me:

“Such as right now- At this time, I’m bothering Madame. Our surroundings are filled with nobles waiting for a dance from you.”

My eyes swept over my surroundings. Those all too familiar nobles were covetously eyeing the corner that I was in.

Amongst them, there were many who’ve sought my ‘patronage’.

This is only an informal rule that’s gradually became the default in these nobles’ dirty dealings.

During a ball, I would give those nobles wanted intel about their opponents. They must then offer me treasure and money worth equivalent to the intel.

After the Madam’s death and assuming the title of ‘Bloodthirsty Butterfly,’ I found this diversion not too shabby.

Only tonight, I’m in no mood to listen to their ‘requests’.

“Well in that case, please settle these troubles on my behalf, Mr. Vita.”

“Could it be these royals and nobles’ invitations are of no importance to you?”

“I never let others decide my own matters. How about this- I’ll tell you what you want to know, and you must do your part as well.”

“Since it’s the Madame’s proposal, I believe this deal ought to be quite beneficial.”

Whiskey extended his hand towards me, a gesture of invitation.

“Then, let me really take you away this time, Lilia, Madame.”

For him to say this name at a moment like this, was he insinuating something to me?

“You truly make one feel at ease, Mr. Vita.”

I didn’t hesitate to accept his invitation, like a declaration of war.

Could it be that he wanted to see me uneasy?

Heh, truly an adorable thought.

Under the bright lights, the dancing figures around us didn’t stop swaying. ​ This convoluted waltz was a formality that both Whiskey and I knew by heart.

“I would’ve never thought you’d be so skilled at the waltz too, Mr. Vita.”

“To receive the Madam’s praise make me feel quite honored. I learned it in the kingdoms that I occasionally visited in the past, that’s all.”

Whiskey wasn’t looking at me as he said all of this; he hesitated as he searched for a means of escape.

There were only packed crowds here, making a quick and discreet departure was not a simple act.

“It seems trying to leave is no easy task, Madame Duchess.”

“You’re not calling me Madame Lilia this time?”

“You’re not actually Lilia, are you? Just a moment ago, when I called you this name, though you seemed composed, you actually still hesitated.”

Whiskey’s smile gradually developed an icy cold aura, even the atmosphere became heavy.

“If you think I‘m not Lilia, then who am I?”

This kind of psychological coaxing has no effect whatsoever on me.

“Madame, even if an imitation is hidden in amber, it’s still nothing but a worthless counterfeit. This kind of low level mistake is shameful among merchants.”

“Then, if you were to encounter a counterfeit where the authentic is no more, what would you do, Mr. Vita?” ​ “As a merchant, honesty is the best policy, naturally. If it were a counterfeit, I would certainly get rid of it myself.”

“Hahahaha, you’re truly an interesting person, Mr. Vita.”

I couldn’t help but laugh aloud.

It’s truly been a long time since I’ve heard such a contradictory opinion.

How much of this man is actually true?

A fake name, a fake surname, a fake smile, fake words, it’s all but a lie.

“You obviously have only lies left … Did you also use this kind of expression and these kinds of words towards your Lilia? If she could accept a lie like you, then it seems she truly is an innocent child~ Ah, that’s right, only a pure and innocent sheet of white paper is worthy of being stained black, isn’t that right, Whiskey?” ​ Blood red eyes suddenly hardened, and then, steadily drew closer to me with an imposing air.

“Hehe… You’re truly a genius, Madame. For you to use this face while saying such things that make me want to kill you.”

Whiskey moved close to my ear, his smile ice cold and tone near threatening as he said:

“I hope I won’t hear this kind of talk again.”

“Many thanks for your praise, Mr. Vita.”

But for me, I found it quite entertaining.

I did not push away this person, who had ‘threatened’[7] me, but instead, whispered back into his ear:

“But the fact is, you actually just hoped Lilia could always remain the same. Otherwise, you wouldn’t look at me with eyes filled with such loathing.”

There is nothing more amusing than making this man tear off his mask of hypocrisy.

“If this isn’t a confession, this sort of talk might cause me to misunderstand, Madame Duchess.”

“Hehe~ my mistake then.”

He and I moved back to our original distance.

“Speaking of which, my old friend liked to constantly read a fairy tale storybook. The tale was about a nameless monster. I don’t know if someone who’s travelled and studied so far and wide would’ve ever heard of it before?”

“How unfortunate, I’ve never read those stories. The fairy tales that we see were mostly created by humans with something to hide.”

As he said that, his face finally revealed rare signs of ridicule and disdain; but once more, it quickly disappeared without a trace.

After recovering his usual smile, he said:

“Fairy tales cannot redeem anyone.”

When he finished, Whiskey stopped his dancing, and released his hands. He gave his regards to me.

“Now then, I’ve already done what I promised to you. As for you, Madame…”

“You may ask me a question, I will tell you what you want to know.”

“Where is that person who I’m looking for?”

“The monster has already disappeared, neither slayed by a prince or a knight, and she died before my eyes.”

Upon hearing this, Whiskey’s smile deepened, but it contained no sign of happiness.

“Truly mournful news. In that case, please allow my respects[8] to be brought to her grave.”

And like a magician, Whiskey produced a cluster of small white flowers from his cuff, dropping it to the floor.

“Now then, please look forward to our next meeting, Madame Duchess.”

Upon stopping, he then bowed to me and left, leaving behind those Umbellifers.

Parsley flowers, huh…

Victory, joy, and also… death.

Heh, he’s certainly a vile man. ​ A scarlet red butterfly fluttered in the darkness, gently landing on the tip of my finger.

Soon afterwards, it followed in the direction of Whiskey’s departure, vanishing into the night.

Thinking through it, it’s quite laughable.

At first, I was only interested in the black snake of the abyss in that story and the twins’ joke of a fate; but I didn’t know when I began to be slowly drawn to that pure, white flower, always fixated on the abyss.

What exactly does that flower’s soul look like, for him to resort to so many immoral acts?

Whether it’s vengeance or obsession, it all makes me ever so curious on how far he and I, the flower, Lilia, will go.

Though this story has lost its heroine, worry not, my Madame.

I shall write it down in your place, until the day comes that we welcome the story’s final chapter.

I very much look forward to it, Whiskey.

V. Fruit Tart

Legend has it, a long time ago, there was a nameless monster.

It had the head of a lion, the body of a mountain goat, and the tail of a boa.

It could spray scarlet red fire, burning everything that it came across, and thus, all was barren wherever it went.

In a little kingdom, there lived a nameless young girl.

She was locked in a tiny tower, and no one knew of her existence.

She had a beautiful elder sister, who had the same appearance as her, but a smile that she didn’t have.

If she, too, had a healthy body, the love of her parents, and the blessing of the people, she would definitely be able to smile like her sister,

The young girl thought.

Every day, she prayed in her tiny prison tower, hoping that the busy god would hear her prayers.

Back then, she didn’t know why she was there, why she was always sick; she also didn’t think her half brown, half white body was anything strange.

Her clothes looked no different from those of the soldiers and servants who came and went to the tower.

But no one was willing to go near her, even her parents, who kept on saying they love her; they, too, would always look at her strangely.

Very soon, even this tower was forgotten by all. The only person who accepted her was her doctor.

The doctor told her, the king only wanted to protect her frail and ailing body, that’s why he arranged for her to stay here.

Then, the doctor promised that he would cure her, and let her leave the tower.

She firmly believed this.

Later, there came another person to this tower.

Upon seeing someone nearly identical to herself, the young girl understood that this was the sister she never met before.

The sister tightly hugged her the moment she entered through the door, continuously apologizing to her, saying she’d never known of her younger sister’s existence.

She looked at her sister’s tearful face. It seemed like she really had done something irredeemably heinous.

For some reason, the king keeping her existence a secret from the public was not a great blow to the young girl.

It was only then that she realized that her existence wasn’t needed.

As if she were being reminded of this fact, every time her gentle and kind sister came to visit, she’d gift her with the king’s presents.

To the young girl, these were only scraps her elder sister no longer needed.

The days slowly passed by, and the tiny tower was stuffed full of presents that never belonged to the girl.

And in the eyes of the girl, it was as if they were mocking her useless existence.

But it’s okay, she told herself, there was still the trustworthy doctor’s assurance.

The young girl’s sister would always make time in her packed schedule to visit the girl and talk to her, reading all kinds of stories to her.

Even if the people in the stories met a scary witch or monster, they could wait for someone to ultimately save them.

The young girl believed the doctor was like that, her savior.

She sought out an answer from the doctor on when she could wait for her happy ending.

The doctor told her, of course she could, as long as she was willing to leave this cage, that the king had built in the name of ‘protection’.

And so, the young girl tricked her elder sister. She put in a sedative, which she got from the doctor, into her sister’s tea.

The young girl donned clothes that never belonged to her, and then left her sister there.

That day, the nameless young girl acquired her elder sister’s name.


For the first time, she relied on her own determination to leave the tower, and her trusted doctor was waiting outside for her.

“Doctor, I did it…”

The young girl happily rushed towards the doctor, desiring his praise.

“Shh—As heiress to the throne, you should pay attention to your every word and action now.”

The doctor interrupted the young girl; naturally, having substituted her as the kingdom’s heir.

“Well then, welcome back, your Royal Highness Lilia.”

It was also that day, when the young girl gained new life, that she met that man behind the doctor, smiling so gently and gracefully.

“Whiskey, after this, you are to take care of that beloved princess in the tower in my place.”

“Yes, Attendant.”

His smiling eyes didn’t have a shred of warmth, but they harbored a breathtaking emptiness. Only one glance could entrap someone in the blood red abyss buried in those eyes.

“Doctor, is he your friend?”

The young girl asked.

“Yes, a very thoughtful friend.”

The doctor laughed as he said that, and then took the girl away from there. ​ The young girl’s departing steps didn’t stop, but she couldn’t help but turn her head around to look at that man named Whiskey.

From then on, many things began to quietly change. The king suddenly died of illness, and the queen was quick to follow.

The new heir, preparing to ascend the throne, began ordering artisans to renovate the entire palace.

Intricately carved murals, luxurious and expensive furniture, and even the bone china, usually used for drinking afternoon tea, was inlaid with gold gilding.

Her loved ones had just passed, but one could not feel any sorrow from her.

Along with the rise of an atrocious dictatorship upon the heir’s ascension to the throne, the whole kingdom was filled with rumors for some time.

No one knew that the new monarch’s decisions were all actually made from her most trusted ‘doctor’.

Even the young girl didn’t know that the king and queen’s sudden deaths were because of him.

Life inside the palace was quiet and happy. Every day, when the clock chimes four times, the young girl would go sit in the palace garden. She enjoyed her afternoon tea with a storybook in one hand and a teacup in the other.

She’d occasionally stare at that not-too-distant tall tower, distracted, before sneering.

She didn’t know about the citizens’ dreadful conditions, nor did she know about the gradually coalescing fury of the people, already closing in on the palace gates.

It wasn’t until she was awakened from her beautiful dream and brought out of the palace that she began to understand. The doctor pulled her away in a panic, telling her that the sight of approaching enemies at the gates was choking with smoke. Only then did she realize the fact that there were people outside the royal capital who wanted to kill her.

This name, which the young girl had done so much to acquire, had become a symbol of the ‘witch’ that the people sought to punish. It was also only then that she realized she’d already gained a new title—‘Bloodthirsty Butterfly’.

She was still suffering from shock when she was rushed out of the capital with the doctor by Whiskey, but at that time, she wasn’t too shaken.

Even in the past she only had the doctor by her side. Even if the whole world wanted to kill her, it was alright. Having the doctor here was good enough.

She thought that as she settled down.

Because even with circumstances like this, the doctor hadn’t thrown her away. That was enough.

“Hehe… Do you really think so?”

Whiskey, who’d just returned from an outing, chuckled as he asked her. It was almost as if he heard the girl’s inner thoughts.

“What do you mean?”

The girl watched how his eyes, brimming with smiles, still held no warmth whatsoever, but they were unexpectedly gravitating to her.

“It’s nothing, I just feel he’ll be very happy if you think that way.”

For the first time, the young girl saw a shred of hollow emotions- it looked like sorrow, but also hatred, or more so, mockery.

The escape involved a long journey that didn’t stop once to rest.

Finally, they managed to find a wealthy household that would give them lodging. However, it was then that the weak girl began to show symptoms from before.

The young girl, with an unceasing high fever, climbed out of her bed in a daze. She went to go find the doctor, but then, heard his conversation with Whiskey from behind the door.

“Seriously, at first, I thought selling this kind of pure, blueblood body to those weird hobbyist upstarts could get a decent price.”

“Hehe… Did you not only bring along because you wanted to use her as a test subject, Attendant?”

“Staying behind in that kingdom would’ve resulted in death anyways, not like she’ll live a good life even in the hands of those buyers. I tried my damnedest to cure her, are you now telling me that even these experiments were failures? Had it not been for those experiments, she would’ve never lived to now! Now that I can’t find a buyer, she’s become a burden…”

On the other side of the door, the young girl couldn’t believe how the doctor, saying all these cruel things, had suddenly become so unfamiliar.

Because of the high fever, her tears wouldn’t stop flowing out. She could only harshly bite down her lips, not daring to make even the slightest of sounds.

“I’m not skilled enough to deal with her this time.”

Ah, she understood now. From the very beginning, no one was willing to stay by her side.

When the girl realized she was going to be cast aside like this, another voice faintly spoke up.

“Since that’s the case, leave it to me then.”


“Yes, I’ve recently compiled those research notes of yours, and after putting them into practice, little by little, there appears to be some results.”

“As expected, it’s you who understands me the most.”

That voice did not continue, it only laughed softly. The sound of that laughter shook the girl’s heart.

At the time, Whiskey knew there was a tiny body trembling from outside the door; he also knew she fled, utterly panicked.

And so, as he pushed open the girl’s bedroom door, his voice was surprisingly warm.

“You’re only starting to feel afraid now?”

The girl looked at the man before her, speechless.

“Do you want to escape from here?”

Whiskey’s smile deepened[9] a bit more; just like how that deep blackness made her hold her breath in fixation, unable to look away.

And in the next moment, once more that suffocating feeling disappeared without a trace.

“I can help you.”


The ceaseless fever and the all-consuming dread started to make her voice wobble.

The young girl was unable to truly believe in the words of the person before her—No, it was because she was afraid to believe, but it was her only choice right now.

“I will of course cure you, and then arrange for you to leave here.”

“The doctor would not allow it…”

“That’s in a situation where he could stop you… Isn’t that right?”

Whiskey did not carry on; there was only the hint of an icy cold arc to his lips.

“I…will kill… the doctor?”


A week later, that once peaceful little village came to extremely shocking news.

The four members of a wealthy family were all killed off; additionally, a middle aged man, a guest at their home, was also killed.

But what made people unconvinced beyond disbelief was how an eyewitness reported that the perpetrator was a girl who appeared to be still quite young.

The whole village was flooded with portraits of the eyewitnesses’ descriptions: a beautiful, blood-stained face with an aberrant, crazed smile.

“Because you have been a nameless monster since the beginning.”

These were the final words of the girl’s once trusted confidante, right before she killed him.

You are correct, doctor.

The young girl ultimately accepted everything, thus becoming a true ‘monster’.

One afternoon, inside the garden of House of Time.

“The story has reached here; do you find it interesting, Fruit Tart?”

As she said those words, a woman with the same appearance as Fruit Tart elegantly drank her afternoon tea, book in hand.

“Though it’s quite different from your previous story, it’ll suffice for today’s afternoon tea.”

Fruit Tart said, gently sipping the cup of black tea in her hand.

“Now then, the butterfly should be returning soon. Once tea time is over, I shall tell you matters about that man.”


  1. Translator’s Note: The original text was closer to couch, but sickbed was used instead because it was more appropriate.
  2. Translator’s Note: The original text for the last sentence (变成了那时我唯一活下去的资本) means like “I was the only surviving capital” which means that only her body survived, but none of her internal self, like her ambitions and higher goals, survived.
  3. Translator’s Note: The more common name for Strelitzias is Bird-of-Paradise flowers but Strelitzias was used to avoid wordiness and mixing it up with the actual bird.
  4. Translator’s Note: original text said “tossed out olive branch” which just means an attempt to make peace so “chance for peace” was used to reduce wordiness while communicating the same information.
  5. Translator’s Note: original text said that if it can raise a “commodity’s value history” which isn’t a term used in economics as far as we know? So yeah history was taken out for better understanding.
  6. Translator’s Note: original text did not say memories of eternity but just eternity, memories was added in to better connect it with the preceding sentence and convey what Whiskey means as a whole- that holding onto unprofitable memories is pointless.
  7. Translator’s Note: original text said “used malicious words” instead so threatened replaced it. Wanted to make note of that as reference!
  8. Translator’s Note: the original text used is “心意,” which has a variety of meanings, like one’s feelings, purpose, intention, regards, affection.
  9. Translator’s Note: The original Chinese character used here was actually really clever- it can mean deepening, or darkening, matching with the succeeding sentence about darkness.

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I. Bloodthirsty Butterfly


The clock was running correctly.

The four walls are spaces filled with books. In addition to some precious books, there are also the "works" of Mrs. Lilia, who is the "love" of my Master Attendant.

When I was summoned by Master Attendant, the lady's health wasn't very good.

So I was born to replace the lady who couldn't attend various social occasions with Master Attendant, the Grand Duke.

For humans, this is an arrogant excuse. Fortunately, I found two interesting aspects in the two of them.

Master Attendant and his "bloodthirsty butterfly" lady make an interesting combination. The former was so greedy to the point he seemingly wants to bring his power to the grave, while the latter can be seen smiling tenderly most of the time.

"Bloodthirsty Butterfly"

In this social circle of nobles, this was the name she chose to call herself.

At first I thought it might just be a silly title to match the status and style of Master Attendant.

There isn't much difference between this lady and most aristocrats other than their daily life. It wasn't until I discovered the story of the witch named "Bloodthirsty Butterfly" that I really had some affection for these two humans.

They should feel honored for they weren't humans that I'll get bored of.

There's only one thing I don't quite understand. That's the old story book I'm looking at in my hand right now.

This is the story of a nameless monster.

Like all fairy tales, there will be a righteous knight on a horse who would subdue the monster, and finally the world will usher in a peaceful ending.

Obviously it's a story not worth mentioning, but she's always reading that book. What exactly is hidden here?

At first I was very interested in it, but after discovering the story of the witch, I seemed to understand something.

"Do you really like reading that book?"

With the gradual footsteps outside the door getting closer, the door of the library was quickly pushed open mercilessly.

As soon as I looked up, I saw my "servant" leaning against the bookshelf at the door. "You always like to come in without knocking, Souffle."

"Like this?"

He said, knocking on the side door, but there was not even the slightest of fear in his eyes. "You've seen that coward do it many times. Don't tell me it's not enough?"

"Heh, yes, it's better than having me to bear and look at that everyday appearance of yours, like a stray dog."

I couldn’t help but smile in a mocking manner.

"Why did you came back? Shouldn't you be at the Viscount's residence?"

"Of course, I have come to tell you some interesting things, Duchess."

"When I paid a visit to that gambling Count with the Duke yesterday, I found that... "

"Is it that Food Soul called Sandwich? Heh...all that child does is play little tricks, what else can he do?"

"So you really did observe the Count with your "Butterfly."

"How can I let go of a man who dare to go against the Viscount leave?"

"Then, you should be aware of that another message."

"Oh?" "That man is here."

Of course, I naturally knew who that person Souffle spoke of was. Want to know how I'm aware of that person's existence?

Perhaps it's all thanks to the story of the "Bloodthirsty Butterfly" written by the Lady. In the story, the change of a kingdom may be treated as something abrupt.

But for the death of the queen, the one called "Bloodthirsty butterfly" in the story who was stabbed in the attic of a tower, to be treated as an accident is not enough of an excuse to cover up this coincidence.

Just by having a small understanding of the story, will lead to a revelation that the Lady's story is not a simple compilation of some sleep-talking. And it was from my Lady's stories that I developed some interest in him. Since then, I will send "Butterfly" to find the tracks of that person when I have afternoon tea. And the lady would write in her story the things I told her about that man again.

Although a long time had passed, but the story written by the lady has never ceased to stop.

"He will come sooner or later, I am very much looking forward to it. What kind of look will be on his face when he present himself in front of me?"

II. Time of the Witch

When the bell strikes 4:00, it's the time when I would never allow others to disturb me. This is how the House of Time, where I live in, is like.

Once it's afternoon tea time, bells will ring in every nook and cranny of the public hall, warning everyone in the House of Time not to step into the Forbidden Garden as they please.

This is the Eden that the Grand Duke specially built for his Duchess.

But apart from the occasional tedious social engagements, I seldom see the Duke.

Even before the Lady died, I seemed to spend more time with her.

Maybe it's because of the unique trait of the lady's body, it deteriorated very quickly after she caught that illness.

Not long after, she could no longer walk into the garden that the Duke had prepared for her, and was forced to spend her days in a bed-ridden state.

At that time, her story was a pleasure I used to pass the time and was the only bargaining chip she could use to exchange information with me.

"Obeying the devil's instruction, the witch dyed herself with the blood of her lover. At that point, there was not even a single trace of love in her heart.

Once the dagger in her hand pierced her lover's heart, she knew that she had once again become alone.

Afterwards, her lover's final words became her curse.

There'll no longer be anyone in the world who would love her. The only person who had feelings for her has died under the people's trial.

The witch shed tears and lost her magic. Her body was so hideous that even the blood-colored butterfly began to break apart. Together with her, she was reduced to ashes and disappeared at the end of the dawn."

"That's how the witch, who teared up, died?"

After hearing the end of the story, I couldn't help laughing in a taunting manner, and asked the woman who was already haggard as a bone.

"For her, death is the best ending." Looking at my Lady, she sobbed almost as if she saw through me and knew who she was missing.

"If I hadn't left her in the attic and ran away by myself at that time, would our ending be different if my sister was still alive?"

"It's impossible for me to know something that didn't happen."

"True, you can take it as nonsense babbled by me. Every time I look at you, I feel like I'm facing my past self, face to face. But the more I recall the past, the more I feel that all this is now my punishment."

"This interest me as I look into it. After all, I can't see how I would meet my demise." "Is that the end that man was expecting? Heh... Yeah, I knew he didn't intend to let me go from the very beginning. "

"Are you talking about...Whiskey?"

"After I escaped from there, I kept on thinking, why didn't he end my life at that time? I fled for a long time, until I found out that even if I left Hell, the outside world was still purgatory for me... "

"But you met the Duke didn't you?"

"Yes... I was a dirty fugitive back then. But he said he liked my eyes because they were full of cruelty and despair. Of course, I did not simply believe his words.

Yet, at that point, I've got nothing to lose. So, I had to make a gamble.

I want to make use of this sudden fondness that aristocrat had on me to break free of the evil curse the demon placed on me.

But I never thought that the arrogance that almost lead to my death in the past had become the only thing I possessed which allowed me to survive at that time."

The Lady didn't continue.

Because at the moment, the "butterfly" that I sent out had settled down on the window, my Lady naturally knew whose news it will bring.

"Since you have finished the story, I will naturally tell you what you want to know. Whiskey has left the kingdom. But before leaving, he went to another place."

I showed her all the information collected by the "Butterfly".

"This sister's...grave?" The lady's tone revealed her immense astonishment. "I didn't expect him to have a heart. But, when humans send respect to the deceased, do they also send birds of paradise like him?"

"Birds of paradise..."

The lady who heard this sentence was reading the name of the flower silently. Tears were suddenly welling up in her eyes.

"It's the place where monsters can't go..."

After that, the Lady never woke up again. As such, I became Mrs. Bloodthirsty Butterfly. No one doubted my identity. Not even a single person, other than me, had seen the Lady's appearance before she left the world.

Even the Duke who had "loved" her so deeply abandoned her after she was bedridden. On that day, all the story has entered a new chapter.

Whether it’s for me or for Whisky...


Time passes by minute by minute.

I was sitting in the study room, waiting for the Duke to come for his appointment.

"Madam, you're here. So anxious to find me, what happened?" The Duke pushed open the door of the study calmly and walked in.

"Naturally, I want to share something interesting with you." So I told the Duke about what I had known about the Count's daughter and Sandwich's plan to make the Count lose everything by gambling.

This kind of overconfident scheme was not only harmless, but extremely beneficial to the Duke. This makes the man, who only covetously yearn for power, to laugh for a long time. I have seen too much of the foolishness of human's ignorance.

However, my purpose isn't to help the child's carry out his silly prank against her father, nor to make the all-powerful Grand Duke better secure the wealth that can be easily delivered to his doorstep.

I want to see the man who was as dark as the abyss. Not from from the Lady's story, or from my own "butterfly".

I want him to truly stand in front of me as well as to know from him whether the pure white flower living in the abyss is really the glimmering light in the dark.

So, I proposed to the Grand Duke to hold a banquet in his private villa.

Maybe the joke I just told him had uplifted his mood, which is why he unhesitatingly agreed to my proposal. In that case, I'm sure the next story will not be a downer.

III. Amber Dream

With the power of the Duke, he was able to quickly invite many famous nobles to the banquet.

Unexpectedly, the Count of Gamblers, who hoped to gain a high status by relying on his little Food Souls' tricks, came.

Of course, that man will not let this opportunity run away. After all, he had gotten closer to Viscount Pell because of this. This was the disgusting style that man use every time.

Viscount Pell was a close friend of the gambling viscount, but he had long been unhappy of being repeatedly robbed when he played card with the Gambling viscount.

Now, once someone like him is given the opportunity to gain greater power, he will take the olive branch that is thrown without thinking twice.

There's nothing more I need to do. All the gambling viscount's power and relationships with outsiders were revealed completely by the man who sought to win Duke's favor.

The dark night is going to narrate the synopsis of the story that's going to unfold.

Meanwhile, I'll linger in the warmth of the lamp that exist within this darkness.

Tonight's banquet was meant to end the boring game of power between the nobles. But for me, this will be a delightful first encounter.

Or it more appropriate to use the word "farewell" to describe it? "Good evening, Duchess."

Viscount Pell took off his hat and greeted me alongside the man behind him. His appearance wasn't much of a surprise to me.

"Good evening, Viscount Pell."

"You always look so beautiful and touching, my honorable duchess."

"As always, you're still good with words, Viscount."

Such greetings have no value. I always liked to go straight to the subject.

"Then, can the Viscount introduce the gentleman next to you?"

"This is Mr. Vita, whom I mentioned to the Duke before. This time, I would also like to introduce him to you."

The man standing in front of me, named Whiskey, just looked at me with dismay. But soon , he seemed to have an answer. He smiled to conceal the hidden malice.

"I'm very sorry, Duchess. I just didn't have time to introduce myself. My name is Aqua Vita, an ordinary traveling businessman. Fortunately, I have been acknowledged by Viscount Pell which is why I was able to come here."

I couldn't get the response I wanted from the unchanging smile on his face. It seems he had no aim for coming here.

With a gentle, hypocritical smile and graceful movements, it was the first time I personally witnessed the blood-colored eyes that my lady described countless times.

"Oh? A businessman? I've heard from the Duke before that you are familiar with medicine. I thought you would be an experienced doctor."

"Doctors who practice medicine are only just collecting money after conducting their business. As a businessman, who say I can't try this? Besides, not all doctors save lives and treat injuries, which I think the Duchess is certainly more familiar than I do. "

Ah, yes, trying to advance and retreat to a certain degree...

Everything is telling me this man is the type of people I hate the most.

"You may rest assured, Duchess. Mr. Vita will not disappoint the Duke."

As if to ease the atmosphere, Viscount Pell quickly spoke.

"Mr. Vita's remark is very interesting."

I grabbed a cocktail from the waiter's plate. This is the Lady's favorite wine. Although it's a little tedious to prepare, but it's still better to keep this as a tradition in the Duke's banquet.

"Duchess, Duchess…" I hinted with my eyes to make this ignorant and foolish fool to shut up.

"Although I wish to chat with Mr. Vita for a little longer, but from the looks of it, you look quite tired. I believe that you should go to the living room for a rest. I'm sure the Duke would have good news for you after the banquet. "

"In that case, Lord Viscount, please have a good rest in the reception room. I'll come to see you later."

"Er... Yes, then I won't disturb you, Madam... It seems that for Whiskey, Viscount Pell's value is just that."

When the Viscount left, as if to cater to me, Whisky also picked up the same cocktail I had. "Amber Dream?"

He swayed his glass gently, but he had no intention of tasting it.

"It's not very common at such a banquet..."

"This was specially prepared by the Duke for me."

"Is it because of the beautiful amber color? But before it became the "Amber Dream", it was a "jewel" with a brilliant color."

He looked carefully at the wine in his hand like a treasurer.

"Vermouth symbolizes ruby, Riesling symbolizes emerald, and Gin symbolizes diamond. In my opinion, separating the layers of wine into a rainbow "gem" is more suitable for you, Madam?" "In addition to medicine, Mr. Vita knows something about wine too, which really surprises me. Many people regard "Amber Dream" and "Gemstone" as the same kind of wine."

"Ah, after all, "Amber Dream" and "Gemstone" have completely different colors and luster." "I'm curious, does Mr. Vita like the "Gemstone" or "Amber Dream"?"

"To businessmen, as long as they are valuable goods, they are worthy of love."

"That's a sly statement, Mr. Vita."

"So, what do you want to keep, Madam?"

"There was once an old friend of mine who said that she liked to stay in the time of an amber. Neither memory nor life would be corrupted."

"It seems that your old friend had any memories worth preserving?"

"Yes, is Mr. Vita very interested?"

If Whisky had admit it at that moment, maybe I would have talked to him about old times on a whim.

Unfortunately, he's a terrible man who treats lying as a routine.

"I only care about the things that can bring benefits. Those memories are good if they can enhance the value of the commodities' history. Otherwise, even if they are eternal, they will just keep the moment of death, just like your old friend who wants to leave those illusion memories in this wine, empty and meaningless."

Whisky drank the glass of wine and held up the empty glass to me, showing a flawless smile.

IV. Circling Waltz

"Mr. Vita unexpectedly made such an assertion. I thought you would be a better judge of the situation." "The lady must be overthinking it. I am just a businessman. Observing and seeing things are just instincts gained from conducting business. "

Whisky said, eyes drifting to the other side. Thereafter, he said to me respectfully.

"Just like now, during the period when I disturbed you, there are already many surrounding nobles who wish to dance with you."

I scanned around with my eyes, and realized that the nobles are looking at my spot with a covetous pair of eyes.

Among them, many of them are "guests" who had request for me.

This is just an unwritten rule which is gradually accepted in the dirty trades of these nobles. In the ball, I give these aristocrats information about their opponents. In turns, they must offer me money and treasures of equal value.

This is a nice pleasure I found after the lady's death under the alias of "bloodthirsty butterfly".

It's just that I don't have the focus to listen to their "requests" tonight.

"If that's the case, I would like to ask Mr. Vita to solve these troubles for me."

"Aren't these princes' and nobles' invitations unimportant to you?"

"I don't allow others to make decisions for me. How about this, I will tell you what you want to know, and you'll do your job well."

"Since it's your request, Madam, I think this should be a good deal."

Whisky extended his hand to me and made an invitation gesture.

"Now, let me take you away this time, madam Lilia. "

What are you playing at when you said that name at this moment?

"How reassuring, Mr. Vita. "

I didn't hesitate to accept his invitation which was akin to a "war book."

Do you want to see the uncomfortable expression on my face?

Heh, what a lovely thought.

Under the bright lights, the dancing figures sway.

This round of waltz is a play that I and he both know full well.

"I didn't expect Mr. Vita to dance the waltz so well."

"It's a great honor to receive your praise, Madam. I only learned it in the past when i passed by other kingdoms I passed by by chance."

Whisky didn't look at me. He hesitated and looked for the suitable foothold.

The place was packed like sardines which made it difficult to escape without being noticed.

"It seems that it's not easy to leave, Duchess."  

"You didn't call me Mrs. Lilia this time?"

"You're not Lilia, are you? When I called this name just now, you looked calm, but hesitated in reality."

Whisky's smile has gradually acquired a real sense of coldness, and even the surrounding atmosphere has become somewhat heavy.

"Then if you think that I'm not Lilia, who am I really?"

This kind of psychological bait has no effect on me.

"Madam, fake things, even hidden in amber, are just worthless counterfeits. This kind of low-level mistakes are a great taboo for businessmen."

"So, what will Mr. Vita do if he meets a counterfeit that has no real counterpart?"

"As a businessman, honesty is the foundation. As long as it is a counterfeit, I will personally eliminate it by myself."

"Ha ha ha ha, Mr. Vita is really an interesting person."

I couldn't help laughing.

It's really been a long time since I heard such contradictory remarks.

How much of this man is real?

False names, false surnames, false smiles, false words, everything is a lie.

"Clearly, there is only lies left... Do you talk to Lilia with that expression? If she can accept such a lie, it seems that she's really are a pure child~ Yes, pure and flawless white paper is worth being stained with blackness, isn't it, Whisky?"

His blood-red pupils were dilated. Afterwards he and the heavy air inched closer towards me at a slow speed.

" are a genius, Madam. You really dare to use such an expression and say something that makes me want to kill you."

Whisky came to my ear. With a cold smile, he jeered at me in a near-threatening tone. "I hope I won't hear it again from you a second time."

"Thank you for your compliment, Mr. Vita."

But this is a pleasure for me.

I didn't push this man away who said "words harbored with malice to me". Instead, I too whispered in his.

"But you actually hoped that Lilia would remain the same. Otherwise, you wouldn't have looked at me with such disgusting eyes."

Nothing is more interesting than to see this man tear off his mask of hypocrisy.

"If this wasn't words from your heart , I would have misunderstood it, Duchess." "Hehe, that would be rude of me."

He and I recovered the original distance between us.

"Speaking of which, my old friend had always enjoyed reading a fairy tale. It was a story about an unnamed monster. I wonder if Mr. Vita, who has been traveling around, has heard of it?"

"Unfortunately, I've never read that. Most fairy tales in the world are mostly fabricated by human beings in order to hide something."

There was a rare scoffed and disdained look on his face when he said this sentence, but it soon disappeared without a trace.

Then his usual smile appeared and he said.

"Fairy tales can't save anyone."

With that, Whisky stopped dancing and let go of my hand. He slowly thanked me politely. "Well, I've done what I promised you. Then, Madam...."

"You can ask me a question and I will answer you."

"Where's the person I'm looking for?"

"The monster has disappeared. She died in front of me, not killed by a prince or a knight." After listening to this sentence, Whisky smile deepened, but there was no feeling of happiness. "That's really sad news. Then, please take this little gift to her grave."

Like a magician, Whisky took out a cluster of small white flowers under his sleeve which fell onto the ground.

"Then, Duchess, please look forward to our next encounter."

After that, he bowed and left, leaving only the pile of parsley in his place. Parsley...?

Victory, joy...and death.

Heh, he really is a bad man.

Fluttering in the darkness, the scarlet butterfly fell gently onto my fingertips.

Then it disappeared into the night in the direction of Whisky's departure.

Thinking about it deeply, I found it ridiculous.

At first, I was only interested in the fate of the black snake, who lived in the abyss as well as the twins who were seemingly treated as a joke in that story. But unknowingly, I was gradually attracted by the pure white flower that had been watching the abyss.

What is the soul of the flower that led to him recklessly commit so many things?

Whether it is for revenge or for a fixation, I'm very curious where he and she can go. Although this story has lost the heroine, don't worry, my lady.

I'll write it down for you until the story is ready for a conclusion.

I'm looking forward to it, Whisky.

V. Fruit Tart

Legend has it that a long tine ago, there was a monster without a name.

It has the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a python.

Everywhere it go, It would spew out a crimson flame which burn everything. Hence, these places became barren.

In a small kingdom, there is a girl without a name.

She was locked in a small attic, and no one knew about her existence.

She has a beautiful sister who shared a similar appearance with her. But her sister has a smile which she doesn't have.

If she has a healthy body, parents' love, and the people's blessings, she would be able to smile like her sister.

That's what the girl thought. Every day she prays in her little attic, and hoped that the busy God can hear her prayers. At that time, she didn't know why she was here, why she was always sick, nor did she felt it strange that her body is half-brown and half-white.

The clothes she wore were no different from those of the soldiers and servants who were entered and left the attic.

But no one wanted to be close to her, and even the parents who say they "love" her are always looking at her in a strange manner.

Soon, even this attic was forgotten. The only person who accepted her was her doctor.

The doctor told her that the king had placed her here to protect her from being sick.

Moreover, the doctor promised her that she would be cured and let out of the attic. She was fully believed this.

Later, another person came to the attic.

Looking at the similar face, the girl realized that it was her sister whom she had never met before.

As soon as she entered the door, she hugged her tightly and apologized to her profusely, saying that she wasn't aware of her sister's existence. She looked at her sister's tearful face as if she had really done something heinous.

Unknowingly, the fact that the king didn't make her presence known to the public didn't impacted the girl too much. Only then did she realize that she was really not needed.

As a reminder to her, every time the gentle and kind sister visits the girl, she would give her a gift.

But for the girl, these are just trash that her sister no longer needs. As the days passed, the little attic was filled with gifts that didn't belong to the girl.

In the eyes of the young girl, they seem to be mocking her that she has nothing in her life.

But it doesn't matter, she told herself that she had a trustworthy doctor to rely on.

The girl’s sister would always squeeze out some time out of her packed scheduled to read stories for the girl and converse with her. People in the story, even if they encounter a terrible witch or a monster, were able to survive until someone could save them in the end. The girl thinks that the doctor is such an existence.

She asked the doctor for an answer. Can she wait for such an ending?

The doctor told her, of course, as long as she could leave the cage which the king had built to "protect" her.

Then, the girl deceived her sister and put a sedative she obtained from the doctor in her sister's tea.

The girl put on a dress that was not her's, and left her sister there.

That day, the girl with no name got the name of her sister-- Lilia. For the first time, she left the attic at her own will and the doctor she trusted was waiting for her outside. "Doctor, I succeeded..." The girl ran happily to the doctor for his praise.

"Shh - as crown Princess, you should pay attention to your words and actions now."

The doctor interrupted the girl's sentence and naturally have her be replaced as the Crown Princess of the kingdom. Then, welcome back, Your Highness, Lilia. "

It was also on that day that the girl, who had gained a new life, met the man who laughed gently behind the doctor. "Whiskey, from now on, you'll take care of the pitiful princess in the attic for me."

"Yes, Master Attendant."

The smile in his eyes can't sense a trace of temperature, but within it was a look that can shoot into the heart of a person. Just a glance is enough for anyone to fall into the abyss of his bloody and deep pupil.

"Doctor, is he your friend?" asked the girl.

"Yes, a very understanding friend." The doctor said with a smile and took the girl away.

The girl didn't stop in her tracks, but she couldn't help but look back at the man named Whiskey.

Since then, many things have changed quietly. Suddenly the king died, and the queen followed him soon after.

The new Crown Princess, who was ready to take the throne, ordered the craftsmen to renovate the entire palace.

The intricately carved murals, luxurious and extravagant furniture, even the white china cups usually used for afternoon tea are to be encrusted with gold rims.

Clearly, all her loved ones had passed away. Yet, she can't feel the slightest grief.

In addition, after the succession of the Crown Princess led to an unfair governance which wasn't the same as the past. In an instant, rumors began circulating in the whole kingdom.

No one knows that all the decisions made by the new queen originated from her most trusted "doctor".

Even the girl herself didn't know that the sudden death of the king and queen was also thanks to him.

Life in the kingdom was quiet and beautiful. Every day when the clock strikes four, the girl would sit in the garden of the kingdom with a story book in one hand and a tea cup in the other.

Occasionally, she would look at the tall tower not far away in a daze, and then laugh in a mocking manner.

She didn't know the suffering of the people outside, nor did she knew that the anger of the people were gradually accumulating and are directed towards the gate of the kingdom.

It was not until she was awakened from her sweet dream, brought out of the palace, pulled away in a panic by the doctor, and was told by him about the danger and the smoke in the city did she realized that she was the one those outside the city wanted to kill.

Thereafter, the girl's name, which she struggled to obtain, became the symbol of the "witch" criticized by everyone. That time was also when she realized that she had a new title - "bloodthirsty butterfly". The frightened girl and doctor was soon led out of the city by Whiskey, but she wasn't too shocked at that time.

In the past, the doctor was the only one by her side. So, even if the whole world wanted to kill her, it didn't matter, as long as the doctor was there.

The girl, who had just settled down in the residence peacefully, thought so.

Because even under in this situation, the doctor didn't abandon her. This is alright for her. "Hehe... That's really what you think?" Whiskey, who had just returned, smiled almost as if he heard the girl's thought. "What do you mean?"

The girl looked at the pupils which has some sense of mockery. There was still no sign of any temperature in her eyes, but they had an unexpected allure. "Nothing, he'll be very happy if that's what you think."

For the first time, the girl saw empty emotions in his eyes, like sadness and hatred, more like a scoff.

The long journey of escape has never stopped.

It was not easy for them to finally found a wealthy family who could provide accommodations for them, but the weak girl suddenly began to show signs of the previous illness.

The girl, with a high fever that did not subside, got up from her bed blearily. She wanted to see the doctor, but she heard the conversation between the doctor and Whisky outside the door.

"I can't believe it. At first, I thought I could fetch a good price by selling a pure-blooded noble with such a body to those who had sudden wealth and strange kinks."

"Hehe...Master Attendant, didn't you brought her to your side because you said she was your test subject initially?"

"Anyway, death awaits her even if she stayed in that kingdom. Moreover, her years ahead wouldn't be great once she falls into the hands of those buyers. I am trying my best to treat her with all my soul and heart. Can't I at least do some experiments on her? Besides, she wouldn't have lived up to now without those experiment. But now that I can't find any buyers, she has became quite a burden... "

The girl couldn't believe that person on the other side of the door was the doctor. Spewing out all this cruel words have certainly made him feel like a stranger her.

Tears couldn’t stop flowing, and because of the high fever, she could only bite her covered lips, daring not to make a sound.

"There' nothing else I can do to deal with her this time."

Ah, so it seems that from the very beginning, no one was willing to stay by her side.

When the girl thought she would be abandoned like this, another voice sounded quietly.

"If that's the case, then leave it to me."


"Yes, I've recently sorted out the research records of Master Attendant and carried them out. It seems that some results have been achieved."

"You really know my mind the best."

The voice didn't continue to answer, just smiled faintly. But his laughter shook the girl's heart.

Whisky was aware of that little body shaking outside the door at that time, and he knew that things was difficult for her when was she fleeing.

Hence, as he pushed open the door of the girl's room, his voice had a rare warmth.

"Are you beginning to feel afraid?"

The girl looked at the man in front of her, and she didn't even know what to say.

"Do you want to escape from here?"

Whisky's smile deepened a little further, such as the deep darkness that captured all the focus of any person, preventing them from looking away.

In the next moment, the feeling of suffocation disappeared without a trace.

"I can help you."

"Really... Really?"

The constant heat and the fear that pervaded her whole body made her words begin to mix with tremors.

The girl can't fully believe the person's words in front of her. No, she dare not believe it. However, it was her only choice now. "Of course, I will cure you, then I will arrange for you to leave."

"The doctor will not agree..."

"That's only when he still has the ability to stop you... Isn't it?"

Whisky didn't go on, but there was a cold arc in the corner of his mouth.

"I'll kill...Doctor?"


A week later, there was shocking news in the once peaceful town.

Four members of the town's wealthy family were killed alongside a middle-aged man, who happened to visit the wealthy family was also a victim.

But what made it unbelievable was that eyewitness claimed to have seen a seemingly underage girl commit this.

The whole town was covered with the portrait of the girl described by the witness, with a beautiful face stained with blood and an insane smile.

"Because you were a monster without a name from the beginning."

This is the last sentence that the girl heard before she killed the person she fully trusted in.

You're right, doctor.

The girl finally admitted all of this and became a real "monster"

One afternoon, in the garden of the House of Time.

"That's the end of the story. Did you find it interesting, Fruit Tart?"

A woman, who shared the same face as Fruit Tart, was drinking afternoon tea gracefully and speaking to Fruit Tart at the same time with a book in her hand.

"Although it's kinda different from your previous story, Madam, it's enough for us to pass the afternoon tea time."

Fruit Tart said, gently sipping the black tea in her hand.

"Well, it's almost time for "Butterfly" to come back. When tea time is over, I will tell you something about that person."