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I won't let down to your expectations.


Ginseng placed himself in a giant magical formation to increase his range. This is required as he extends his roots to all corners of the world for intel gathering. As such, it makes him look like some sort of information handling machine who spends a majority of time managing all sorts of data. While he cannot wake up because of this, he will still try to fix the continuously deteriorating Formation of Lands if it is within his reach. This makes him a call and reliable person worthy of everyone's trust. However, because he is stuck in the magic formation, he rarely shows his face in front of others and would have Cat-Ear Noodles do all the dissemination of info.

Food Introduction

Ginseng is a herbaceous plant, mainly grow in China, Korea, Japan. Also known as yellow ginseng, the essence of earth, holy grass, king of grass, it is one of the well-known "three treasures of Northeast China". Ginseng has rich nutrients, it is a valuable Chinese herbal, there are records about ginseng as medicine in "Shennong Ben Cao Jing"[1] in about 4000 years ago in China. Currently, besides medicine, ginseng also appears a lot in soup to nourish the human body.

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Initial Stats

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Voice Lines

Contract Ah, thou art... My name is Ginseng. From today onwards, I shall aid thou to succeed and flourish till you draw my last breath. File:Ginseng-0001-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0001-CN.ogg
Log In Master Attendant must has worked hard out there. I've already let Cat-Ear Noodles prepare some hot water to wash away all the impurities. Thereafter, thou shalt have thy meal. File:Ginseng-0002-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0002-CN.ogg
Ice Arena This place is excellent. If thou are free, it would be pleasant if thou come to have tea with me... File:Ginseng-0009-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0009-CN.ogg
Skills Calm thy soul and purge all malovence! File:Ginseng-0010-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0010-CN.ogg
Ascend Thou have made it clear that joy enriches one's mind. File:Ginseng-0011-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0011-CN.ogg
Fatigue Umm—— Am I... slightly... overloaded...? File:Ginseng-0012-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0012-CN.ogg
Recovering I've just returned to my magic formation, that's all. Master Attendant should know where to look for me, ues? File:Ginseng-0013-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0013-CN.ogg
Team Formation Since it's thy request, then I shall give it my all. File:Ginseng-0014-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0014-CN.ogg
Knockout Don't... fret... File:Ginseng-0015-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0015-CN.ogg
Notice As Master Attendant has been overworking yourself to the bone, I've go out of my way to added some herbs for your body to recuperate. I hope thou don't reprimand me for this. File:Ginseng-0017-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0017-CN.ogg
Idle 1 Thou promises, is more important then the mountains and rivers for the people. Thou promises, is more important all matters in this world for me. File:Ginseng-0018-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0018-CN.ogg
Idle 2 Handling all plans in my hands, fame and wealth are just something I can get easily. However, living in such a chaotic periods, what I want is just a friend that I can drink with, a wise leader to protect this flourishing world together forever. File:Ginseng-0019-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0019-CN.ogg
Idle 3 It would be great if this peaceful time that I have to think nothing, could be longer... File:Ginseng-0020-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0020-CN.ogg
Interaction 1 All the intel are in my mind, and these... are just some records that let others able to read. File:Ginseng-0003-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0003-CN.ogg
Interaction 2 If Master Attendant want to find me, you can let Cat-Ear Noodles know, no need to come here. File:Ginseng-0004-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0004-CN.ogg
Interaction 3 Sorry, I won't leave the formation without reason, I might miss the important intel every second I leave the formation... File:Ginseng-0005-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0005-CN.ogg
Pledge Flowing waters are hard to find their bosom one, good courtiers are hard to find a wise leader. Fortunately, I'm luckier than the people in the long history, I met you. Those what you want, no matter is it wealth, authority, power, or this whole land, I will fulfill your wishes. And what you need to pay is just a truly heart. File:Ginseng-0016-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0016-CN.ogg
Intimacy 1 As long as I am still exist, what you want will go into your hands eventually. File:Ginseng-0006-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0006-CN.ogg
Intimacy 2 If... I told you everything, will you trust me? File:Ginseng-0007-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0007-CN.ogg
Intimacy 3 Knowing too much, everything in the world was just brief records. But Attendant, you are smiling in front of me sincerely. File:Ginseng-0008-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0008-CN.ogg
Victory As you wish. File:Ginseng-0021-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0021-CN.ogg
Defeat I... have let down Master Attendant's expectation... File:Ginseng-0022-JP.ogg File:Ginseng-0022-CN.ogg

Food Souls



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Normal Nodes
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Normal Node Details
Node Stat Boost
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Togi Node I -
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Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

Togi Node II -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

Togi Node III -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

Togi Node IV -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

Togi Node V -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

  1. A Chinese book on agriculture and medicinal plants.