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This is a general guide intended to help players learn how to properly build Fallen Angels. If you need more in-depth information. We highly recommend you join a guild with an active Discord server that can assist you one-on-one.

Basic Information

Fallen Angels (FAs)

Fallen Angels can be equipped to Food Souls to improve their combat ability. There are three types of Fallen Angels:

  • Normal (white)
  • Evolved (blue)
  • Enhanced (purple)
  • Normal < Evolved < Enhanced

Fallen angels can have a maximum of four stat lines, and these stat lines can be divided into six types: Attack Power, Defense Power, HP, Attack Speed, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage Fallen Angels Stats are also divided into five grades of quality.

  • From lowest to highest: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange.

Fallen Angels have six personality types. Personalities can increase the value of the stat lines assigned to a Fallen Angel by 50% more.

  • Brave - Raises a Fallen Angel’s Attack Power
  • Staunch/Perseverance - Raises a Fallen Angel’s Defense Power
  • Cautious - Raises a Fallen Angel’s HP
  • Lively/Energetic - Raises a Fallen Angel’s Critical Rate
  • Meticulous - Raises a Fallen Angel’s Critical Damage
  • Resolute - Raises a Fallen Angel’s Attack Speed

A Fallen Angel’s personality can’t be changed after purification, but its stat lines and grade are randomly generated, and can be changed through Reincarnation.


Leveling up: A Fallen Angel can raise its level by consuming other Fallen Angels. By raising a Fallen Angel’s level, you can unlock more stat lines; for every 10 levels, a Fallen Angel unlocks one stat line.


Enhancing: By consuming a Fallen Angel of the same type, a Fallen Angel can increase all of its stat line values. However, pay attention to the Enhance success rate. The higher the level of the Fallen Angel, the lower the success rate.


Reincarnation: If you’re not satisfied with a Fallen Angel’s stat lines, you can use a Spirit Reincarnator to randomly generate a Fallen Angel’s stat line type and grade.


Go Smelt (Evolution Stones)

The main purpose of ‘Go Smelt’ is to obtain Evolution Stones

To smelt, you need to place embryos into the forge. The number of embryos used will vary based on the quality of the embryo. The forge capacity must reach at least 100 spirit particles in order to smelt.

  • ‘A’ Embryos provide 5 Spirit Particles
  • ‘B’ Embryos provide 3 Spirit Particles
  • ‘C’ Embryos provide 2 Spirit Particles
  • ‘D/E’ Embryos provide 1 Spirit Particles

Grade (border color) of the embryo does not affect how many particles it provides

For each smelting (100 spirit particles), you get 1-5 Evolution Stones

Evolution Stones are used to enhance Fallen Angels to their maximum level as well as enhancing Fallen Angels pass enhancement level 10 (+10).

You do not need to smelt for evolution stones unless your Fallen Angels are over enhancement level 10 (+10) and/or you need to evolve your Fallen Angels




Match the stat lines of the Fallen Angel with its nature.

  • If you have a Brave Fallen Angel, roll for Attack stat lines
  • If you have a Cautious Fallen Angel, roll for HP stat lines
  • If you have a Resolute Fallen Angel, roll for Attack Speed
  • And so forth, if you aren’t sure which nature goes with which stat line, you go look above in “Background Information, Fallen Angels” or go into your game and see for yourself:

Obtain Orange or Purple stat lines that match with your Fallen Angel’s nature

  • This means that you should still be following the rule above, however, try to aim for Orange stats since they are the highest grade
  • Just because a stat you rolled is Orange doesn’t mean that you should keep it on your Fallen Angel.

Purify ‘B’ Embryos for Uke Mochi (Enhanced) and Tsuchigumo

  • The percentage of getting these Fallen Angels is higher for ‘B’ embryos than ‘A’ Embryos
  • If you are online often, it is best to purify B embryos since you are able to through multiple B's for every A. If you are not online often, then purify As for non-Tsuchigumo/Uke Mochi (Enhanced)

Unlock all the purification slots

  • This allows you to hatch more embryos at a time and thus provides more resources to improve your Fallen Angels. The slots can be costly so keep in mind about upcoming events that require crystals.

Be flexible about moving your Fallen Angels around for various content

  • If you’re using a Food Soul for one part of content but not for the other, remove that Fallen Angel and give it to the other Food Soul that is currently being used
  • It is normal for players to constantly move Fallen Angels around as they go from Disaster battle, to Showdown, to Catacombs, etc.


Build Meticulous or Lively/Energetic Fallen Angels for your Food Souls

  • Critical Rate and Critical Damage stat lines are not effective when it comes to improving the usefulness of your Food Soul. Therefore, never invest in any Fallen Angel that has Meticulous or Lively/Energetic Natures.
  • You should keep them for later as enhancement material.

Roll for Critical Rate or Critical Damage stat lines

  • It’s just better to increase Attack or Attack Speed for viable damage increase.

Use Enhanced (Purple Frame Fallen Angels) to level up your Fallen Angels. They should be kept as Enhancement material.

Build White/Blue Fallen Angels

  • Even if the Food Soul prefers the White/Blue FA, it is still better to use a Purple Fallen Angel the Food Soul doesn’t have a preference for
  • The only exception is building a Brave and Cautious FA at the beginning of the game due to the sheer amount of Blue FAs players can get from Do-It-All King missions. A Perseverance FA can also be built for Tom Yum for World Boss Disasters like Aluna. However, keep in mind that those FAs will not be useful long-term.

Make multiple FAs of the same nature and type.

  • There are players who tried to build 5 Uke Mochi Cautious FAs. This will hurt your progression by spreading your resources too thin.

Make a Fallen Angel for every single Food Soul you use.

  • Due to how resource-intensive it is to build FAs, players should NOT be trying to give all of their Food Souls FAs, especially if you don’t or no longer use them.
  • For example, it is very commonplace for players to give Peking Duck a speed FA for catacombs, then remove that FA for a healer in Disaster battle. You don’t need to dedicate a FA for both Peking Duck and the healer when you would never use them together.

Beginner’s Guide

What Fallen Angels should I use?

Any Purple FA you see that’s Brave or Cautious nature, start to build it. You can ignore FA preference early game

4 brave FAs and 1 Cautious, including the free Uke Mochi you get from Level Up rewards. They should all be different Purple FAs (so 1 Inugami, 1 Aizen, 1 Conch, 1 Spectra, 1 Uke Mochi, for example)

1 Defense FA should be built specifically for certain Disaster Bosses, such as Aluna. You can build this with a Blue Fallen Angel that Tom Yum prefers.

As mentioned before, Meticulous and Energetic/Lively FAs should not be built and be left as fodders for enhancing your good FAs.

Resolute FAs should only be kept if they’re Uke Mochi (enhanced) or Tsuchigumo to build later down the line when you have more resources. Other purple FAs that have Resolute nature do not need to be saved.

Food Soul stat line type and FA given:

  • Healers - cautious, then to brave once the healer is at a much higher ascension
  • Strength/magic - brave (1hp, 3 attack stats)
  • Defenders - cautious

For some SRs, because of low base hp at low ascensions, it may be beneficial to keep an HP stat on a brave FA so they’ll survive longer, however, this should only be temporary

Mid-to-Late Player’s Guide

When to Start Building Resolute Fallen Angels

Once you reach Sakurajima, the difficulty of the game starts to drastically increase and the game expects you to focus on building Fallen Angels properly to pass these stages (with the alternate method being brute-forcing the stage after over-leveling). Resolute FAs are needed to both increases the healing output of healers (via more basic skill activation) and increase the frequency of CC activation of units such as Peking Duck, Foie Gras, etc.

  • For most occasions, you will want to use Resolute Uke Mochi (Enhanced) and Tsuchigumo for Attack Speed. They give the greatest attributes even if they’re not the preferred Fallen Angel

When can a given Food Soul use a Resolute FA vs an Attack FA

  • Healers - As soon as possible, ideally the higher the better
  • CC units - at 13k speed minimum for speed to make a noticeable difference in basic skill rate
  • Damage dealing units - 16k speed, assuming > 1k base attack. Ideally, the base attack is over 1.5k. Usually for 3*+ URs. Players should avoid giving Strength/Magic SRs Speed FA
  • There are exceptions (Beer, SRs w/ artifacts, etc.) but don’t worry about them early in your Speed FA building endeavor.

Additional Information

Avoid building “hybrid” Speed FAs (that is giving Speed FAs 1 or more attack lines and rest speed)

  • This stat build is completely an end-game configuration for advanced players for FAs past +14 enhancement. If you can’t understand the reasoning behind why top players do this, then don’t copy it.

You do have the option to build a Resolute FA that is NOT Uke Mochi (enhanced) or Tsuchigumo. However, they require far more investment to justify using them (for example, a Tsuchigumo only needs to be +7 to start using but an Inugami won’t be viable until it’s a +10). This should be pursued if you already have a good +10 Brave of that FA and you don’t need the copies for anything else.

The stat type and grade shown on the reincarnation wheel do NOT reflect the chances of getting a particular stat. There is no benefit to refreshing the wheel to try to get the stat you want because it has 0 influence on what stat you will get on the next roll. The display shown for the reincarnation wheel is purely for aesthetics.

Skills and stat boosts from Artifacts can heavily affect what Food Souls should have what Fallen Angel. Consult trustworthy outside sources on building Food Souls revolving around artifacts.