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This list is catered towards low-leveled players. The analysis and advice are written by Sniper C. Players are welcome to compile their own list.

Breakdown of healers that can replace Milk for beginners.

  • Analysis assumes that Milk is at 5* since this is very easy to achieve if players are good about farming her shards in hard stages.
  • Milk MUST be used with SR Black Tea.
  • Assumes none of the Food Souls discussed has artifacts
  • In general, she outperforms many healers despite her R rarity.


  • 6/2/2020 - Add Mango Pomelo Sago, edit Fruit Tart description
  • 9/9/2020 - Add Candy Cane
  • 11/29/2020 - Add Nanjing Roast Duck, Weisswurst, Tsukimi Dango
Healers vs Milk
1. Healer replaces Milk even at 0*
Damage boost, team cleanse but 0 healing on basic skill
Nagashi Somen.png
Nagashi Somen
Superior healing from skills; team cleanse on basic skill
Fruit Tart.png
Fruit Tart
Energy recovery on energy skill
Deals damage on basic skill, team invulnerability on energy skill; falls off due to lack of utility and 0 healing on basic skill
Superior healing from link skill with Caviar; falls off due to lack of utility
Blue Cheese.png
Blue Cheese
0 healing on basic skill but superior healing on energy skill; buffs on basic skill mostly endgame optimization
Candy Cane.png
Candy Cane
Damage boost on basic skill, team invulnerability and damage on energy skill
2. Healer replaces Milk at 1* or higher.
Sweet Tofu.png
Sweet Tofu
Easy to ascend; staple in many players' teams
Fondant Cake.png
Fondant Cake
Superior healing from skills; charm immunity in basic skill
Laba Congee.png
Laba Congee
Team cleansing on basic skill helpful for Disasters
Low healing from skills but has controllable invisibility when linked with Moon Cake
Zitui Bun.png
Zitui Bun
Good healing from skills
Miso Soup.png
Miso Soup
Healing not good but incredible damage output and stun chance from basic skill; controllable and improved healing when linked with Sanma, requires max ascension
Mashed Potatoes.png
Mashed Potatoes
Plentiful team healing, team damage boost on energy skill a good bonus
Mango Pomelo Sago.png
Mango Pomelo Sago
Plentiful team healing, team cleansing on energy skill
3. Healer does not replace Milk due to bad skills: single target healing in skills, skills with 0 healing, unique effects do not justify use.
Cloud Tea.png
Cloud Tea
Healing from skill too low; energy recovery not important
Milk Tea.png
Milk Tea
Heals less than Milk with skills
Mung Bean Soup.png
Mung Bean Soup
Healing single target; too difficult to ascend
Healing single target; too difficult to ascend
Accessible but skills too terrible to use
Healing output far too low, AOE charm on energy skill not useful on a healer
Damage output from basic skill incredibly subpar
No healing on basic; attack and speed boost insignificant for low level players
Plum Juice.png
Plum Juice
Inferior healing from skills
Single target skill healing; team cleanse on basic and energy skill but too difficult to obtain
Doenjang Jjigae.png
Doenjang Jjigae
M Food Souls should not be used in battle
M Food Souls should not be used in battle
M Food Souls should not be used in battle
Strawberry Daifuku.png
Strawberry Daifuku
Team cleanse on basic skill but it's better to bring a healer that actually heals
Nanjing Roast Duck.png
Nanjing Roast Duck
PVP/Top Showdown niche
Tsukimi Dango.png
Tsukimi Dango
Top Showdown niche for team survival; lackluster otherwise
Muenchner Weisswurst.png
Muenchner Weisswurst
Single target buffer, barely heals