Ice Arena

Unlock Slots

Unlocks at Player Level 16.
A place to restore FreshnessIcon-freshness.

Freshness is consumed when Food Souls

  1. are hired in the restaurant.
  2. are sent on Deliveries.
  3. are sent on Explorations. (Unlocks at Player Level 24)

1 point of freshness is restored every 15 seconds.

All players start with 3 Ice Arena slots, extra slots can be obtained by gathering materials through Exploration or the Marketplace.

Extra Slots

Slot Required Materials
4th Pine Board x 5 Steel x 5
5th Hollow Brick x 10 Low-Grade Screw x 10
6th Low-Grade Screw x 15 Stainless Steel x 15 (Steel x 75)
7th Oak Board x 15 (Pine Board x 375) Aluminium x 15 (Steel x 375)
8th Sand Lime Brick x 15 (Hollow Brick x 75) Ordinary Screw x 15 (Low-Grade Screw x 75)


You can play with the Food Souls in the Ice Arena:

  • Drag them to make them slide along the ice and collide with other Food Souls.
  • Tap on them for them to say their voice lines.
  • Tap on them for a hearts effect.
  • Their victory animations play when fed with soul fruits or refresh med.
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