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She's a street kid who hangs around the avenues and alleys. She used to be in a band, but she left because she found dealing with interpersonal drama a nuisance. She's casual and undisciplined and enjoys soaking in hot springs. When she plays the drums, she hides her emotions by putting a paper bag on her head.

Food Introduction

Before the invention of instant noodles, China had a similar noodle dish known as "Yi Mian" or "Yi Fu Mian". The inventor of instant noodles was a Chinese-Japanese person named Ando Momofuku, born in 1910 in Chinese Taiwan. His invention came about because at the time he had to stand in a long line for a long time for hand-pulled noodles, and so he combined traditional pulled noodles, added some cooking oil, and then dehydrated it to turn it into instant noodles. Instant noodles were invented in the 1950s, and in the early 90s widespread production became popular in Japan, later spreading everywhere around the world.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1195
Attack.png Attack 33
Defense.png Defense 21
Health.png HP 289
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 638
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 566
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 828


Battlefield Beat Basic Skill
Skill-Instant Noodles-Normal.png Instant Noodles drums leisurely, her feet tapping to the beat, giving a 99 (1287)-point shield to a random ally, lasting 5 seconds, and restoring 102 (1326) HP for herself.
Peak Performance Energy Skill
Skill-Instant Noodles-Energy.png The show nears its end, and Instant Noodles hits a drum roll then throws the drums after a hard strike, dealing 100% (180%) ATK as damage to the nearest enemy, plus 175 (2275) extra damage, also boosting her DEF by 25% (45%), lasting 5 seconds.

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract Yo, wassup~ I'm Instant Noodles. Oh yeah, what time you go to bed? Why do I ask? Cuz I gotta get in my drum practice while you're awake.
Log In Oh, you're back. Hungry? There's some snacks in the cupboard. If you get one, bring one for me too! I'm hungry~
Ice Arena Brr... My wrists are frozen stiff!
Skills One, two, three! Keep up with my beat!
Ascend Woah, not bad!
Fatigue Ugh~ I can't play drums now. Maybe after a soak~
Recovering Oh... I'll be out after another 3-minute's soak~ Keep it down--
Team Formation Don't rush~ Give them time to make some noodles and fill their stomachs before setting out.
Knockout Ah--! I'm not playing. Today I'm in bad shape.
Notice It's ready... Why so surprised? I never said I couldn't~[1]
Idle 1 Where did those instant noodle bags that I was saving go to? Ah, here they are! Today I'll wear a blue one...
Idle 2 Uh... Huh? What's this record? ...Eh? What's that idol's single doing in my bag? Strange.
Idle 3 Why is Master not back yet~ Did Master forget we were supposed to go to the record shop together?
Interaction 1 You're just in time. Wanna hear me play? Then grab a chair-- Here I go~
Interaction 2 The bag on my head? That... I, uh, when I'm playing the drums, I really wear my heart on my sleeve, and to be seen by others with my guard totally down, it just makes me feel... you know, right?
Interaction 3 I'm going out to get some sun. Wanna go with?
Pledge Oh, haha... you got so serious all of a sudden, I thought you were going to say~ You know, as for me, I don't like playing games with people, but you never give me any cause for concern like that. So, no problem, we'll march to the same beat together, fine by me. Pff... Haha! I feel all tingly.
Intimacy 1 What's with the face... Cat got your tongue? Hm... Well, didn't you say before that you want to learn the drums? Here, I'll loan them to you so you can drum all those feelings out of you.
Intimacy 2 Don't eat fast food and snacks all the time? It's fine! Food Souls don't get fat, unlike you~ Hah -- Although, no matter how busy you get, you better eat right!
Intimacy 3 Mmm -- Feels so good after a nice soak in the tub~ Attendant, do you like hot springs? Wanna go together? Sakurajima has a hot springs inn in a maple forest that's got quite a reputation.
Victory Phew, it's over! I'm going to take a bath in a bit, so wait your turn!
Defeat Ugh, lost the beat...
Feeding Haha, thank you~ As a return gift, I'll play the drums for you, okay?


Wild Cats' Rhythm
Skin-Instant Noodles-Wild Cats' Rhythm.png

Icon-Skin-Instant Noodles-Wild Cats' Rhythm.png

Can the cat's walking rhythm use in the drum... D-Don't laugh! This is art!
— Instant Noodles


  1. JP Notice: Food's done~... Why are you shocked? Did you think I can't cook? Unfortunately, I'm quite good at it~
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Wild Cats' Rhythm

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