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Inugami is a Fallen Angel living in Sakurajima that is worshiped by "humans". It is wise and shows great leadership, using superior tactics. In most cases, Inugami avoids conflict but when it needs to, it will reign havoc on all those who oppose, showing off powerful magic attacks.


Inugami's hair is very sensitive. If it gets wet, it will shrink into a ball. Inugami is often troubled by this.
— Resident of Yellow Spring

Favoured Food Souls


Wisp Inugami uses its power of manipulation and psychological torment to cause massive damage to its enemies. It unleashes a flickering wisp, causing all enemies to fall under its charm and then slaughter one another.
Spiritual Excitement Inugami begins to focus its spiritual power on itself which allows it to increase its power. Shortly after it begins to use this power the abilities of all friendlies will also be enhanced.
Lion Roars Like a lion, Inugami becomes the king of the land. It gains control of the environment around it by channeling the power of the Earth like a true deity, causing damage to all enemies from the very first punch and plunging them into silence, unable to deploy their skills.


Embryo Purify Time Awaken Success Outcome
Inugami A.jpg
Inugami A
4h Success: 10% Tanuki Icon.png Inugami Icon.png
Inugami B.jpg
Inugami B
1h Success: 45% Warrior Spirit Icon.png Poor Spirit Icon.png Sakura Spirit Icon.png Catus Spirit Icon.png Inugami Icon.png



  • Inugami (犬神) are a kind of dog-like familiar, or spirit of possession in Japanese folklore (source: Inugami).