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A disaster recently discovered by the Chef's Guild. From eyewitness accounts, it may be born of ocean tempests. It is suspected to possess power greater than Leaf Ocean Queen.


Umbrella Fall Jellyfish is immune to all skill effects.
Phantom Realm Jellyfish deals damage to all targets and casts Charm.
Wandering Guardian Jellyfish greatly increases its Defense. This effect can be dispelled.
Death Spiral Jellyfish deals instantaneous massive damage to all enemies.
Oceanic Power Jellyfish's Atk increases as the battle drags on.

Pre-Battle Blessing

Revived Souls
Free revive every time
Crazy Flames
100% crit for all Food Soul attacks
Invincible Fortress
Damage taken by your Food Souls is reduced by 30%
Food Souls' damage increased 30%
Free 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png

Disaster Handbook

Interface-Disaster Handbook.png

Recommended Food Souls

Recommended Fallen Angels

If you seek higher damage choose Fallen Angels that increase ATK or ATK SPD.

Strategy Tips

Team Template

With fast Fondant Cake

Fondant Cake Strength/Magic Strength/Defender
Utility Charm Immunity Damage, dispel Damage Damage Damage, damage mitigation
Fallen Angel Speed Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed, Attack, or HP

Without Fondant Cake

Healer Strength/Magic Defender
Utility Good healing from skill Damage, dispel Damage Damage Damage mitigation
Fallen Angel Speed Speed or Attack Speed or Attack Speed or Attack HP

General Pointers

  • Players below level 50 should always bring a tank as close to 5000 HP as possible with a Cautious nature purple Fallen Angel to Disaster battles
  • Counters needed:
    • Charm immunity, else survival of frontmost Food Soul
    • Enemy dispel vs boss's defense up
  • Relevant Boss Gimmicks:
    • Immune to skill damage - prioritize Food Souls with good stats over high skill damage
    • AOE charm to team - If you do not have access to consist charm immunity, make sure the frontmost Food Soul can survive receiving hits from everyone in the team
  • The boss itself doesn't do a lot of damage; as long as your Defender can tank hits from your team when charmed, survival isn't a huge issue. However, this means usually only 2~3 units end up dying due to bad rng, forcing players to restart the battle from the beginning instead of letting bosses kill the team quickly to use the Free Revive.

Blessing Recommendation

  • In general, paying crystals for Blessings should be avoided for those not ranking top 50 or higher except to reach damage tier rewards in the Disaster Handbook
  • 100% Crit Boost should boost damage more than 30% damage buff for the most part?(haven't tested)
  • Free Revive otherwise

Healer (1 unit)

  • A Healer that provides charm immunity to the team is ideal. Note that these options have some noteworthy use requirements:
    1. w/ T5 Artifact - provides charm immunity passive to the team. However, this is currently far too expensive of an investment.
    2. - grants team charm immunity for 8 seconds on basic skill. Requires high speeds for consistent immunity. T3+ artifact improves her contribution to the team, especially with dispel effect on T3.
  • Otherwise, players will have to use a Healer that can heal the frontmost Food Soul very well. Keep in mind that Team Cleanse on basic skill CANNOT counter the charm effect. Food Souls that are charmed cannot use skills, and therefore cannot get rid of the charm prematurely:
  • Using 2 Healers is highly discouraged. It is not an effective method to try to keep the frontmost Food Soul alive (which people may try so they do not have to bring a Defender). Plus, that's 2 Healers who will be healing the boss with basic attacks when charmed.
  • Otherwise, use any healer that heals decently. Refer to the Healer guide for potential options

Magic/Strength (3-4 units)

  • Due to the skill damage immunity effect, players should focus on using Food Souls with the highest base attack and speed. Food Souls you may have used in other Disaster bosses may not be ideal here if they had high skill damage but relatively low stats:
    1. SRs (at 5* vs 2~3* URs for example) are highly discouraged due to their stunted base attack potential. (so no , , etc.)
    2. URs (at 3*+) that are often unused for Disasters due to little to no skill damage contribution may be worth using since they would generally have higher base stats than SRs (check , , etc.)
    • Again, pay attention to the base stats of your Food Souls. Do the legwork to see what will work for you; this isn't a clear cut case when comparing Food Souls with various ascensions.
  • Charm Immunity - The Food Souls in this category mostly apply the skill to themselves or only a few units in the team. Therefore, these effects are not that necessary, but are still handy for survival if Fondant Cake occasionally doesn’t have her charm immunity up:
  • Team Cleanse on attack or crit - While most Team Cleanse are not viable due to charm effect silencing the team, any cleanse effect activated on basic attack or crit can be used to make survival more consistent:
  • Enemy Dispel - Dispel helps for the team to deal more damage vs the boss’s defense up effect:

Basic Skill Enemy Dispel

Artifact Skill Enemy Dispel

  • - he is particularly popular for this boss due to his ability to cut off the team’s skills with team silence so more time can be spent dealing basic attack damage. However, this makes it far more inconsistent for Fondant Cake to proc her charm immunity. Beer should generally not be used unless you have a strong understanding of his mechanics and you know how to build your team around him.

Defender (0 or 1 units)

  • A Defender is mandatory if you do not have Fondant Cake or charm effect gets leaked too many times even with her in the team.
  • Choose a Defender with as high HP as possible (HP FA required) and good base Defense (defense FA can be used instead early game but will not work for veteran players).
  • is highly recommended for this boss due to high base stats as an UR and relatively manageable to ascend for the average player.
  • Otherwise, self-healing Defenders may help with the overall survivability if your healer isn’t good: