A disaster recently discovered by the Chef's Guild. From eyewitness accounts, it may be born of ocean tempests. It is suspected to possess power greater than Leaf Ocean Queen.


Umbrella Fall Jellyfish is immune to all skill effects.
Phantom Realm Jellyfish deals damage to all targets and casts Charm.
Wandering Guardian Jellyfish greatly increases its Defense. This effect can be dispelled.
Death Spiral Jellyfish deals instantaneous massive damage to all enemies.
Oceanic Power Jellyfish's Atk increases as the battle drags on.

Pre-Battle Blessing

Revived Souls
Free revive every time
Crazy Flames
100% crit for all Food Soul attacks
Invincible Fortress
Damage taken by your Food Souls is reduced by 30%
Food Souls' damage increased 30%
Free 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png 30 Sprite-Magic Crystal.png

Disaster Handbook

Interface-Disaster Handbook.png

Recommended Food Souls

Recommended Fallen Angels

If you seek higher damage choose Fallen Angels that increase ATK or ATK SPD.

Strategy Tips

Skill Damage Immunity

Since Jellyfish will not receive damage from basic and energy skills as well as skill damage from Artifacts, focus on prioritizing Food Souls that have the highest attack and speed stats. Some notable Food Souls that players may use in light of this damage restriction:

  • : team silence prevents the team from using skills so that they can do more basic attacks, recommended for teams with Food Souls of high base attack running speed FAs, does make runs less consistent due to interrupting Fondant Cake's charm immunity skill
  • : above average attack stat, damage boost on basic skill
  • : basic attack boost and enemy dispel effect on T2
  • ,,: many players tend to have these Food Souls at high ascension with artifact progression, contains artifact node that either boost stats or skills that boost basic attack damage
  • : High base attack stat, damage and attack boost on basic and energy skill
  • ,,,: While these Food Souls are often disregarded due to poor damage output from skills, the restriction allow these Food Souls to be helpful since they're easy to 5* compared to limited URs and SRs that are likely at lower ascension.

Other Food Souls not listed may also be used. Do not limit yourself to just these options!

Charm Casted to Team

Team charm will cause all of the Food Souls to attack the frontmost Food Souls for the duration of the charm. There are very limited options to counter the team charm. You cannot use healers that provide team cleansing because they cannot use skills while charmed. What works for one player may not work for another:

  1. Use for team charm immunity activated with her basic skill
    • A Defender is likely not needed if she's in the team since Jellyfish only deals AOE skill damage (no basic attack to front)
    • You may need a Defender regardless if your Fondant Cake is not fast enough to constantly have the charm immunity up or you're using Beer who may interrupt Fondant's basic skill. Refer to the third point in this list for the type of Defenders to use.
  2. Get's artifact to 5th Node for team charm immunity (not ideal due to the sheer cost)
    • A Defender is not needed if she's in the team since Jellyfish only deals AOE skill damage (no basic attack to front)
  3. Use a Defender or a "Pseudo Defender"
    • Use a Defender with as high HP as possible to allow it to tank when the team gets charmed and attacks the frontmost Food Soul. Commonly used Defenders due to easy ascension:
  • A Strength Food Soul can be used for this role instead if they happen to have the better base HP and defense, hence acting as a "Pseudo Defender." Keep in mind the Strength Food Soul needs to be the frontmost unit and may not be so if you have other Strength units. Refer to theAttack Priority page.
  • Attack FA can be used if the tank has sufficient base HP and Defense to make it to the end with it. If this isn't the case, give the tank an HP FA.
  • Though not necessary, self-healing Defenders may help with the overal surivivability of the Defender if your healer isn't as good.
  • If using a Defender, you can use whichever healer is best for healing (Sweet Tofu or Nagashi Somen, for example). If you feel the healing is redundant, you can use Healers that boost team damage such as Bibimbap .

Enemy Dispel

Enemy dispel is needed to counter Jellyfish's defense buff. Try to prioritize the Food Soul used based on its base attack and speed:

  • Basic Skill Dispel
  • Artifact Skill Dispel


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