Everybody's selling something in this world. Some sell products, some sell themselves, and I... sell love.


A man who enjoys drinking alcohol and is always wearing oiran attire, he looks a little coquettish, and knows how to create a warm atmosphere and butter people up, but really that's his way of distancing himself from others. He doesn't trust others, but for those that are straightforward and even seem a little silly, even if they annoy him, he rarely shows emotion.

Food Introduction

Junmai Daiginjo is the highest grade of Japanese sake. The precious alcohol is made by first polishing rice grains until only 35% of the grain core remains, which is then fermented. Junmai Daiginjo is never diluted or mixed and must be stored away in a dark place. To this day, it is a Japanese national treasure and is regarded as a gift from the gods.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 2503
Attack.png Attack 122
Defense.png Defense 22
Health.png HP 555
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 955
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 885
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1227


Closing Time Basic Skill
Skill-Junmai Daiginjo-Normal.png Junmai Daiginjo sits on a wooden cup, dealing 100% (180%) ATK as dmg plus 81 (1053) extra damage to the nearest enemy, also making the next 3 attack(s) guaranteed crit strikes for all allies.
Drunken Dreams Energy Skill
Skill-Junmai Daiginjo-Energy.png Junmai Daiginjo inhales on his pipe and blows out smoke, dealing 40% (80%) ATK as damage to all enemies plus 410 (5330) extra damage, also charming all enemies, making them unable to distinguish friend from foe, lasting 3s.
Super Drunken Dreams Link Skill
Skill-Junmai Daiginjo-Link.png Junmai Daiginjo inhales on his pipe and blows out smoke, dealing 60% (120%) ATK as damage to all enemies plus 492 (6396) extra damage, also charming all enemies, making them unable to distinguish friend from foe, lasting 5s. Mackerel Ichiyaboshi.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract What you’re looking at now is the path to bliss. If you’ve made up your mind, then come with me, Attendant.
Log In Is it a dream, a fantasy, or the world of bliss? Heh-heh, tonight’s moon will tell you.
Ice Arena It’s hard to move around on the ice. Can you carry me out of here? Heh-heh, just kidding.
Skills Do you want love too?
Ascend I feel like I’m getting a hot flash.
Fatigue You’re asking for too much. Won’t you let me rest?
Recovering Shh... there’s no need to apologize to me.
Team Formation This is your wish? Then I will satisfy you.
Knockout No matter how beautiful the flower, they will all wither one day.
Notice The food’s ready! How will you show me your gratitude?
Idle 1 Love is a cheating game. Do you truly trust in my honest heart?
Idle 2 If you don’t want something to get out, then keeping it between two people is best.
Idle 3 The moon has finally set. How can I trust a vow made on the moon now?
Interaction 1 If you’re shy, you can close your eyes. Right now, I am that person of your dreams.
Interaction 2 There are some things that can’t be exposed to the sunlight. Huh? You thought I was talking about myself?
Interaction 3 Can you help me find my pipe? ...Aaack! What would it be doing in my clothes!?
Pledge It’s not easy for me to have someone I trust. You are more special than the others. From now on, we shall be open and honest with each other, okay, Attendant?
Intimacy 1 Tonight, I will be the only thing in your dreams. And I’ll do whatever you want me to...
Intimacy 2 Aah! Sorry, I spilled wine on you. Since your clothes are all wet now, why don’t we get you out of them, Attendant...
Intimacy 3 I wouldn’t get drunk off this little bit of wine... or do you want me to be drunk in your arms?
Victory The hymn of victory is sounding.
Defeat Aack! Do you want to tie me up as punishment?
Feeding What an exquisite present! Now it’s my turn to get a present for you.


Night Elf
Skin-Junmai Daiginjo-Night Elf.jpg

Icon-Skin-Junmai Daiginjo-Night Elf.png

In the deepest dark of night when the owl moans, the Dead dance with the devil. In the dead of night, the Living should stay indoors~
— Junmai Daiginjo
Obtained by events:

Flower Night Stroll

Dream Butterfly

Food Souls



Sprite Animations


Night Elf



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Long Bao Chibi 4.png Notice
This Story has been fan-translatedby MoonlightSelenia.. Official translations will be added when they become available.

I. Commodity

The swaying smoke screen enthralls the spectators watching from the other side of the latticed window. They've been fooled by empty love and chose to drown themselves in the morass of honey and poison on their own accord.

Any traces of exhaustion on our face can be hidden by gaudy make ups. However, the bewitching smile hanging on our lips and the fine, rich alcohols can make anyone lost themselves, to the point that they're willing to give out everything that they had.

Here, smiles and love are considered much cheaper than alcohols.

The flower on the highest peak ― that no ordinary men can possibly reach ― that can be met tonight is a woman whose skill in trifling with someone's heart is far superior than others.

Even if they know that everything is just a momentary illusion, they can't stop themselves from getting charmed when they see her, dressed in gorgeous attire.

She would proficiently use her bewitching smile and words capable of titillating a man's heart, easily earning herself "the proof of their love" from men who seeks to be loved.

── All of it is part of the melodramatic, dreamy world.

── There is no truth in this empty, interweaving world, where people fools and getting fooled.

However, it seems even someone like her, who is capable of making men from all over the world dance in the palm of her hand, is unable to confirm the true intention of a certain man.

That man received countless funds and information from her, but there's never anything like ray of light capable of dispersing the darkness appearing in their relationship.

The woman then passed away without any significant change in their relationship. The only person in this world to ever care about me ended up drowning in her own "love".

That moronic adulterer didn't even know that he had killed "someone capable of controlling monster", that he'd sought out for so long, with his own hands... what a laugh.

── You should remember that commodity is, after all, just a commodity.

Even the most expensive things can be replaced if they're broken. Even the finest rarity that we're so proud of, that we displayed at the topmost shelf, can disappear from people's memories in due time.

And now, the men who had sworn their eternal love in front of her are smiling at me. As if they're trying to flatter me. As if they had completely forgotten all about her.

(...... If that's the case,)

I swear that I'll snatch away that "love" of yours.

I'm not so boorish that I'll disregard your feelings, after all.

On a certain long night, where the moon hides itself behind the clouds. That man, who has been numbed by alcohols and his love affairs, will surely return here when night lowers its curtains.

I tilted my head up, gazing at the night sky, where the harvest moon is supposed to hang high.

(Even the beautifully swayed by the wind cherry blossoms at night feels somewhat lacking when there is no moonlight shining upon it, hm.)

"Hey, have you heard!? They said that 'that person' has died a terrible death!"
"Don't call him so respectfully.[1] He's just a bastard who made his way to the top by using the women as his stepping stones..."
"Oh, please. You're the one who have been calling him 'Lord'..."
"Sst! You're too loud!"

There, look. Be it a commodity of the dark night or a commodity of daylight, once broken they'll soon disappear from people's memories.

"Daiginjo, don't you think you're overdoing it? You'll get caught, you know."

When I turned to look at the dark spot where no light touches it, I heard someone there talking to me, sounding a bit fed up.

I averted my gaze, staring up at the sky again as I imagined the shiny moon behind my eyelids.

"I'm just seeking "the proof of love" from him. If he can't give it to me, then it's normal to ask him to give me something else, right?"

"...... Well, that's..."

I couldn't help but laugh, knowing that I've made the other at loss of words.

"Besides, I have you with me. Are you suggesting that I still need something else? If you are, then please tell me what it is... hehe."







V. Junmai Daiginjo



  1. In the previous line, the first person is using お方 (okata), formal speech to refer to someone (instead of casual あの人 (ano hito)).

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Normal Nodes
Attack.png Attack 288
Defense.png Defense 66
Health.png HP 2153
Crit. Rate.png Crit. Rate 6334
Crit. Damage.png Crit. Damage 9120
Attack Speed.png Attack Speed 4940
Normal Node Details
Node Stat Boost
Artifact-Junmai Daiginjo.png
Artifact Icon-Junmai Daiginjo.png
Togi Node I -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

Togi Node II -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

Togi Node III -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

Togi Node IV -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

Togi Node V -
Antler Togi.png
Striped Togi.png
Bushy Togi.png

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